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Schooling the Viscount (Cotswold Confidential, #1) [KINDLE] ❂ Schooling the Viscount (Cotswold Confidential, #1) By Maggie Robinson – Captain Lord Henry Challoner is a young viscount who’s left his ambition on the plains of South Africa Wounded in the First Boer War he’s come home and wishes he were anywhere else until his despe Captain Lord Henry Challoner is a young viscount who’s left his ambition on the plains of South Africa Wounded in the First Boer War he’s come home and wishes he were anywhere else until his desperate father sends him to Puddling on the Wold to rusticate and recalibrate How can Henry have any fun without any alcohol or worse yet any women Kept under house Schooling the PDF or arrest under the watchful eye of his draconian housekeeper and earnest local vicar he’s bored enough to begin speaking to sheep until he literally stumbles across schoolteacher Rachel EverettRachel knows she’s not on Henry’s improvement plan but can’t seem to avoid or repel him no matter what she does to keep him at arm’s length Could it be that she uite enjoys being in his arms even if it’s against all the Puddling Rehabilitation Rules Can Rachel circumvent the town fathers and Henry escape his personal jailors and demons.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 254 pages
  • Schooling the Viscount (Cotswold Confidential, #1)
  • Maggie Robinson
  • English
  • 10 May 2015

About the Author: Maggie Robinson

Maggie Robinson is a former teacher library clerk and mother of four who woke up in the middle of the night absolutely compelled to create the perfect man and use as many adverbs as possible doing so A transplanted New Yorker she lives with her not uite perfect husband in Maine where the cold winters are ideal for staying inside and writing hot historical romances Schooling the PDF or and her latest venture the.

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  1. Caz Caz says:

    Maggie Robinson’s new Cotswold Confidential series is set in the sleepy picturesue village of Puddling on the Wold which for the past seventy odd years has provided a rather unusual service for the members of the nobility by taking in its wayward sons and daughters and through a strict and personally tailored régime rehabilitating themThe hero of Schooling the Viscount is Captain Lord Henry Challoner son and heir to the Maruess of Harland Having an income of his own that gave him financial independence Henry purchased a commission against the wishes of his father but has at twenty five recently left the army after six years’ service Partially lame he was shot in the foot while serving in South Africa and partially deaf in one ear thanks to a too close cannon blast he returned to England and plunged into an endless round of debauchery in an attempt to forget the brutality and indignities of war His relationship with the maruess has never been easy; Henry knows he’s a disappointment to his autocratic father who wants him to settle down and start learning his responsibilities but Henry isn’t ready for that After six years of war it’s reasonable that he’d want to let off some steam but when after one particularly spectacular round of dissipation he brings home not one but two ladies of the night it’s the last straw for the maruess and he packs Henry off to Puddling on the Wold for a month of healthy food exercise no booze and absolutely categorically NO womenHenry has been in Puddling for a week – twiddling his thumbs having tea each day with the vicar and basically going out of his mind with boredom – when he decides to deviate from his prescribed walking route and thus comes upon the local school But even better than that he encounters the teacher the luscious dark haired pink cheeked Miss Rachel Everett – and can’t resist kissing herThe whole town is privy to the treatment