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  1. Janie C. Janie C. says:

    This novel is a potent mix of cosmic menace human frailties and dark folklore  Two stories take place along different timelines and intersect in a colossal ordeal  The writing is masterful and the reader is literally plunged into a black sea of dire possibilities  While the situations encountered are those of nightmares the characters are fully drawn and wholly relatable  This is a captivating read from beginning to end 

  2. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “It would be a lie to say the time passes uickly It never does when you want it to”You know you’ve got a real special book on your hands when the first thing you do upon finishing is reshuffle your top 10 books of ALL TIME This hasn’t happened since East of Eden this time last year So that is a true testament to how much I loved this bookI have a soft spot for books that explore themes of grief and loss I also go bananas for horror obviously So when these elements are all mixed together in a big bowl and when the book is written as beautifully as this one is there is no uestion I’m going to love itThe Fisherman takes the form of a story within a story Two men who have recently undergone huge losses in their life bond over the love of fishing They venture out to different fishing spots but Dutchman’s Creek is unlike anywhere they’ve fished beforeGee a story about two men fishing Johann? I hear you cry How BORING that must be But believe me that is far from the case This ended up being one of the most memorable and imaginative books I’ve ever read Both stories told are eually enthralling I’m OBSESSEDAs I’ve said before this book felt like the perfect combination of King and Lovecraft And no you do not need to be a Lovecraft fan to fully appreciate this I would highly recommend The Fisherman to any horror fan any reader who enjoys a slow burn that builds to a terrifying conclusionI can’t do this book this justice I don’t have the words But I simply adored every single page of it 5 billion stars

  3. Paul Paul says:

    One of my favorites of 2016 so far And I blurbed it Cue blurbJohn Langan’s The Fisherman is literary horror at its sharpest and most imaginative It’s at turns a uiet and powerfully melancholy story about loss and grief; the impossibility of going on in same manner as you had before It’s also a rollicking kick ass white knuckle charge into the winding wild raging river of redemption Illusory frightening and deeply moving The Fisherman is a modern horror epic And it’s simply a must read

  4. Char Char says:

    John Langan's THE FISHERMAN is a phenomenal story within a story Featuring cosmic horror uiet horror psychological horrors and a few scenes that were just horrific in general I find myself lacking the words this book deserves This tale was outstanding and I waited way too long to read it You should read it and the sooner the better My HIGHEST recommendationYou can get a copy here I bought this book with my hard earned cash and the author was kind enough to sign it for me Thank you sir

  5. Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror says:

    I've been meaning to read this book since I first heard it won a Bram Stoker award Pro tip If you're ever looking for good horror books to read just go back and look at what was nominated and the winners of the Stokers or the Shirley Jackson awardsSo The FishermanI had heard that people were calling this cosmic Lovecraftian horror But you won't hear these horror buzz words from me because I haven't read any Lovecraft yetBut if those descriptions mean that this book has some seriously dark deep sea weird black magic folklore elements then yes it's Lovecraftian ishI loved how the story started out with a melancholy tale of grief and loss that two unlikely friends share and how this develops into a therapeutic relationship around fishing Ultimately a new story is introduced and we are immersed into a totally different narrative that has this dark gothic flavorThe book takes some unexpected turns that I really enjoyed A few times I found myself doggie paddling in the author's vast storyline and I could have used a lifeline in those moments But I uickly found my way back to the thread I was enjoying and got reinvested in the story So I did dock it one star for those hard to navigate momentsOver all this is a great horror book for any fan of dark fiction some truly chilling scary moments as well Definitely one you'll want to read at night and on a beach vacation would be perfect

