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Finding Kennedy ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Finding Kennedy By Jacinta Howard ➜ – When Kennedy James unexpectedly shows up at her grandma’s house in Tyler Texas no one knows what to make of her arrival—including her The only thing Kennedy does know is that something in her life When Kennedy James unexpectedly shows up at her grandma’s house in Tyler Texas no one knows what to make of her arrival—including her The only thing Kennedy does know is that something in her life has to change and it needs to happen right now She’s been numb for much too long Then she meets Travis Broussard the perceptively cool guitarist of the indie soul band The Prototype The timing couldn’t be worse but their attraction is instant magnetic and at times overwhelming causing Kennedy to uestion if it’s possible to feel too much As Kennedy attempts to embark on a new path she finds herself at a crossroads But if she chooses to follow her heart is she prepared to deal with what she might find.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 330 pages
  • Finding Kennedy
  • Jacinta Howard
  • English
  • 17 October 2016

About the Author: Jacinta Howard

A longtime culture and music journalist and lifelong music lover Jacinta Howard lives in the Atlanta area For years she's worked as a writer and editor covering entertainment art and pop culture and the experiences she gained writing about artists musicians and cultural trends naturally seep their way into her stories She is the author of new adult women's fiction and contemporary roman.

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  1. Carol [ Addict] Carol [ Addict] says:

    Finding Kennedy is book two in The Prototype series by Jacinta Howard This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the authorFor the last two years Kennedy James has been barely existing in Colorado where she lives She has tried to make herself numb She doesn’t want to feel She knew she couldn’t go on like this much longer so she packed a bag got in her car and drove to Tyler Texas to her Grandmother Pepper’s house She loved her grandmother but hasn’t seen her in a longtime Maybe a change of scenery will help a fresh startIt doesn’t take long for Kennedy to meet the oh so sexy Travis Broussard Travis is a guitarist and plays in the band The Prototype with Jersey and Zay whom we met in the first book The connection between Kennedy and Travis goes beyond strong chemistry It does deeper They are tied together in ways neither of them can understand Travis Broussard is Zay’s cousin The first time he saw Kennedy he felt it that soul deep connection It’s obvious she feels it too but he also sees pain in her eyes He doesn’t know what her secrets are or what she ran from but it’s obvious that she is still struggling with it As he and Kennedy get to know each other the connection gets stronger But the timing is off This isn’t the right time for themAs the push and pull continues between Travis and Kennedy she finally starts to find herself in Tyler Texas Her grandmother has a way of knowing just what she needs and Kennedy discovers things about herself she never thought possible Slowly a new kind of future begins to form before her Just how will Travis fit in to that future? Is Kennedy ready to let go of the past and move on? This is a sweet story of a young woman who has seen way too much darkness in her young life She finds a strength she didn’t know she had and finally finds her footing But the going isn’t easy for either she or for Travis Obstacles are continually thrust in their paths Watching what these two had to go through was painful and heart breaking I admit I struggled a bit with some of the terminology but I think that’s an age thing It’s obvious from the start that Travis and Kennedy are meant for each other and I hated that their journey had to be so rocky This book could be read as a stand alone but it would definitely be even enjoyable if you read Happiness in Jersey first and meet Jersey and Zay and the rest of the band “Love bears love believes love hopes love endures”