plans devised for their “Guests” so Rachel is well aware that she is not supposed to have anything to do with the handsome young viscount and knows what led to his being sent to Puddling Surprised by his kiss she allows herself to enjoy it before slapping him and telling him to leave her alone – but fate and Henry has other ideas and it’s not long before they bump into each other – literally – again And againWhile Henry’s initial attraction to Rachel is probably a result of his not having seen a young woman for some time it’s not long before he begins to appreciate her for what she is – intelligent loyal kind – and completely different to many of the empty headed socialites he has previously associated with Through his growing friendship with her and her father – who fought in the Crimea – Henry starts to regain his confidence and to believe that perhaps he isn’t such a waste of space as his father seems to think he is While the book is generally humorous and light hearted in tone Ms Robinson also takes a look at the plight of soldiers coming home from war who are expected to return to their old lives as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened and nothing has changed Henry has not only suffered physical injury but he is plagued by nightmares and realises that there is a need to help those like him who have suffered mental trauma as well “How is it that people can feel sorry about my foot but not about my brain? uite frankly I think it’s injured than the rest of me It just doesn’t show”And as part of his rehabilitation is that he must undertake to do some sort of what we’d call Community Service Henry decides that “I want to do something for soldiers like me who come home and can’t sleep We’re made to feel ashamed you know even by others who served”The author very subtly incorporates the slightly darker themes into her story without any sudden tonal shifts and there is a lot of shrewd observation beneath the flirtatious banter and slapstick humour I did have to ask myself how many times Henry could get hit on the head without sustaining serious injuryBoth central characters are likeable people who are easy to relate to Henry is an adorable rogue; he’s always looking for a way around the rules but soon begins to appreciate the benefits of a clear head and experiences a fair amount of personal growth throughout the course of the story Rachel is a level headed young woman and doesn’t at first believe that a man as good looking and charming as Henry can genuinely be interested in her – and even if he is continuing to associate with him risks Puddling’s very livelihood as one word of censure from Harland among his acuaintance could lead to the loss of the wealthy clients from which the village derives its income But Henry is persistent resourceful and willing to fight for what he wants especially when his father insists that a country schoolteacher is no match for a future maruessI enjoyed the book and will be looking out for in this series but the number of Americanisms dotted throughout this one kept pulling me out of the story The most glaringly annoying ones here are the freuent use of the word “pants” – men in England don’t wear pants other than as underwear they wear trousers – and Rachel having to “grade papers” Teachers here don’t “grade papers” we “mark work” or “mark books”Other than that though Schooling the Viscount is a deftly written entertaining story of a wounded man learning to take control of his life finding his place in the world and broadening his horizons It’s not what one would call a page turner but it’s charming and funny the central romance is well paced with plenty of sensual moments and there’s a sweet secondary romance and a nicely drawn and engaging supporting cast I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something light hearted with a bit of steam on the side

