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  • 21 August 2015

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  1. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    'Lord of Deceit' by Sara Ramsey is book two in the Heiress Games series This is the story of Octavia Briarley and Lord Rafael EmmersonOctavia was very popular during her debut seasonbut she let someone kiss her which ended up changing the rest of her life Her cousin Lucy pass the information on to Octavia brother who in turn dueled with the man and they both shot each other Now Octavia has been cast into scandal and with her cousin they have gone to the country Octavia doesn't forgive her cousin and when Lord Somersville comes to her country home with a proposition for Octavia to become his 'mistress' and help him with his political ambitions Octavia would host his political salons and some other social engagements Octavia accepts the position and this changes her life yet again No longer would she be trapped with her cousin at the country house she will accept what the town thinks of her and make it her own But a few years later she meets Rafael and is very attracted to him Octavia is still acting as Lord Somersville 'mistress' so that makes her keep up her story in front of Rafael Rafael doesn't wish Lord Somersville to become Prime Minister who is rud to be in the running for that job in the near future So Rafael wanting to know about Lord Somersville and his plans he knows that his best bet is Octavia This was an exciting read that was hard for me to put down I loved the first book too and couldn't wait to read this one also No disappointment here for meI received this book in exchange for an honest reviewPlease follow reviews at the below sites

  2. Caz Caz says:

    I've given this a B at AAR so that's 35 stars rounded upLord of Deceit is the second book in Sara Ramsey’s Heiress Games series about the three “Briarley heiresses” who because of a strange clause in their eccentric grandfather’s will are forced to compete against each other in order to inherit their family estate of Maidenstone I have to admit that the gap of eighteen months between this and the first book Duke of Thorns meant I had to go back and re read my review to refresh my memory about some of the plot details and characters but I think that had I not felt the need to do that for the sake of completeness I could have read this as a standalone without too many problemsLadies Octavia Lucasta and Callista Briarley are cousins whose stand to inherit a large estate and fortune but their late grandfather’s will stipulates that the inheritance can only go to one of them and that one will be the lady who makes the most prestigious marriage At the beginning of the party however it seems as though only Lucy is in contention as Callista now lives in America and Octavia left Maidenstone in disgrace some years earlier At one point in their lives Lucy and Octavia were very close but the rift between them caused when Octavia’s brother was killed in a duel defending her honour – a duel for which she blames Lucy – is wide deep and unlikely ever to healAnd that’s the way Octavia likes it Being the subject of a duel set the seal on her ruin so when the opportunity came to get away from Maidenstone from Lucy’s recriminations and from her fears about being trapped there forever she took it accepting an offer of carte blanche from Lord Sommerville What the handsome young gentleman wanted however was a hostess for his political salons rather than someone to warm his bed something which became apparent to Lucy uite uickly But still he treats her well and in the years she lives as his mistress Octavia makes uite a name for herself as a hostess – among the demimondaine of course given her status as a fallen woman When Lord Rafael Emmerson Fairhurst younger brother of the Duke of Thorrington walks into one of these salons Octavia is shaken by the strength of her attraction to a man for the first time in yearsRafe has recently returned from service in Spain where he was a Captain in the army and also a spy During the past year he has continued to employ his covert skills in England cultivating the image of a pleasant but almost permanently inebriated wastrel and putting to good use the information dropped from the tongues so often loosened in his presence But now he wants to make a personal use of his talents; Lord Sommerville publicly insulted Lady Serena one of Rafe’s sisters and he plans to use Octavia to get his revenge on the man who hurt his sister and who preaches so effectively in Parliament about the iniuities of vice while openly maintaining a mistressThe instant spark of attraction between him and Octavia doesn’t uite cause Rafe to rethink his scheme but he nonetheless feels regret at what he is planning to do However things don’t go according to plan when Octavia’s situation changes abruptly causing her to leave London Sommerville needs to take a wife if he is to make any further advancement in his career and of course he can’t marry Octavia She is furious at being so casually discarded but isn’t willing to be passed along to another protector The only place she can go is back to Maidenstone and Lucy – but on arrival her cousin makes it than clear that she is not welcome there She is however welcome to stay at the old hunting lodge in the grounds provided she never sets foot in the houseHurt betrayed and still mad as hell Octavia takes up residence in the lodge making plans to get back at Lucy and ensuring she can’t inherit Maidenstone by ruining the house party and driving away all the prospective suitors When she hears that the Emmerson Fairhurst family is going to be present she remembers the rapport she’d felt with Rafe and seeks him out recruiting him as her partner in crimeI have to say that the revenge plot and Octavia’s half baked idea to scare everyone away with ghost stories are the least convincing things about the book Far interesting are Octavia herself and her fractured relationship with Lucy which shapes so much of her character and informs so many of her decisions Although her life with Somerville was one of comfort and security while it lasted she has developed a strong self reliance and invented a whole new persona for herself as Madame Octavia the polished flirtatious hostess of London’s most talked about salons And even when she is cast aside she refuses to play the victim and just slink uietly away into the shadows When she learns about the contest to win her grandfather’s estate she is determined to stake her claim; after all he was fond of her and she of him and she’s just as entitled to take part in the competition as her cousins Octavia’s strength of character makes her an interesting heroine; she’s not feisty in a curl tossing foot stamping way but rather she is one of those women who knows she has to pick herself up after a reversal and shape her own life rather than waiting for others to take her into accountRafe and Octavia are similar in many ways They know how to manipulate they hide behind masks of their own creation and have suffered betrayal but he’s less well defined than she is and his commitment issues – which also affect his brother in Duke of Thorns – are fairly stock in trade Yet Rafe is an attractive intelligent hero who obviously cares about Octavia comes to understand her and genuinely wants her to be happy Ms Ramsey has the knack for writing snappy humorous dialogue and there’s much to enjoy in their verbal sparring which is often funny and poignant – sometimes at the same time – and I enjoyed the insights we were given into the Briarley family dynamic through the ages They sound like a completely bonkers lotLord of Deceit is not without its weaknesses but the writing is excellent the characterisation is strong and the romance is nicely developed If you read and enjoyed Duke of Thorns and want to catch up with the Briarleys then I definitely recommend it; and if you haven’t tried this author before you could start here and not miss out