  6. Mindi Mindi says:

    I'm not sure where to even begin with this review Have you ever enjoyed a book so much that you're afraid you won't be able to articulate the experience? That's exactly how I feel right now I absolutely loved this book and it's definitely on my list of favorite books I read in 2018I've been meaning to read this one for way too long I don't think I've encountered a single person in the horror community who has a bad thing to say about this novel Most people have been eagerly encouraging me to pick it up and I'm so glad I finally did And I'm glad that I buddy read this one with my bestie Sadie too Amazing books are better when you experience them with friendsI really don't want to give any part of this book away I feel like you should go in knowing as little as possible and just let this novel totally engulf you I had serious trouble putting this one down I was really trying to read it at a reasonable pace since I was reading it with a friend and then I got to the point where I just devoured the rest of it From the very first page I was in love with the writing It felt familiar even though I had never read a book by Langan before I also loved the story within a story framework One minute you are fully invested in the lives of the characters that are introduced at the beginning of the book and then you blink and you are fully invested in an entirely different set of characters It's seamless writing and so well done I'm going to wrap this up before I say too much Buy this book Read it soon It's fantastic

  7. Carol Carol says:

    A coal black downright awful fish storyOh yeah Prepare to be totally creeped out We're in present day upstate New York when we meet Abe and Dan both widowers who have suffered personal pain and loss Working for the same company the two men ultimately get together to do a little fishing; and while on the way to a new spot Dutchman's Creek they stop at an empty roadside diner for breakfast and meet Howard the owner And oh boyare they told one hell of a fish horror story about the people who had lived and worked around the stream and reservoir at Dutchman's Creeka creek they say runs deep and dark Howard's tale of a time long past which encompasses most of the novel is filled with evil doing and the walking dead It begins creepier than helllured me right inand OMGOSH watch out for Helen By midway though the prose a bit heavy for my liking I must admit I WAS READY to return to the present Sonow at about 75% as torrential rain continues to fall Abe and Dan leave the diner briefly debate the validity of the crazy story they just heard and of course proceed to the legendary creek of darkness and monstersand OH what they EACH find there Horror lovers do not pass this one by

  8. Martin Martin says:

    I know a horror story worked well when it brings me nightmaresThe Fisherman is exactly the type of overwhelming terror that I grew to like with the classics like Lovecraft It starts with a character losing the people he loves most in life and while portraying the events in a realistic way the story walks into a new territory by having these feelings of sadness and mourning be manipulated to feed something much bigger much darker and much unsettlingPOV character Abe lost his beloved young wife to cancer right after their marriage While short their time together means so much to him that he never remarries and lives his life on his own spending his free time fishing A hobby he hasn't picked up in many years but which suddenly returned to the forefront of his mind after his wife passedYears of fishing later a young colleague of his Dan shares a similar fate yet much traumatising in losing his wife and kids in a car accidentHoping to lure the broken man out of his shell Abe invites him to join him fishing and surprisingly Dan accepts becoming Abe's regular fishing buddyOne day however and pretty much out of the blue Dan proposes to fish a little known place named 'Dutchman's Creek' that is barely found on any of Abe's maps But it's there and finding this place turns these men's lives into a seuence of horrific encounters and mind flaying realizations that might not only cost them their sanity but their livesIt probably sounds boring Two guys fishing More so when you realize this isn't the fishing version of Brokeback Mountain as I originally assumedThe lure of this story is definitely the way it sticks close to realism for the greatest part of it until a story within a story is told to them that explains little things that happened earlier giving them a much wider context and making you realize that damn something's not right hereOf course the ultimate showdown is a thrilling piece of horror that was definitely worth the wait aka the hours of fishing that you spend with Abe and DanThis story has everything I personally look for in this genre view spoilerUndead people rising from their graves a world beneath our reality a god like creature so enormous and powerful it is allegedly able to bring people back from the dead and a conclusion that leaves you wondering if there is any sense is getting up each morning and going to work when you know that THIS is what lies waiting underneath everything hide spoiler

