Коронация, или Последний из

Коронация, или Последний из романов ❰Read❯ ➵ Коронация, или Последний из романов Author Boris Akunin – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Москва Весна 1896 года Коронация нового русского царя Николая II не за горами В связи с торжествами знаменующим Москва Весна года Коронация нового русского Последний из Epub â царя Николая II не за горами В связи с торжествами знаменующими столь значительное в жизни России событие в Москву прибыли почти все члены царствующей фамилии Однако всего за несколько дней до коронации на юную кузину и малолетнего кузена будущего императора Российской империи совершено дерзкое нападение Четырехлетний Великий князь Мика Романов похищен Преступники объявляют Романовым что платой за возвращение Коронация, или eBook í ребенка должна стать одна их реликвий царского дома – алмаз «Орлов» Ни срыва коронации ни огласки произошедшего допустить никак нельзя Однако след преступника полиции отыскать не под силу и к его поискам подключается Эраст Петрович Фандорин На этот раз выдающийся сыщик представляя интересы царской семьи должен проявить все свои знания и мастерство для скорейшего раскрытия этого неслыханного преступления Увлекательная и захватывающая история из жизни царствующей фамилии или Последний из PDF Î России конца века рассказанная одним из слуг ближнего круга дает редкую возможность окунуться в круговорот событий давно минувших лет.

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  1. Andy Andy says:

    Set in turn of the century 1900 Imperial Russia An Impressive start a new twist as we have the story this time being narrated by the butler of the Imperial household with the Romanov's being front centre of the mystery As usual the master of disguise former state counsellor Erast Fadorin is the star of the show but it’s the butler who plays a great second fiddle to Erast on their romp across Moscow to foil a gang of villains The opening scene revolves around the upcoming “Coronation” no surprise there really but from there on out there’s intrigue plots misdirection subterfuge aplenty That’s yer lot no spoilers from meThis series gets better n better a real gem for mystery lovers with a historical fiction leaning

  2. Assaph Mehr Assaph Mehr says:

    One of my absolute favourites in the series The story is told in first person from the viewpoint of the majordomo to the imperial house As with all butlers he has very distinct view about his charges about foreigners and about the ceremonies and events that happen The plot deals with both the coronation of Nikolai II and of the Khodynka Tragedy that followedPart of what makes this a masterpiece is exactly the same reason that makes it frustrating at times Our protagonist is observed by 3rd parties his actions described through their viewpoints We as readers want to know so much What to ExpectEach novel is written as a different type of mystery Akunin set out to rectify the low brow reputation of the mystery genre in post USSR Russia by writing worthy literature and exploring the wide gamut of sub genres Each novel is therefore excellently written as a different type of detective case While there is continuity in the protagonist's life between the novels each is very different in themes and tonesI've written a condensed review of the whole series on my websiteWhat I likedI like the writing style The prose is intelligent and flowing the mysteries are complex and the cast is varied though those that make repeat appearances tend to die Fandorin himself is a great character even though as a main character he still remains an enigma a tantalising mystery in itself that keeps readers engaged and clamouring to know I love the historical background Akunin has done his research into Russian culture mannerisms environment personalities etc of the late 19th century early 20th century Most of the stories take place around Moscow and Fandorin gets to meet and associate with the people of the times from the low life criminals of Khitrovka to the grand dukes of the imperial family In a few cases Akunin also has Fandorin active around notable events of the era at times filling in details where history has left us stumpedAkunin is also a Japanophile and has Fandorin spend a few years in Japan While details are sketchy and we want More it is clear that he has a great love and deep knowledge of that culture and timesWhat to be aware ofBe aware that each of the novel is told in a different style Besides the obvious something new and different in each volume one keyword  is 'told' They are almost all in 3rd person perspective and uite often not from the point of view of Erast Fandorin which is both tantalising and frustrating at times It's this distance that keeps Fandorin an enigma and keeps us coming back to learn Fandorin has a Sherlockian intellect and impressive physical prowess He is not without his faults most notably hubris but as a hero he is certainly a cut above the rest He also tends to get involved with a different femme fatale in each book This suits the detective genre perfectly regardless of modern sensibilitiesWhile the books are not really related and have few continuing characters I'd still strongly recommend to read them in orderLastly and this has nothing to do with Fandorin since these are professional translations amazingly done by Andrew Bromfield via a traditional publisher the price of ebooks and hardcovers is almost the same The ebooks are also missing some of the illustrations and other typographical effects that are present in the print I'd definitely recommend reading the print edition where possibleSummaryShould you read these novels? Yes By all means if you love historical mysteries these novels are a must read It is an intelligent engaging and just different enough series to be in a class of its own It's not surprising that in his home country of Russia Akunin out sells JK Rowling In fact since it's been a few years since I've read them I think I'll go back and re read my favourites Winter ueen State Counsellor and The Coronation Assaph Mehr author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas Daggers and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome Murder Mysteries and Urban Fantasy