  3. Ursula Ursula says:

    This was not as interesting as the first in the series and the hero here a younger brother to Thorington from book 1 was a bit wishy washy for me I was also angry for a lot of this book Why was I angry The story really show cased the horrific double standard that underpinned the hypocrisy of Regency England After recently reading a lot of CR and even NA books I returned to HR for a bit of a change Wow As a woman I am endlessly grateful to be living now Sure we can romanticise the period and enjoy the fashions and the art but my heart just broke for Octavia Ruined at a ball because her jealous cousin told Octavia's brother that Octavia had been compromised a kiss in the garden which caused him to call out the villain With them both drunk the duel ended in both their deaths Who paid the price after that Octavia Shunned her reputation destroyed by this very public disaster she had only two options retire to the country to hide until she died or truly become a fallen woman and embrace the lifestyle of a mistress Being a battler she chose the latter All through the book we are confronted by the judgemental attitude of everyone she meets Even her protector an aspirational politician who needs a beard and an intelligent partner with whom to discuss his career moves ends up treating her like shit After 4 years together I found that a little hard to swallow tbh view spoiler He just threw her out Didn't set her up with an annuity or house or anything And she hadn't saved anything over the years Surely he had given her money and jewellery hide spoiler

  4. Monique Monique says:

    O the indescribable joy of discovering a fabulous author Four years ago Octavia Briarly’s every chance of happiness was ruined Octavia the toast of the ton the darling of the Season was kissed by a suitor Her beloved cousin Lucy told Octavia’s hot headed brother Julian who promptly challenged the other man to a duel and it all ended in a bloody tragedy as both men died and the House of Maidenstone is left without an heir Octavia is rescued in a manner of speaking by Lord Somerville who asks her to become his mistress Rather than the other alternative that is remaining cloistered in Devonshire until the end of time Octavia accepts his proposition Octavia enjoys security companionship and is relatively happy until the fateful day when Somerville tells her to pack her things and move out; he needs a proper wife to fulfill his political aspirations And again Octavia is left to fend for herself The Briarlys are preparing to host a fête when Octavia arrives at her former home and very soon she is made to understand that she is definitely not welcome Lucy destroyed her life and Octavia is determined to make her pay Meanwhile Lord Rafael Emmerson Fairhurst is also attending the same gathering with his family he and Octavia are vaguely acuainted and he knows of her association with Somerville with whom he has a bone to pick Octavia seems the best way to accomplish what he set out for he is bent on revenge and his target is Somerville Rafe’s reputation as a rake and former soldier precedes him and Octavia deems him a worthy ally in her uest to ruin LucySara Ramsey has woven an intricate and utterly compelling story around deceit hypocrisy and revenge unlike anything I’ve ever read before Octavia and Rafe are amongst the most fascinating and complex characters I have ever seen and Octavia ranks as one the strongest fiercest most intriguing women I have ever seen Ms Ramsey’s understanding of Regency customs society and politics is outstanding as it is the most important component of the issues in LORD OF DECEIT and my heart broke for Octavia at the unfairness of her situation but not for long; she is determined not to remain a victim and she will succeed no matter how hard she had to try Rafe is just as fascinating and he is precisely the kind of hero I always wish to read about a consumed professional toughened by the war he is not your domineering controlling and mocking aristocrat; for once the hero came off as a real person and not as your stereotypical romance hero Octavia and Rafe exchange wonderful witty and realistic banter the chemistry they share is obvious from the very beginning and still the tone remains so faithful to the era LORD OF DECEIT might as well have been written by a Regency author Ms Ramsey’s prose is sumptuous elouent yet effortless and elegant and she knows exactly the amount of detail to insert to convey complete authenticity to her story and her characters The plot is intelligent and carefully crafted with several uite unexpected turns of events; nothing came easy for Rafe and Octavia There is also a most extraordinary realistic touching heartbreaking sex scene I will never forgetLORD OF DECEIT made me laugh smile cry and cheer desperately for Octavia to triumph and I held my breath several times as well I could say so much about this superb book but suffice it to say that it was the first book I had read from Sara Ramsey and I am now decidedly a fan Such a rare talent is not seen that often and I will be awaiting the next book in this series with bated breath as it promises to be as wonderful as LORD OF DECEIT I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  5. Evie Evie says:

