Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the

Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast By Charles Solomon ❅ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Beauty and the Beast legend has a universal appeal; the tale exists in numerous versions throughout the world In the West it's best known from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries French versi The Beauty Old as Epub Ý and the Beast legend has a universal appeal; the tale exists in numerous versions throughout the world In the West it's best known from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries French Tale as PDF/EPUB ² versions which Walt Disney considered animating during the late s Disney gave up on the idea as he felt the original story was too claustrophobic and lacking in action Revisited in the s as Old as PDF/EPUB Ä the animated Disney Beauty and the Beast has several false starts It was first conceived as an eighteenth century period piece directed by the British husband and wife team Richard and Jill Purdum as Old as Time: The PDF or After some changes two new directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale were put in charge as Old as Time: The PDF or Although he was initially reluctant to do another animated film after The Little Mermaid the late Howard Ashman came on board shortly after the new directors Over many months the characters and story gradually took form But there were many changes and wrong turns Seuences were created reworked cut and added as the film gradually emerged After all of its ups and downs the animated Beauty and the Beast was released in to rave reviews and record breaking business The film was widely hailed as a technical and aesthetic breakthrough It was the first of only three animated features ever to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture Its success has since spun into a smash Broadway musical adaptation intricately detailed environments at the Disney Parks and a live action movie musical directed by Bill Condon This authoritative book features interviews with artists producers directors writers actors and from the various beloved installments making it a treasure trove of delights for fans of the tale as old as time.

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  1. Parka Parka says:

    More pictures at parkablogscomThis book reminded me of the oversized art books Disney used to published for Mulan Pocahontas Hercules etc Although not as large as those predecessors the feeling of familiarity really comes from the content This is a Disney book after all There are plenty of beautiful art to be seen The pages are filled with sketches storyboards animation drawings production drawings background art photos of Disney artists at work The print uality is niceA lot of names are mentioned and there's no doubt Disney has some of the most talented artists around Story artist Brenda Chapman is amazing at capturing the nuances expressions and feelings of the characters with her storyboards There are also production paintings from Hans Bacher that set the visual style for the film The animation line drawings from the animators are wonderful as well Glen Keane designed the Beast inspired by a buffalo head he bought from a taxidermist shopThe commentary follows the production of the film from the history to the reception after it was screened It even covers the updated edition for IMAX and the additional footage added The stories and interviews are interesting and as with every movie you'll be able to read all about the challenges of making an animated film There's also a chapter on the Broadway adaptionThis is a great book that I can easily recommend to animation art lovers

  2. Mireille Duval Mireille Duval says:

    What a truly stunning magnificent wonderful book I'm a fan of the series of books The Art Of but this is much much than that An honest tale of the creation of this classic movie with all the stops and stalls the problems the fighting and the moments of glory It's filled with wonderful images but even wonderful text I'm not that visual a person The fact that it was written twenty years after the release allows for distance honesty plus talk of the Broadway show the 3D rerelease etc I feel like I already knew much of the story thanks to DVDBlu ray releases that are also tremendously filled with bonus features but it was a pleasure to read look at all the same One of my favorite tidbits was Brenda Chapman's involment in it with few ladies on a team creating a romance it was nice to see her influence particularly now that we know she went on to direct Brave It's also pretty funny to know that the boys sneaked the snow fight in Something There on a day she was out sickI'm so glad that such a book exists for my favorite Disney movie If you like Disney animation at all getting this is a no brainer

  3. Elevetha Elevetha says:

    Things I learned1 They argued a lot over this film Tensions were very high Much yelling I don't know that I would have liked to be a part of it2 Don Bluth's idea for the retelling sounded so good He was going off of GK's uote A thing must be loved before it is lovable 3 Making a movie is hard4 They trick you by putting the best concept art on page one5 I want concept art The text was good but make the book twice as long and INCLUDE MORE CONCEPT ART PLEASE6 This was a Art and Making of Book

  4. Jenan Jenan says:

    A good book for the fans of Beauty and the Beast It tells how all of it started and how they created the movies