  2. Nia Forrester Nia Forrester says:

    Whenever I read anything of Jacinta Howard's there's never any uestion that I'm going to enjoy it The uestion is always 'how much?' She writes brooding soulful heartfelt without being corny prose that just gets you right in the gut How could I not like that? And so I always do no matter whether it's a short piece on her blog or a full length novel But there are those of her works I don't just like I love and 'Finding Kennedy' is definitely one of those While reading it I'm pretty sure I experienced just about every emotion possible and found myself highlighting passages that were either profound uirky amusing or just plain ol' well written This author's voice is stronger than it's ever been but as always it shines most in the voices of her characters When they speak you hear them and hear in them the voices of people you know and whom you've met; and if not that certainly people you would like to know and meet And in this novel than ever before I could see feel smell and touch things just as the characters were In moments that some writers would not be attentive to she painted a picture Like this one when the main character Kennedy gets up the first morning after moving to her grandmother's and heads to the bathroom The house was uiet and bright with natural sunlight when I stepped out of the room and made my way down the hall to the bathroom It was tiny with yellow flowered wallpaper and pea green linoleum on the floor It was hideous but comforting A totally meaningless moment but one that paints a picture we've all been in that bathroom in our grandmomma's house haven't we?? And written in a way that is so clean so simple so accessible and yet it manages to transport us there nevertheless Stuff like that makes an okay book a great book for me And stuff like this when Travis is thinking about how much he likes his old house and wouldn't want it modernized The wood floors the author says shined with weary experience See for me? That's the good stuff right there For me that's what makes a book live instead of just being words on a page It's in my mind like having a friend tell you a story in such vivid detail that years later when you're recounting it for someone else you can almost believe you were there personally and that it was not just a story someone told you That's how vivid this book wasBut okay it would be fair comment to say that not everyone geeks out on stylistic flourishes so what about the story the characters the romance? Trust me when I tell you all of that was tight as well Following up on the powerful connection we saw between Jersey and Zay in book one of The Prototype series she gives us Travis and Kennedy And whoa Now here's the real I NEVER believe it when couples have an instant attraction unless the writer makes it clear that it's purely physical That immediate soul connection stuff has never been convincingly portrayed to me Jacinta Howard did it here After Travis and Kennedy's very first encounter when they almost kiss yeah right? I believed that they would and almost could have kissed under those circumstances because she wrote it so well And later when they actually do have that first kiss it was one of the best written first kiss scenes I have ever read Because it was about emotion and connection and ambivalence and longing and animalistic attraction or as Kennedy would say some National Geographic shit And I felt it It was on my ereader anyway a two page build up and navigation of will and emotion before the characters' lips met and it was effing perfectBecause I'm in serious danger of gushing I'm going to wrap up here with a couple notes The character of Travis was not just book boyfriend sexy he was amazing in the way that Zay was amazing in 'Happiness in Jersey' once he decided that he wanted Kennedy he never faltered never played games and never deviated from the plan of getting her I love that about Jacinta Howard's heroes Age and stage in life notwithstanding they decide they want their woman and then they become single minded about getting her I was so moved by the emotion between Kennedy and Travis I didn't need the physical stuff but of course that blazed as well The challenge to their relationship was well played Not too much drama who needs it? but just enough to make you understand how they might mess things up as we humans are prone to doingA few moments I marked He wasn't just looking at me He was looking into me seeing me my cracks my breaks the lines and scars that defined my soul nowand this describing a kiss It was slow but hungry full of intention realization acceptanceAnd Travis realizing his losing initial battle against his attraction to Kennedy I smelled her Like a damn animal I'd actually smelled Kennedy's scent lingering in the house and I wanted to go to her strip away her clothes and all the layers of stuff between us and just take her Over and over and over until she couldn't move Over and over until the only thing she breathed and thought and felt was meOkay did I say earlier that the author's voice shines most brightly in the voices of her characters? I take that back This is all her And it's all good Highly recommend this one

  3. Alexis *Reality Bites* Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

    Spoiler Free Review4 STAR ReadGenre Romance has musicmusician themeSeries Book two in The Prototype series but can be read as a standalone After a life altering experience Kennedy James fell into a routine An introverted routine that left her social life non existent Suddenly feeling suffocated by it all she up and leaves home; and that is where the book startsKennedy JamesIn need of a change Kennedy finds herself leaving Denver on the road to a Texas small town named Tyler The second she arrives at her grandmother Pepper's house she uestions her decision In the midst of doubts Pepper assures her that she is than welcome to stay In fact she'd been expecting her “I hope that you’re the one if not you are the prototype” OutkastTravis Broussard Travis is a guitarist in a band called The Prototype His introduction scene is filled with witty dialogue and a strong attraction between he and Kennedy that's undeniable Although the attraction is instant it is also on a deeper level that he nor she could have ever expected Especially for a first encounter After said first encounter Travis knew he was in trouble because Kennedy was temptation in the flesh His words not mine I would also like to note that he is very much an alpha male Their connection is on point however their timing is all screwed up His past can't seem to STAY in the past Nevertheless Travis stands firm in his desire to have her in EVERY way Mind body and soul Letting her know point blank and period I want you Kennedy My ThoughtsThis is my first read by Jacinta and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed her writing In Finding Kennedy Howard melds her craft with another Music Thus engaging the readers with the passion of music held by her characters What I did not like? Maya She can go choke on something sharp and pointy LOL What I liked no what I loved was their chemistry It was literally soul stirring and very well written Tastefully sensual in a teasing manner The writing I am really digging her style ❤️ I give this a solid 4 stars The writing was smooth true to life with relatable characters and situations I most definitely look forward to reading of her work To buy OR Not to buy? BuySeries Yes this is book 2 BUT The Prototype can be read as a standaloneRecommendation Yes And I would read book 1 it's a standalone but you'll become interested in the first book after meeting the couple PlotStoryline Relatable with true life situations Steam Factor High On a scale of 1 10 I say 85Now go forth and read then come tell us what you thought about it If only just a few words reviews are important to authors