    Sara Ramsey delivers another story as only she knows how I have read every single one of Sara's books and I can say I've never been disappointed Her stories are the kind you can't ever put down once you start readingIn Lord of Deceit readers get to follow the love story of Rafe and Ava Anyone who's been following the series knows that these two make an appearance in the Duke of Thorns There are some details about Rafe and Ava thrown here and there in book 1 but it turned out that what I'd thought of them two wasn't anything close to the truth I'll just that Rafe knows how to keep a good cover upThanks to Ava's cousin Lucy Ava was ruined 4 years ago The conseuences of Lucy's betrayal weren't anything Ava took lightly Not only was she ruined in society's eyes but her beloved brother had died due to a stupid duel Her pain at her cousin's betrayal and the loss of her brother was so much that when Ava is presented with an opportunity that would surely ruin any last chance she has to prove society wrong she doesn't think about it twice and takes itAva becomes the infamous Madame Octavia and she doesn't care what anyone thinks Her arrangement with her protector works well for her that is until her protector ends it She doesn't have enough money to support herself and she's got nowhere else to go She then decides to claim what is hers and heads to her family's seat Lucy might have ruined her life but Ava is not about to let her win what their grandfather left them in his will Rafe is intrigued by Ava He meets her at the last soiree she hosted for her protector and when he visits her he finds her gone This doesn't work well for his plans or the mission he's been tasked with by his superiors When he finds out that she might have gone to her family's seat he gladly helps his older brother to rally up their siblings and head to the country No one has any idea of what he's up to especially when he makes everyone believe he's nothing but a rake who loves a good whiskeyAll he wants is to get close enough to Ava to learn the secrets her ex protector hides He wants to destroy him because while everyone things her ex protector is a good person the truth is he really isn't The thing is the time he spends with Ava the closer he gets and soon he discovers the truth behind her ruin and there's nothing he can do to stop himself from loving herLike I said this was an awesome read Full of witty banter and laughter And heck yes I'm looking forward to Lucy's story next I have to admit she's the character I've liked the least in this series but I think after the turn of events in book 2 I might've started warming up to her It'd be good to see who she really is and breaks down all her walls

  6. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    35 StarsI wasn't overly thrilled with this book I didn't hate it or even dislike it but I didn't love it eitherOctavia Briarley is a ruined woman 4 years ago Octavia was the Incomparable of the season but a stolen kiss at a ball started a chain reaction of events that lead to the death of the man she kissed her brother the end of her friendship with her cousin Lucy and her total ruin in the eyes of the ton To escape the boredom of the country and her cousin Lucy Octavia accepts the offer to become the mistress of the Earl of SomervilleFast forward 4 years Lord Rafael Emmerson Fairhurst aka Rafe the brother of Gavin Duke of Thorington is looking for revenge Somerville slighted his sister and Rafe is bent on destroying him He hatches a plan to use Octavia to bring down Somerville This book really seemed to drag for me it was well written and flowed but it was a bit boring and given the subject material I am surprised that I felt that way Maybe the problem was me I am not a fan of revenge stories and this book is all about that both from Rafe and OctaviaAs always Ms Ramsey delivers an outstanding declaration of love scene she does declarations of love better than almost any other author I have read But sadly for me even that wasn't enough to make me love the book I loved the first book in the series so much that perhaps I expected too much from this oneEven though I didn't love this book I would recommend it and I am looking forward to the next book that features Lucy

