When a Laird Loves a Lady Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts

When a Laird Loves a Lady Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts #1 ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ When a Laird Loves a Lady Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts #1 By Julie Johnstone ➢ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A need to belong drives her A longing to forget compels him Fate may send them into each other’s arms but only love can mend their hearts An Outlander Raised by a tyrannical father Marion de Lacy ye A need to belong drives her A longing Laird Loves ePUB ✓ to forget compels him Fate may send them into each other’s arms but only love can mend their hearts When a PDF/EPUB ² An Outlander Raised by a tyrannical father Marion de Lacy yearns for the comfort of belonging to a loving family So when her father announces her betrothal to a Laird Loves PDF/EPUB ç an evil knight in exchange for his help to overthrow the king she concocts a desperate scheme to avoid the marriage feigning her own death and then fleeing a Laird Loves a Lady Epub / England But when her plan goes terribly awry and she’s captured by the knight not even her careful preparations could ready her for the Scottish barbarian who rescues her and then informs her that he’s to marry her by edict of her king Certain her father will defy the king’s orders and wed her to the knight if she refuses the Highlander’s hand Marion agrees to marry the strangely compelling but obstinate laird of the MacLeod clan A Highlander After the death of his beloved wife Iain MacLeod has no desire to marry ever again Yet when he finds himself obliged to do so to secure the freedom of his childhood friend and king he reluctantly travels across England to collect his unwanted bride expecting to find a cold Englishwoman Instead he discovers a fiery bold beauty who is fiercely loyal protective of those she loves and defies him at every turn challenging his certainty that his heart is dead Ensnared Following a hasty marriage and perilous journey to Scotland Marion harbors no illusions that her new husband loves her Still her heart cannot resist the noble brave warrior and she cannot suppress the hope that she has finally found where a Laird Loves a Lady Epub / she belongs However the harder she tries to fit in with the clan and gain Iain’s love the farther away her dreams drift Iain is than willing to give his respect to his courageous wife—her kisses and caresses even ignite his blood and demand his passion—but he refuses to give up his heart That is until enemies near and far threaten to take Marion from him Now the demons that haunt him can only be conuered by surrendering body and soul to Marion if only it’s not too late.

About the Author: Julie Johnstone

Julie Johnstone is a USA Today and Laird Loves ePUB ✓ bestselling author Scottish historical romance and Regency historical romance featuring highlanders and aristocrats are her love and she enjoys When a PDF/EPUB ² creating both with a hefty dose of twists plenty of heartstring tugs and a guaranteed happily ever afterHer books have been dubbed fabulously entertaining and engaging making readers a Laird Loves PDF/EPUB ç cry laugh and swoo.

10 thoughts on “When a Laird Loves a Lady Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts #1

  1. Esther Esther says:

    425uick review here Loved the characters in this romance Strong multi dementional characters with wonderful story line A romance that was sweet spicy and rich in feeling Marion was a determined yet gentle and kind heroine who wanted to be loved and have a family Iain was a strong with a hidden sweet side Scott who lost the wife he loved and swore he'd never love again The two are forcedmade to marry The romance is a lovely thing to behold in that it builds and grows from attraction respect friendship and then a deep abiding love The relationship has spice wonderful dialogue and deep emotions that leaves you with a great appreciation of there HEALooking forward to Bridgette I loved her and her sassyspunky selfand Lachlens romance Well written and steady pacing

  2. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    marion and Iain and his dead wife Catriona roll my eyesI will admit to skimming the first half a fair bit I am a chicken shit sometimes but not as much as Iain is a chicken shit for the first half of the bookNot nearly the worst stubborn widower story I've read and in the middle third he moves on He also just couldn't resist Marion and not just sexually about 13 in in the beginning either OTT possessive and protective all the while he tells himself he will never love her Those actions speaking louder than words well his words were kinda hurtful though Iain was a twit to hold on to Catriona for so long just because of an oath he gave at the worst of his grieving and a fear of loving and losing again blah blah blah You know the drillBut he does grovel well and I was convinced that he loved Marion well before the end of the story I know I will revisit the last 3rd of the story in the futureTo be honest I was annoyed by the OTT villain in the story But then I don't enjoy those sneaky kinds of villainsAnyway I plan to read by this author

  3. Anne Anne says:

    Excellently written highlander romance It had such great characters a very good story Well recommended

  4. ⋆Lara⋆ ⋆Lara⋆ says:

    4 stars 🌟 After reading some 'not so good' CR in a row I decided it was high time I picked up a HR And I cannot say how glad I am that I did Originally I had planned for something by Julie Garwood but this was one high on the recommendation so I decided to give this a try and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed the hell out of this one Though very similar to The Bride by JG this book was uniue in its own way I'm planning on binge reading the series soon

  5. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" says:

