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The Lions Mail Order Menage [Epub] ❧ The Lions Mail Order Menage ➛ Jade White – Having been banished from their pride as cubs Werelion duo Caleb and Tyler had always relied on each other throughout their lives Both were now at the right age to find a mate but they were bored of t Having been banished from their pride Mail Order ePUB ☆ as cubs Werelion duo Caleb and Tyler had always relied on each other throughout their lives Both were now at the right age to find a mate but they were bored of the women they had come across The Lions PDF/EPUB or in their local community After an alcohol fueled night online led to them drunkenly ordering a pair of women from a mail order bride website the pair knew their lives might be about to change somewhat However they never expected this When the beautiful Meena Lions Mail Order ePUB ¹ turned up alone after her best friend flaked on her she assumed the deal was off but instead of sending her back the Lions realized they could take her in and share her among themselves Meena never signed up to a “mail order menage” but after a short while she was not going to complain either This is a paranormal romance full of adventure intrigue mythology and some scenes of a sexual nature including a threesome Please only read if these themes interest you Scroll up and read now before this generous offer ends.

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  1. Mary Clark Mary Clark says:

    This was a most extraordinary shifter story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading; it had lots of twists and turns that made it really interesting Tyler and Caleb have known each other since birth They were like brothers but polar opposites; Tyler is the protective type while Caleb is a keen observer Both were terrified of their fathers and for good reason because they were hard angry men who had been cast out of their Prides; Caleb’s underlying fear is he will end up like his father At an early age Tyler and Caleb join up with Geno one of the most notorious mobsters in New York City Meena is both beautiful and a walking contradiction; the perfect package for anyone looking for a challenge Meena’s life at home has become untenable so at the age of 16 she leaves but finds herself in a worse situation – she belongs to someone other than herself Meena and her friend Kyra find out they have been sold to Tyler and Caleb as Mail Order Brides The fact that Tyler made this decision alone compromises his relationship with Caleb and it takes some time before he will forgive him Meanwhile Kyra disappears at the Airport leaving Meena all alone to make her way to her new home fearful she may be sent back Meena learns that Tyler and Caleb are not only gangsters but lion shifters but she still accepts them for who they are Bella is Geno’s wayward daughter and has set her sights on Tyler but when rejected she attempts to destroy not only Meena’s life but her friend Kyra’s too I have no hesitation in recommending this book as it was a pleasure to read I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Mariah Mariah says:

    A 25 star It wasn't that bad but it just wasn't for me I was surprised I finished it though I'm not a fan of the mob or the selling and prostitution but the male characters were upstanding for the most part A few were abusive but they got what was coming to them in the end It didn't really feel like a ménage really They made a great threesome but some of the fire wasn't there for me Granted the one had enough fire and passion and mood swings for ten characters himself and the other being uiet but he has passion too when he cares not to suash it

  3. Betty Betty says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE ItJADE WHITE writes a wonderfully detailed and dramatic storyline She builds up with plenty of background information on the characters and their lives before introducing their dreams of having someone who will fulfill them Even though it's a bumpy ride to get their HEA with some surprise turns So Definitely Pick Up cause I know you will find it enjoyable reading experience

  4. Jasmine Roman Jasmine Roman says:

    GoodIt was good I loved the characters but it could have been better With characters this good I would have liked of the story I didn't like how it jump through months at a time I want to know what happen through those months There is only one sex scene so if you want to read something steamy this isn't the book for you

  5. Jen Winters Jen Winters says:

    Good sweet romanceNot a lot of steam just enough to keep it a bit spicy Lots of story here and love Bro love romantic love platonic love sister love So much love Recommend for your sweet romance craving

  6. Patti Ashley Patti Ashley says:

    YuckThe characters as written are over the top crude and unlikable Dis appointed after the blurb This book was just awful

  7. Catarina Monteiro Catarina Monteiro says:

    Poorly written no chemestry between the 3 main characters didn't like it at all

  8. Nicoletta Nicoletta says:


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