  2. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    'Schooling the Viscount' by Maggie Robinson is book One in the Cotswold Confidentialseries This is the story of Captain Lord Henry Challoner and Rachel Everett Henry has been injured mentally and physically while serving as a Captain Now he is back and living with the nightmares and pain To dull this he has taken to drinking drugs and women The last straw for his father is when he sneaks in two women to their house Henry's father shipped his son away to the Cotswolds a place called Puddling on the Wold Henry has found that there appears to be no women under the age of fifty there But one day Henry went further walking that he should and happen to find Rachel who is a school teacher Henry is immediately attracted to her and his body uickly reacts to her Something that unknown to other he has actually found it hard to get sexually excited and that has been why he has taken to some many women Rachel too is attracted to him but she knows that anything between them would do harm to the group who try to help people like Henry In addition he is above her 'station' so she is not the person for him But Henry even not believing in love feels that Rachel is the women for him This book hooked you in uickly and was hard to put down My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

  3. AnnMarie AnnMarie says:

    Schooling the Viscount is the first book in the Cotswold Confidential series by Maggie Robinson It is also the first book that I have read by this author the first but definitely not the last I especially look forward to reading in this particular seriesThis is the story of Captain Lord Henry Agamemnon Challoner He has come back from fighting in the first Boer war injured physically but also scarred mentally He suffers terrible nightmares and constantly thinks of the war In an attempt to block those memories and stop the nightmares he takes up heavy drinking and womanising His father doesn't understand what he is going through and as his heir he isn't pleased at all about the changes in his son He wants him to marry and settle down but if he carries on the way he is no proper woman will want him When he finds Henry in bed drunk and with two women it's the final straw He immediately drags his son away to the Cotswolds to a place called Puddling on the WoldIt's a very small village unlike any other The whole place is dedicated to helping people 'clean up their act' to rehabilitate them Every person in the village caters to the 'guest's' needs In Henry's case all young marriageable women are kept hidden the pub will only serve soft drinks and Henry must walk daily have counselling from the vicar and not be allowed any treats such as biscuits cakes etcHenry is horrified to find himself there and to know that he has to stay for a whole month Maybe longer if the vicar doesn't think he has overcome his wicked ways His horror diminishes somewhat when he goes off the track that he is told he has to walk daily and ends up at the local school It's school teacher is a beautiful curvaceous woman who Henry instantly feels an attraction toRachel Everett is that school teacher she is one of the woman that Henry is not allowed to come into contact with She finds herself attracted to Henry but puts it down to the fact that he is very handsome and she also finds out that he is a real charmer too But she knows he is not allowed to see her and that any dealings with him would scupper his recovery and also get her into trouble She might even lose her teaching job Despite knowing that when during their first meeting she ends up in his lap and being kissed passionately she is instantly in awe It still doesn't change the facts though that she isn't allowed to be around him and besides he's only messing with her because he is a womaniser and she's the only young woman around Right? Rachel considers herself too plain too plump and has been happy living with her father looking after him and teaching at the school She's resigned to her lifeThe story goes on to tell how despite Rachel telling Henry he must leave her alone he tries his best to keep seeing her He wants kisses he wants her He doesn't believe in love but he knows he very much likes Rachel and wants her to marry him She tells him he's mad she's not good enough for him especially as he is a Lord and she is a nobody Also any relationship between them couldn't work because it will prove that Puddling on the Wold has failed at it's rehabilitation of a guest and when word gets out the county would lose all future guests and the money they make from themWill Rachel give in to at least a clandestine dalliance what will the conseuences be if she gives in? Is it worth it or is there too much to lose?I really enjoyed this story the idea of a whole village being involved in rehabilitating 'guests' catering entirely to their individual needs is just wonderful Most of the villagers are down to Earth and caring I especially loved Rachel's dad He might come across as a grump but he's a darling and I loved the scenes that he was in There was much to make me laugh in this story as well as an emotional scene or two that brought a lump to my throat There was the passion between our main couple which was both gentle at times but steamy at others A definite will they won't they can they can't they story that kept me wondering until the very end how it could all work out I really look forward to being introduced to of the villagers in future books in this series because I am sure they all have a fabulous story to tellI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book

  4. Pamela Pamela says:

    An interesting concept and maybe a little creepya storybook village gets paid by members of the Ton to take in the members of their family that they feel need to be rehabilitated for assorted reasons In this case it is a young Viscount back from the war who had partied too much and had disgraced his fatherHenry is uite charming shows plenty of flaws and is willing to change or at least conuer his demons I'm not sure that I really liked Rachel The story had some cute moments but was a bit explicit at times for meI did like how the story brought up the post traumatic stress of being in a war and how something might be done to help those in needThank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review

  5. Jaci Jaci says:

    The new Maggie Robinson book is one of the reasons that I love eBooks and eReaders There are so many Authors out there and with a eReader you can now find and enjoy Authors that you have never read beforeThis is the tale of a small town and the people who live there Puddling is what we would call today Rehab Young and old men and woman are sent to Puddling because they cannot be controlled by their family Whether it is drinking woman or just misbehaving Rachel Everett is the school teacher who lives with her father in a cottage and has always been content or so she thoughtCaptain Lord Henry Challoner is just back from war and is hiding behind woman and wine trying to prevent the nightmares and the traumatic injury that has left him with a permanent limp His father sends him to Puddling and the adventure beginsA lovely story that depicts the daily lives of a small village with a big purpose The characters bring this book to life with stories that will make you laugh smile and anticipate the next book in the Series This is a tale of true love redemption and like every true Historical Romance a HAE