    I am sorry to say I did not like When A Laird Loves A Lady The storyline was not appealing to me at allLady Mairon de Lacy has been order by her father Baron deLacy to marry Sir William Froste A man she can't abide After pleading with her father and he ruthlessly beating her Marion fakes her death Iain MacLeod has tried in vain to gain the release of the Scottish King David from his imprisonment in England King Edward of England has demanded that Iain marry Baron de Lacy's daughter Marion Kind Edward believes that de Lacy and Froste are planning to take over the throne So he must stop the marriage that will forge and alliance between de Lacy and FrostePoor Marion has been unloved and beaten by her father all her life and now she must marry Iain Laird of Clan MacLeod Iain vows to be kind to her but he will never love her Iain loves his dead wife Caitriona and has vowed never to forget her I don't like 3rd party marriages and Catriona is a constant character between Iain an Marion He never lets Marion forget he loves his dead wife This pre occupation with a dead women and the constant reminder of her went on way to far in the story to the end Marion suffers untold amounts of physical abuse through the story first at the hands of her father then at the hands of Froste and then at the hands of his men Oh and lets not forget the abuse she suffers once she and Iain get to his castle She is poisoned and treated badly by Catriona's sisters Come on how much Abuse was the heroine suppose to endure? This was not a happy story I hated Iain for most of the story and Marion was just a weak women who accepted her abuse by everyone around her I Cannot Recommend When A Laird Loves A Lady Sorry

  6. Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks says:

    When I heard that author Julie Johnstone was writing a medieval tale with a brooding Scottish rogue I was elated I truly enjoy everything Ms Johnstone has written and consider her a go to author When a Laird Loves A Lady is a fabulous first in the Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts series Two very different people not so different in their wants and desires Marion de Lacey is being used by her father for a means to his misguided ends and Marion wants no part of it Her traitorous father has betrothed her to an odious knight who would align himself with Marion's father to overthrow their king This knight is the last man on earth who she wishes to marry Along with some of her loyal friends she comes up with a plan to seek refuge in Scotland but plans go awry and Marion finds herself in dangerHighlander Iain MacLeod has been through much in his life and after losing his beloved wife he never wanted to go down the marriage route again but duty calls and when Iain attempts to retrieve the bride his king decrees he marry Iain discovers there are many dark dealings going on with de Lacey and his underlings On his journey home he comes upon Marion de Lacey and so their tale of adventure begins A uick wedding ceremony ensues in hopes to thwart any of her father's plans but it will take than that for Iain and Marion to come to terms with their unstable future aheadI can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book When a Laird Loves a Lady is a sweeping story with a beautiful backdrop In this unsteady time these two amazing people will do what they must to assure good over evil prevails Both Iain and Marion are brilliant characters with determination and for as much as Iain would like to keep Marion at arms length that task is impossible with a lady with as much pluck and courage Their desire for one another is evident and adds so much to this wonderful story It is a page turner and I applaud Julie Johnstone for her first foray into a new era I want the next one NOW

  7. The Book Junkie Reads . . . The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

    Highlander sensuality protectiveness intensity There are some reading material that I will drop everything for It just so happen that When a Laird Loves a Lady was one of them Hot hunky highland lover tops the charts for reads that I have to have And let us not for get the sexy brogue I have this one on my must read again and again I look forward to each new addition to this series I will keep a look out Two people with different in the make up and similar in the needs and desires I found that the road each traveled to make it to that point where their needs and desires were each other This ARC was provided via Historical Fiction Virtual Tour Books in exchange for an honest reviewMore

  8. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    Love in the Highlands with a Reluctant LairdSet in 1357 in Scotland this is the story of Marion de Lacy a woman who is half Scot but raised by her English father who paid her little attention When he attempts to force a marriage upon her to an evil knight she escapes with the help of her friend Angus who wants her to join the MacLeods of Skye Before she can reach them she’s captured by the knightIain laird of the MacLeods was married to a woman he loved With her death he wants never to marry again Yet he’s agreed to marry Marion by order of the English king Edward to save the Scottish king DavidIn this well written story we meet some delightful characters and see how an arranged marriage can lead to love Great dialog adds to the characters’ interchanges and there are some exciting scenes The hero Iain is an unusual man He apologizes freuently and is unselfish and caring to the woman he was forced to marry considering her in all he does Marion is a saint kind to her enemies and wanting only to win her husband’s love Iain’s clan mostly accepts her but the sisters of his former wife are not pleased at their laird’s new marriage The path to love has many twists and turns including treachery betrayal and for good measure a seer And enjoyable Scottish historical read

  9. Donna Donna says:

    This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last I give 5 stars when the book is well written very minor grammar or editing errors and when the story holds my attention and I want to read it all in one sitting Marion de Lacy 12 English 12 Scot is ordered by King Edward to marry Scottish Laird Iain MacLeod as her father plots to take Edward's throne Iain agrees to marry her in the hope that Edward will release King David of Scotland Iain is a widower and has sworn never to love again but is very attracted to Marion This is nowhere near all that is going on but I don't like or write plot spoilersOf course there is a villain intent on marrying Marion for her lands and happy to kill Iain for them Also jealous clan women who hoped to marry the widowed laird themselves There are several sub plots going on Iain has 3 brothers and I'm hoping they get their own stories as I really enjoyed this book

  10. Mou Mou says:

    Lost Interest 🙄🙄🙄

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