  5. Bonnie (A Backwards Story) Bonnie (A Backwards Story) says:

    I've always been a Disney girl Growing up Belle was one of my favorite princesses As a kid I had a prop box full of things like a fake rose in a vase my old Dorothy Halloween costume it looked enough like Belle's blue dress to me and a stuffed My Little Pony tied to a stick that I would pull out whenever I wanted to play I had recorded Beauty and the Beast off the TV onto a cassette tape and written out every line of Belle's and the prompt beforehand with my pink purple and blue Lisa Frank pens the third color for the song lyrics the others for the aforementioned two line types I recently found that notebook too and can't bring myself to throw it away I would become Belle in my room back before I even knew what acting or stage theatre waas Belle had brown hair like me and read a lot the way I did and her name also started with a B I loved Belle I wanted to be her when I grew up Today I still hold a soft spot for the character; several figurines of her and Ariel my other favorite adorn my dresser The moment I laid eyes on Tale as Old as Time The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast at my local BN I knew I had to have it Its looks alone drew me over to it The cover is purple my favorite color and has the scene of Belle and Beast dancing The rose is etched in gold on the back cover Not only that the movie just re released on Blu Ray meaning interest in the movie is once again at an all time high Disney knew I would want this gorgeous tome The only drawback is the fact that the retail price is 40 which is pretty steep if a good sale isn't going on The money is worth it though because every page is high uality and the photographs are vivid and fullThis book is like looking into a little piece of history If you like documentaries like A Pixar Story on the Wall E DVD and on TV sometimes or Waking Sleeping Beauty on DVD Nov 30 you'll love this book It's a written documentary Every chapter uses a line from one of the song's many songs which is genius in and of itself The book begins by talking about the legend of Beauty and the Beast and uickly moves into preliminary work on how Disney began creating its own version There are sketches of early versions that reveal a very different look at the world we've come to know and love If these plans had gone ahead the movie wouldn't be what it is todayLooking at early artwork made me feel privileged How often do we get to see everything a studio scraps before coming up with the final polished version? I especially loved the close up of what went into creating the beast He was re tooled so many times and I never really thought about WHAT kind of creature he was before Beast is a true hybrid; he borrows his body parts from so many different animals A preview of early Beast concepts and a look into character artist Glen Keane's thought process is available in the Fall issue of Disney 23 magazine the one with Tangled on the cover which may still be at your local magazine standThe book is also full of fun little known facts about our beloved movie For example if you didn't watch all of the bonuses that came with your Enchanted DVD you may not know that the Disney Studios ran out of time and money when they were making Beauty and the Beast Rather than turn in something bad or rushed that was obvious to the audience they recycled artwork from earlier movies such as Sleeping Beauty and Bambi The famous waltz scene at the end of both movies is an exact duplicate The original cells from SB were copied and the images were adjusted to feature Belle and Beast In fact you can see a really good side by side comparison here The deer at the beginning of the movie are from Bambi as are the deer from The Fox and the HoundThere is so much wonderful information in this art book It's a true treasure for all Disney connoisseurs and a rare look at the inner workings that led to one of the all time greatest animated movies ever made

  6. Kate Kate says:

    If your looking for an amazing art book then DON'T buy this book This book has very little art of the film 'Beauty and the Beast' I purchased this book because I though it would follow a similar format of the Studio Ghibli art books but I was wrong This book explains in detail the entire history and making of the Disney film production of 'Beauty and the Beast' from the deveoplement of the morderen day version of the fairy tale from the earliest original copy to the progression of 'Beauty and the Beast' as a Broadway production This book reveals the uncertain and caotic atmosphere that surrounded Disney at the time of this films making This book even goes as far as to go into detail about the Disney Take over in the 80's and the era of Disney animation that is not remembered very fondly Even though I found most of the information interesting and by the end I had really settled in to the idea of having to 'read' this book this book is NOT an art book and I dont believe it should have been marketed as one

  7. Emily Emily says:

    I'm an expert on all things Beauty and the Beast but this had plenty of information about its creation to refresh my memory Absolutely gorgeous artwork and pictures are paired with a comprehensive guide to the film's creation I want this for my personal collection

  8. Molly Molly says:

    Not the best as Disney art books go but still pretty great

  9. Rosemarie Rosemarie says:

    I've had this book for a long time maybe 10 years as it's copyright is 2010 but while I browsed through it a few times I really thought that I knew the history of Disney's 'Beauty the Beast' I've read articles and heard interviews over the years As it turns out though there was A LOT that I didn't know and that made this book all the fascinatingThe movie went through a lot of changes during the animation process and an early version seems to have a lot in common with the recent live action version It finally made sense to me where they got all the French costumes and powdered wigs they were going back to an original concept for the animated version that got thrown out Thank God it got thrown out IMHO My love of the story of Beauty and the Beast started with the 1987 TV series starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton To my surprise that version is actually mentioned in this book They acknowledge that when work began on Disney's Beauty and the Beast the version the future potential audience would know best was the CBS series set in contemporary New York I have always felt that Disney had to have been influenced at least a little by that version Much of the film's success was due to the vision of Howard Ashman who we all know died just before the film's opening It's a very sad story that is told in detail here as well 'Beauty and the Beast' is so full of firsts For me personally as well as for the Disney corporation For example it was the first and only movie I ever saw 4 times in the theater It was the first animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture It was the first time Disney every got the idea to screen a film at several film festivals That exposure pretty much led to the nominations Here is one of the most memorable uotes in the bookIf you were to ask the Academy members which of the five nominees they liked best 'Beauty and the Beast' would win hands down; but that doesn't mean they'll give it the Oscar'Really???It seems that since the Academy is made up mostly of actors they would not vote for something that might threaten their livelihoods in spite of the fact that actors do the voices all the time This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read and proof of what I've felt for years the Oscars are not about what's best they are all about politics and popularity Being in the in crowdso sillyso stupid 'Beauty the Beast' should have won the Oscar in 1992 instead it lost to 'Silence of the Lambs'The book goes on to talk about 'Beauty and the Beast' on Broadway another first for the story and the companyThere are beautiful pieces of artwork and behind the scenes photos that accompany all the information as well If you are a fan of 'Beauty the Beast' in any of it's incarnations this book is a must read

  10. Katie Katie says:

    For true fans of Beauty and the Beast this is a terrific companion book The artwork and pictures are gorgeous and the history of getting the film and Broadway show and Disney attractions and live action film produced shows great insight and tidbits I would have liked a little depth behind the actors cast in the animated film as they did with the live action All in all a nice Saturday read for me

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