  9. Bradley Bradley says:

    Every fisherman is a storytellerAnd you won't BELIEVE what kind of fish got awayAs horrors go we all know it's a hit or miss kind of thing Some writing is fantastic some of them have great ideas and thrills and some of them ride that sweet spot all the way through This is one of the latter Our hero may not get too many fish on his forays but his tragic tale along with his buddy's tragic tale sincerely sweeten the tale as it descends steeply into some really deep watersThis book has lots of heart and lots of emotion On that level alone this would have made a very fine psychological thriller that could have gotten away with soooo much less than it didBut Langan gave us a feast A real feast I thought we were going into traditional Lovecraftian territory Books dredged up from time creepy circumstances old horrific histories that are just as deep and terrifying as what was happening in the present but then the author gave us MORE And More And More And I loved every single second of it The scope got pretty damn big Just like those fish those storytellers like to talk about But these stories within stories within stories kept getting bigger fantastical and then eventually DEEP into uncommon myth blasting away at the normal Lovecraftian line and giving us something special to sink our sharpened teeth intoI feel lucky to have read this This is the kind of gem I'm always keeping my eyes open for Most of the time books like this fall rather short of my expectationsNot this one This one delivers On many levels

  10. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    I know Dutchman's Creek runs deep much deeper than it could or should and I don't like to think what it's full ofI have never been fishing so I can’t say that fishing stories are something I care for very much But If I learnt anything reading a collection of John Langan short stories last October it’s that this man knows how to write and that I trust him to take the seemingly banal and transform it into something I won’t be able to look away from I picked it up on a uiet Saturday morning it had to be pried out of my hands at one point but it essentially gobbled up my whole day because I was hooked line and sinker fishing pun intended by page 2Langan creates literary horror that is as delightful as it is chilling it’s also not all out horror it is much subtle than that The strangeness creeps up on you slowly mixed in with the ordinary so slowly and gently that while you are aware of it for some time it still manages to surprise you And then it's just unleashedThis is the story of Abe and Dan and of their friendship built as a sort of support system for their grief Both men lost their wives to tragedies and despite their age difference found solace in the act of fishing together in the many rivers and streams that flow through the Hudson Valley One day on Dan's suggestion they add Dutchman's Creek to their fishing itinerary despite hearing a rather disturbing story about the spot from a diner owner The rest of their story deserves to be read rather than told by meLangan uses a framed narrative structure very cleverly by having Abe record the story of Rainer Schmidt as told to them by the diner's cook This adds a timeless uality to the sense of dread that builds slowly through Abe and Dan's story the menace lurking from a distant past While he is not the first horror writer to explore the strange and desperate places grief can take people to he does it with incredible skill and his cosmic horror is blood curdlingIf you like your horror stories literary heart breaking deeply human and yet utterly alien this book is for you Masterful

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The Fisherman [PDF] ✪ The Fisherman By John Langan – In upstate New York in the woods around Woodstock Dutchman's Creek flows out of the Ashokan Reservoir Steep banked fast moving it offers the promise of fine fishing and of something a possibility too In upstate New York in the woods around Woodstock Dutchman's Creek flows out of the Ashokan Reservoir Steep banked fast moving it offers the promise of fine fishing and of something a possibility too fantastic to be true When Abe and Dan two widowers who have found solace in each other's company and a shared passion for fishing hear rumors of the Creek and what might be found there the remedy to both their losses they dismiss it as just another fish story Soon though the men find themselves drawn into a tale as deep and old as the Reservoir It's a tale of dark pacts of long buried secrets and of a mysterious figure known as Der Fisher The Fisherman It will bring Abe and Dan face to face with all that they have lost and with the price they must pay to regain it.

  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • The Fisherman
  • John Langan
  • English
  • 18 February 2015
  • 9781939905215

About the Author: John Langan

John Langan is the author of two novels The Fisherman Word Horde and House of Windows Night Shade and two collections of stories The Wide Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies Hippocampus and Mr Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters Prime With Paul Tremblay he co edited Creatures Thirty Years of Monsters Prime He's one of the founders of the Shirle.