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Harley Quinns Greatest Hits ❴Reading❵ ➶ Harley Quinns Greatest Hits Author Paul Dini – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Love makes you do crazy things And Suicide Suad member Harley uinn is madly in love After springing her psychotic killer boyfriend the Joker from Arkham Asylum former psychiatrist Harleen uinzel put o Love makes you do crazy things And Suicide Suad member Harley uinn is madly in love After springing her psychotic killer boyfriend the Joker from Arkham Asylum former psychiatrist Harleen uinzel put on a clown costume and said sayonara to sanity Now Harley brings her own uniue brand of psychosis and revelry to whatever she does whether it’s causing mayhem alongside her beloved Mistah J Harley Quinns PDF or saving the world as the nuttiest member of the Suicide Suad or relaxing with her gal pals Poison Ivy and Catwoman With her deranged mix of fear and fun she knows how to leave a crowd in stiches HARLEY UINN’S GREATEST HITS collects eight of the lovesick lunatic’s best stories from such talented writers and artists as Paul Dini Bruce Timm Jim Lee Jeph Loeb Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti Scott Snyder and Collects BATMAN ADVENTURES BATMAN COUNTDOWN GOTHAM CITY SIRENS SUICIDE SUAD BATMAN HARLEY UINN and HARLEY UINN AND SUICIDE SUAD APRIL FOOL’S SPECIAL .

10 thoughts on “Harley Quinns Greatest Hits

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Dear oh dearwhoever termed this H's greatest hits seriously needs a slap These are not H's best stories not by a long shotI am bitterly disappointed with this volume involving one of my favourite DC characters and I think this is the reason I have given Amanda Conner's New 52 series a wide berth I simply don't like what she has done with the character I hate the way she talks all slangy etc I'm not too keen on her makeover and I just find the stories pretty boring They're not funny like they used to be Harley uinn's original charm doesn't come through and the whole volume leaves a lot to be desiredI did uite like the opening couple of stories which focussed on the original H and her kick ass gal pals Poison Ivy and Catwoman but the later stories left me feeling cold I don't think I'll be investing in any of Conner's work not after this taster H just isn't the same

  2. Paul Paul says:

    my favourite piece was the jim Lee illustrated story greatest hits checklistgirl band checkpower ballad checkpunk inspired chaos check

  3. Liam Liam says:

    This was a pretty good collection of Harley stories Some of them did feel a little out of place and didn't make much sense because they kind of reuired some context to what happened before that issue but they were all enjoyable My favourite thing was probably the variety of different artwork and I literally love the cover so much

  4. Teya Agnese Teya Agnese says:

    I love Harley uinn so reading her 'Greatest Hits' was just a brilliant insight into her life For example meeting her family getting to know her best friend poison ivy viewing parts of her and 'The Jokers' story and parts of the suicide suad This was a very fun read

  5. Jesse Nicholas Jesse Nicholas says:

    Loved this one Harley uinn is my favorite villain and it was nice to see of her origins and greatest hits Definitely worth the read if you are a Harley uinn fan or want to learn about her

  6. Abby Abby says:

    Abby read ANOTHER Harley uinn comic? When will it stop? Will it ever?In response NO

  7. Patrick Patrick says:

    That was an interesting mix of Harley stories for sure I'm not sure it convinced me to read of her stories though I mean I've got a volume or two to go but this wouldn't have convinced me to pick them upI think the issue for me is that it felt like there were a couple of different versions of Harley in this book and that's weird to meI liked most of the versions but it wasn't an easy narrative to follow

  8. Allison Allison says:

    This was a fun collection of comics It served its purpose in introducing Harley uinn to me a relatively new fan I enjoyed seeing the different art styles and portrayals of Harley and I also liked seeing characters that I know from elsewhere interacting with her While I liked reading this I just don't think comics are for me and I have known that for a while so I'm not surprised that I didn't fall in love with this I like having it on my shelves though

  9. Steph_d Steph_d says:

    it's Harley of course I loved it not my favourite stories personally but still HARLEY 😍

  10. Jane Kelsey Jane Kelsey says:

    I love Harley so I would've always given this a 5 stars

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