  3. Jane Jane says:

    At various times I've read the whole series that's been translated into English so far and consider this episode the best so far Narrated by the butler to one of the Romanov royal family this tells of the coronation of Nicholas II really the kidnapping of one of the sons a little boy Mika and the efforts of Fandorin the butler Afanasy and others to rescue him and to keep out of the hands of the archcriminal Dr Lind the Orlov diamond which will play a part in the coronation As ransom Dr Lind asks for various Romanov jewels but consents to the family's renting the diamond until after the coronation then making the exchange Incredible unexpected developments all through the story keep up the non stop action The conclusion came completely out of the blueHighly recommended

  4. Kat Kat says:

    I could enjoy so much this story and even give it a higher rating if it wasn't for the character of Afanasi Zioukin what an infuriating person I disliked so much that I wanted to finish as soon as possible the book in order not to read about him I liked the plot of the book and final twist which I didn't saw coming even if it was clear after a small detail Though it's the seventh book in the Erast Fandorin serie it's the first story I read with him and I liked it very much so I guess it won't be the last and with the hope to not cross roads with Zioukin ever again

  5. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    Book seven in the Erast Fandorin series brings us to 1896 and the coronation of Nicholas II as the last Russian czar Like its predecessor The State Counsellor The Coronation is steeped in accurate historical detail from the name of the new Czar's horse to the horrible events that occurred in the field at Khodynka Unlike The State Counsellor Fandorin is acting as a lone wolf here no longer holding his previous position as Deputy for Special Assignments to the Governor General of Moscow The story is told through the eyes of the head butler at the Hermitage in Moscow temporary home to the St Petersburg contingent of the Romanov family and its retinue His narrative spans two weeks beginning with Fandorin's death What????The coronation is imminent and the family of the czar's uncle Grand Duke Georgii Alexandrovich is settling into its Moscow lodgings There's a great deal to do before the big event but there's plenty of time to take the Grand Duke's little son Mikhail Georgievich on a walk through the park Out of nowhere Xenia grand princess and daughter of the Grand Duke is snatched up but the attempt at a kidnapping is thwarted But sadly while Xenia is being rescued even though the little boy is moved away for his safety the whole thing is only a clever ruse with Mikhail Georgievich as the real target A shaggy looking gentleman along with an ice cream seller in the park reveal themselves to the family as who else Erast Fandorin and his Japanese servant Masa and thus Fandorin is launched into the effort to gain Mikhail's safe release His opponent is one Dr Lind someone with whom Fandorin has scores to settle and someone who demands something no less than the Orlov diamond the key jewel of the coronation ceremony But this is not going to be an easy task Lind holds all the cards Fandorin is not trusted by many in the household and the family while concerned with little Mikhail still have duties to perform to ensure that the coronation goes off without a hitch After all nothing can be done to get in the way of the Romanov destiny and rumors of a royal kidnapping might undermine the stability of Nicholas' rule even before it is officially acknowledgedThere are several moments to divert one's attention away from the main action of the novel Some are humorous for example the butler's undercover adventures in a club for gay men is only one pleasant diversion to be found Some are darkly serious and based on a terrible reality where over 1300 people were trampled to death at the Khodynka field on a day when the royal family set up food and drink for their citizens and rumors escaped that there wasn't enough for everyone And then Akunin offers insight into how the Imperial family views its common citizens and just how far the family is willing to go to hide anything even remotely detrimental to its image a factor that later is going to help bring down the house of Romanov in terms of Nicholas' only son and his hemophiliaI'll admit to not having figured out the kidnapper's identity in this hostage mind boggler of an adventure and I got very caught up in the story while trying to do so I think though that knowing the sad story that's yet to play out with the Romanovs the history took me in than the mystery although it was uite enjoyable and very fast paced Akunin's sense of place is undeniably vivid as is his knowledge of detail of the period fully fleshing out the events going on around the story of the kidnappingThe Coronation may be my favorite of the Fandorin novels so far with The State Counsellor a close second There's a big leap in uality between these two books and the earlier ones and I hope the remaining three She Lover of Death He Lover of Death and The Diamond Chariot are just as good as these two have beenAnyone who enjoys hostage and kidnapping stories will like this as well as cozy readers who want a bit of a challenge than the usual fare Readers of this series will also enjoy it and I think readers of historical crime fiction will do well with this book Again some of the scenes are just completely over the top but it still a very good read

  6. Kyoko Kyoko says:

    Slightly disappointed as I could identify the villain right from the start which is usually not the case as I get side tracked or most of the times am just plain wrong So that leaves me the uestion can this mystery book be given four stars still? I can't sadly As much as it describes the relationship and loyalty of the butler to the Romanov dynasty in an engaging way as well as the traditions and the society of Tsarist Russia to a smaller degree deep down it is a crime mystery book And it failed to live up to the genre Or at least to my expectations as it has been compared to Sherlock Holmes Poirot James Bond and alike Don't get me wrong Erast Fandorin is an adorable charming detective Stutter eccentric handsome a bit arrogant witty just like the characters mentioned above he's got interesting adjectives adorning him The flaw was in the plot that did not make him justice Take for instance the scenes below There were just too many of them and nothing would point my poor deduction skills to any other direction Mlle Decliue is late for the fateful promenade Mlle leaves the child behind when he is abducted Only Mlle is sent for as the intermediary although she is helpful in the investigation and eventually leads Fandorin to the hiding place Mlle is found beaten in the cellar right after the tragedy at Khodynsk Field? come on False beards on the desk of the Postman's house Even her attempt to mislead Fandorin accusing Lord Banville is feeble Nevertheless if I come across another Fandorin adventure again I would like to give it another try