  7. Kelly The Sassy Book Lover Kelly The Sassy Book Lover says:

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest reviewRevenge is the name of the game for this family I couldn't put this one down and read the whole thing in one sitting One little mistake set off a turn of events that changed everyone's life and changed them too I loved when they met at the party and how they seemed to understand each other even though they both had their secrets I loved that they were working together to ruin the party The ending is one of those that I always love to readOctavia is a woman that did what she had to when she was ruined I loved how she always kept her head high and her whole personality I did not see the full reason for her and Somerville's arrangement coming at first but it worked perfectly for her She was a butterflyRafe is nothing like he seems to the people around him In the first book I knew there was something about him but never expected that he had been a spy or how he really was I loved his personality because he didn't react to things the way you would expect and was very kindThere are many characters that get your interest in these books

  8. Zena Zena says:

    Rafe and Octavia's romance didn't have a happy passage but as with almost all historical romance novels there is a happily ever afterI loved Octavia's strength as she rose above the opinions of the ton and lived her life the way she thought was best for herI also loved how Rafe pursued her for all the wrong reasons and found himself falling and for her and her charming personalityI simply love the way Sara Ramsey writes I find her books so easy to read They are filled with every emotion under the sun from laughter to tears I and have eagerly looked forward to beginning every one so far The trouble is that once I begin reading it is hard to put the book down and attend to the mundane things in life like eating working and so onThis is a book and series that should not be missed and I happily recommend it to you

  9. Julie Julie says:

    Good I like this series and the Briarley family I expected a lot from Rafe and Octavia given their mysterious backgrounds However there was not much of a plot here The two seemed to have less chemistry than Thorington and Callista those two are on fire So a little disappointed at Rafe and Octavia's story but still interesting and integral to the series

  10. Juliana Godinho Juliana Godinho says:

    I liked it a lot

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Lord of Deceit (Heiress Games Book 2)[Read] ➪ Lord of Deceit (Heiress Games Book 2) By Sara Ramsey – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Thousands of readers have already fallen in love with the Briarleys a family known for centuries of sin and scandal now on the verge of extinction In LORD OF DECEIT Octavia Briarley continues the fami Thousands of readers have already fallen in love with the Briarleys a family known for centuries of sin and scandal now on the verge of extinction In LORD OF DECEIT Octavia Briarley continues the family tradition of revenge Lord of ePUB í while fighting to reclaim her birthright but in the Heiress Games love doesn't always follow the rules Rule Never give your heart to a rakeOctavia Briarley took society by storm during her debut season until one disastrous night changed everything and she was forced to become London's most notorious courtesan She's already paid the price for trusting too easily and she won't make the same mistake again But when she finally gets a chance to take revenge against the cousin who betrayed her Octavia needs a willing partner for her schemes someone charming aristocratic and devilish The kind of man she might have married in a different life And the kind of man she absolutely can't risk giving her heart to Rule Never fall in love with the targetLord Rafael Emmerson Fairhurst survived as a spy in Spain through charm and subterfuge In London he uses those same skills to pursue justice against those who are above the law His next mission is Lord Somerville Octavia's former patron When Octavia asks Rafe to help sabotage her cousin's house party he can't refuse If he can destroy Somerville by using herwell Rafe never claimed to be a saint and he never promised to protect her But he never expected Octavia to be uite so delightful or uite so inexperienced given her bold demands and reckless smile And falling in love is a mistake he's never made before Rule Never ignore your destinyAs Rafe and Octavia set out to ruin the most illustrious house party of the summer they discover that revenge can't possibly compete with the pleasure they find in each other's arms Can an innocent courtesan and a broken charmer risk losing everything they ever wanted to seize the love they never expected to find Want to catch up on other books by Sara Ramsey Check the list below to see what you've missedHeiress GamesDuke of ThornsLord of Deceit coming soonMuses of MayfairHeiress Without a CauseScotsmen Prefer BlondesThe Maruess Who Loved MeThe Earl Who Played With Fire.

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Sara Ramsey writes fun feisty Regency historical romances She won the prestigious Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® award with her second book Scotsmen Prefer Blondes Her first book Heiress Without A Cause was a Golden Lord of ePUB í Heart finalistHopelessly uncool as a child Sara has overcompensated by becoming obsessed with fashion shoes and regencyworldproblems She has great tast.