  6. BJ BJ says:

    A cast of wonderful wounded characters in a funny plot Humorous writing often feels flat to me but this worked well due to a wonderful H He's returned from Waterloo wounded traumatised and frustrated with himself and his life He's also surprisingly humble for an only son of a duke And a stern duke he is too so it was so sweet to see how much he cared for his son The h was a bit ditzy but likeable and her father was another great male character It's smart and funny with a sweet HEA

  7. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    15 minor spoilerMy husband asked me this morning what my plan for the day was I responded that I was going to “fold laundry finish the horrible book I’m reading and maybe play some Overwatch in the evening” That should tell you how I feel about Schooling the Viscount This book was almost everything I dislike in historical romance romance in general actually It’s exactly the kind of drivel that caused me to say for years that I wouldn’t read romance novels until I realized it wasn’t the romance I disliked but the treatment of it and women in themLet me start with two examples from early in the book along with a little context to make them make sense This is also the spoiler I mentioned When Lord Challoner first comes across Rachel the first women under 50 he’s seen in a week he falls down He then pulls her into his lap and holds her there as she struggles to get up He then kisses her against her will and when she slaps him he pretends infirmity to continue to hold her as he rubs his erection against her When finally they stand up he goes for her again and she hits him again Even by modern standards this is assault She was a perfect stranger to him and he’s just accosted herHowever this is her later thought on the matter “in fact she was beginning to wonder whether the man was as bad as he was supposed to be” The inference being that he isn’t He’d been sent to the Cotswald rehabilitation center because his father caught him in bed with two women prostitutes So Rachel’s decision that he wasn’t so bad as his reputation is flat out bull shit He’s worseNot too long later he comes across her again Her dog is worrying his walking stick So he sneaks a knife out cuts his own leg and pretends her dog bit him Thereby tricking her into taking him into her home in the middle of the night for treatment Her thoughts on this matter “Even though he’d tried to trick her Rachel couldn’t fault the man He’d been lonely and wanted a few minutes of her company”Keep in mind that this is supposed to be 1881 England The irreparable harm he could do to her reputation and future prospects with either of these tricks boggle the mind But somehow I’m supposed to believe he’s a good man and she’s just kind hearted not just flat out stupid And he’s attracted to her specifically not just the only woman he interacts with The whole book continues in this vein him being horrible and her falling in love with it It makes no sense doesn’t fit the time period at all and irritated me like god damned dermatitisIn fact nothing about the book felt like 1881 The language the viewpoints the general tone of the book all felt anachronistic I will grant that the descriptions of PTSD were well handled even if it seemed to miraculously disappear with the love of a good women Yes that’s an eye roll you sense in my tone And the writing is passable My only big complaint being how often Rachel said “Dad” in her conversations with her father It was too many to feel natural But all in all I finished this book by force of will alone and hated almost every page of it

  8. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    I received an eARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I am voluntarily leaving my reviewI really enjoyed this book Henry was such a wonderful hero not perfect but that actually made him likableHenry Viscount Challoner has been sent to Puddling on the Wold in the Costwolds by his father the Maruess of Harland to be cured Since returning from the war in Africa Henry has tried to lose himself in drink and women When his father found him in bed with two women of uestionable reputation the Maruess packed him off to the Costwolds for intense rehabilitationHenry has been rusticating for almost a week when he stumbles literally upon Rachel She is the school teacher of the small village and is most definitely not supposed to consort with Henry The entire town works together to cure the pampered members of the ton from whatever ails them The take one guest at a time and tailor a plan to cure them of their specific demons Henry's plan is set to cure him of wine and women so all the younger women of the town have been staying out of sightOnce Henry meets Rachel he wants her and there is no way he is going to let her walk away But there is a lot at stake and Rachel won't fall for the charming gorgeous man easilyThe tale that follows is entirely charming it has some extremely funny moments some steamy moments and it touches on the mental and emotion effects of war for the soldiers that fight It is well written flows nicely has a sweet secondary romance that in no way overshadows the main story and has a nice HEA I am happy to recommend this book and am already impatient to read the next book in the series