  7. Peter Peter says:

    A little slow to get into because of the narrator Butler Ziukin’s insufferable character but fantastic story Fandorin as awesome as ever Echoes of Holmes and Moriarty throughout

  8. Tom Tom says:

    Another excellent mystery novel in the Fandorin series while not my favourite there is still enough here to enjoy and I finished it in a fairly short time which usually means it was a good read I won't say too much about the plot as others have done so but there are a lot of great moments in this book and I have already ordered the next in the series

  9. Janet Janet says:

    May have laughed out loud uietly though in flight on this one a little hard to keep track of all the royalty

  10. Maria Thermann Maria Thermann says:

    What a brilliant read I can't wait to get my hands on another one of Akunin's novels Extremely well written funny to the point where I laughed out loud and thought proving at the same time the novel is set against the backdrop of the last Russian Tsar's coronation Nicholas II It also attempts to explain how the Russian public's perception of their monarchy began to change at that time These are the years leading up to the last Tsar's murder and the slaughter of his immediate family members in the Russian revolutionTold from the perspective of the Green Court's St Petersburg's court butler the emotionally stunted and ultra correct Afanasii Stepanovich also called Zuikin the novel begins with the arrival of the Grand Duke Georgii Alexandrovich and members of his family in Moscow The preparations for his nephew's coronation His Majesty Tsar Emperor Nicolai are in full swing What appears at first as a slight against Grand Duke Georgii namely the housing of His Highness the Grand Duke his family and servants in the dilapidated Small Hermitage Palace later turns out to be part of a cunning plot to kidnap the youngest son of the Grand Duke Not content with extorting enormous sums of money from the ruling Romanov family the mysterious villain Dr Lind's real motive is to force the Romanovs to part with many of the Empress's crown jewels and worse than all of that put together to hand over a famous 200 carat diamond called the Count Orlov Giving up the life of the little prince is now being openly discussed among the Romanovs as a real possibility for how could they possibly hand over the diamond that graces the top of the imperial sceptre? At coronation time? Unthinkable What's the life of one little princeling compared to the honour and reputation of the Romanovs as a whole?The diamond's absence would not just be noted by the entire Russian court it would send international tongues wagging and be a huge embarrassment to the Russian monarchy Moscow is crawling with foreign guests invited to the coronation how can anyone find the four year old princeling and prevent a political disaster at the same time?Enter Erast Fandorin the former State Counsellor of Moscow He's an adventurer private detective and man of extraordinary powers He has absented himself from his home country for a number of years and doesn't have many friends among the Muscovite authorities any However when the two most senior policemen of Moscow fail to apprehend Dr Lind the Tsar decides that Fandorin has a far better chance of discovering the whereabouts of the little prince and appoints Fandorin as the man in charge of the whole operationTogether butler Afanasii and Fandorin have many thrilling encounters with the diabolic Dr Lind an old adversary of Fandorin's Who is the mastermind criminal behind this latest outrage? Gradually we see starched and cosseted Afanasii unbend a little and rediscover his emotions But will they lead him astray in a world he doesn't really understand and a city that is rapidly changing its mood? We learn and about the way the Romanov household views the world and their subjects and what the Russian people's perception is of their monarchy The choices asked of Grand Duke Georgii Alexandrovich are monstrous The fact that the father of a four year old defenceless child should even contemplate choosing an alternative to handing over money and jewels for the safe return of his son is even so It is hard to envisage a family less in touch with their own feelings than the Romanovs a group of individuals so removed from the real world they are no longer capable of understanding their true place in history their role in international politics and what their subjects expect of them What befell the family and the country as a whole seems inevitable Akunin's mention of Granny an aged ueen Victoria of Britain only vaguely known to some members of the Romanov family is dripping in irony History will later show that the British granny state won't lift a finger to save the Russian contingent of Victoria's clan from certain deathAlthough I did guess the identity of Dr Lind before the end of the novel it is an ingenious plot and a surprising twist on conventional historic adventure stories The comedy moments in the book particularly the events of the costumed ball which butler Afanasii and the Gentleman of the Bedchamber Endlung attend are utterly hilarious The scene where Georgii Alexandrovich and his son discover they both share the same mistress is eually priceless Verdict couldn't put it down until I reached the final page And then I wanted to read it all over again Five stars are not enough to describe how much I enjoyed reading Erast Fandorin and Afanasii's adventures

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