  9. Georgie-who-is-Sarah-Drew Georgie-who-is-Sarah-Drew says:

    Perhaps I read this on an off day But I couldn't warm to the improbable plot a whole village dedicated to the rehabilitation of the aristocracy's wayward offspring the selfish hero whose desire to pursue a reluctant girl is portrayed as rakish good humour or the heroine improbably prepared to have sex outside in her father's garden Anachronistic shallow fluff Sorry

  10. SidneyKay SidneyKay says:

    Your silvery beams will bring love dreams we'll be cuddling soonBy the silvery moon Edward Madden Gus Edwards 1909Seeing as how I read mostly historicals it's been awhile since I've read a Maggie Robinson book 2015 to be exact Was the wait worth it? Sort of While this book was decent I had an overriding sense of agitation throughout the book Try as I might I could not shake it So this agitation caused me not to enjoy this book as much as I wanted to Let's examine this storyCaptain Lord Henry Challoner has returned from the Boar War with some issues Physically he was shot in the foot and lost hearing in one ear from being too close to a cannon But he's suffering from some major psychological issues and has turned to alcohol drugs and women for the solution Well his controlling father has decided to put a stop to his son's actions and has him bundled off to a rehabilitation center for some rest That sentence is actually pretty gentle compared to what actually happens in the book The place he is sent to is a small village in Cotswold called Puddling on the Wold and while that may seem charming it is anything butAt some time during this village's past it was decided by a council that they could make money catering to the problems of the wealthy They take on one client at a time The whole village transforms itself in order to fix the problem whatever it may be For instance one of the village's previous clients was about to be married and had a weight problem So the village closed anything to do with food like the local bakery and also restricted what the villagers could cook just in case the smell carried to the client In Henry's case alcohol vanished and nubile women were hidden away He was also restricted as to where he could take his walks It is during one of these walks when he decides to go a different way and stumbles across our heroine RachelRachel is the local schoolteacher and she like everyone else in the village must abide by the rules She seems to have had some problems with the people who make the rules And now she is faced with the village's new client who isn't supposed to be anywhere near her Another rule for which she will get in trouble She doesn't want to break any of the rules because she and her invalid father depend on the money the village rakes in But she finds Henry to be irresistible from the beginning so she knows she's in troubleThere is a mix of humor and drama throughout the entire book It should have been a pleasant read but I had this nagging voice in my head all the way through Our hero is 25 years old and was a soldier for 6 years He has his own financial independence he is an adult So how come his father could just bundle him up and dump him in this village? I don't know the legal system of England in the late 1880s but I suspect for a father to do this to an adult male it wouldn't be entirely lawful Even if it was lawful I would guess there would have to be some pretty fancy legal foot work that would have had to be done by the father So this bothered me But that wasn't the only thing Even if I didn't uestion the legalities of this plotline set up I uestioned why a 25 year old alpha male would put up with being incarcerated in the village This part of Henry's character weakened the story for me While he may have whined about being there he made no attempt to escape and I found it hard to accept that This a black cloud hanging over my head through the entire story why isn't Henry doing something about his situation?There was also a what the crap moment Let's set this up Rachel is really uite attracted to Henry She's allll tingly and her woman parts are wet and throbbing all the time because of Henry But she knows she can't do anything about it because someone in the village might see them So what does she do to ease her suffering? Well she goes outside under the moonlight in plain sight and pleasures herself loudly Of course Henry stumbles across her doing this and his Timothy Toad becomes an erection set Really Outside Under the bright moon This was a very silly sceneThis is the first book in a series called Cotswold Confidential I'm sorry to say that this story didn't work for me I was tooooirritated with the way the hero was written to relax and enjoy the story He was an adult male who was represented as being self reliant except he lets his father ship him off to this weird Twilight Zone village I didn't get itKaysBlog

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