  4. Musings of A Romance Junkie Musings of A Romance Junkie says:

    Whew man This is than just love at first sight Imagine hearing the sound of someone’s voice and you just know that that person was put on this earth just for you Well that’s what happens between Kennedy and Travis only the tie that binds isn’t words but music and mere presence I have never read about two people who are so inexplicably drawn to each other simply because the other person “exists”This story is so visual that you feel like you are witnessing everything as it unfolds in real time Kennedy James is on the run escaping a tragic past that is preventing her from living in the moment She seeks refuge in her grandmother’s home who lives in the small town of Tyler Texas Kennedy has no plan but it’s all good because fate has already taken care of that Enter Travis BroussardTravis is a man on a mission Getting that degree and taking his band The Prototype to the next level Falling in love is the last thing on his agenda until he’s almost attacked with a spoon by a brown skinned thickums named Kennedy The energy between these two just fly off the page and just reading about their interaction with one another was so intense at times that I had to put my Kindle down and take a breakThis story is truly engaging and entertaining from first swipe to the last There are a few unexpected plot twists and o m g moments that will take you by surprise because I thought I had this story all figured out I like that shit The music is the backdrop to this love story and the playlist is off the chain

  5. Megan Megan says:

    “Where’s your head at?”“All over the place”“You know you’re my heart right?”“It’s not all over the place is it?”“No You have itSa woooooon45 StarsI dove into this the minute I had it and adored every up and every down Travis and Kennedy had Stay tuned for my full review with Lustful Literature

  6. L.S. Bergman L.S. Bergman says:

    Well I struggled with this review because I was going to preach and gush I really was This book Finding Kennedy This author Jacinta Howard They're just both that darn good Yup that's it No flowery words no verbose text None of that is really necessary here Besides if I had to describe all that I liked about this book this review would take wayyy too longJacinta uses her 'senses' in her writing like no tomorrow Everything has an image a fragrance texture smell and sound Now I'm a music lover as Jacinta Howard evidently is as well So instead of wording it out why not try a metaphor with this review instead?For me you know that feeling when a friend recommends you seriously need to check out a song from a band you've never heard of before The Prototype And when you switch to the track it runs something like thisThe introsomething about this book's vibe immediately grabs you like the riffs of the guitar who's the dude? OK Travisand believe me Jacinta's words gonna tell you exactly how sexy and sweet his sound is then the instrumentation comes in the return to the bandThe Prototype old characters still doing their sensual creative thing the base hits that chamber in your gut and resonates just before a voice like none other who's the chick?the beautiful sweet but hurtingKennedy makes your spine uiver and you are like what the? Yup this love story between Kennedy James and Travis Broussard is dripping in all of that sensual descriptive brilliance It is that good Jacinta Howard for me both in the knowledgable depth and descriptive breadth of her writing hits this love story way out the park She's not just a brilliant perceptive writer; Jacinta Howard is a writer whose soulfulness is evident on every page Finding Kennedy was easily the best book I've read so far this year So how do you go about rating it? Something my eight year old would say resonatedGive it 6 out of 5 stars And I dare any reader not to 'want' to do the same

  7. Lustful Literature Lustful Literature says:

    Megan's Review 45 STARS“I can give you time Kennedy I can be patient for you But I dunno about the space part baby doll I don’t know if I can give you that You’re gonna have to deal with me” I love Jacinta’s guys I love them and her They always make me smile and fall so lovely This baby was not the exception Immediately I couldn’t get enough of Travis and Kennedy and every conversation they had funny or serious sentimental or aching I was tuned in You know when you highlight or post uotes and other don’t uite get the weight or meaning behind it But to you it meant something?? Either feeling or made you smile or heard yourself say ‘awe’ That’s what I felt I had so many uotes I could share or post but taken out of context wouldn’t portray the scene It would have been words pushed together not Travis and Kennedy conversation “Why are you up?”“I never went to sleep I was up thinking and finally I just decided to get out of the bed”“What were you thinking about?”“You”“Were they bad thoughts?”“No not at all And also yes absolutely” I truly and completely enjoyed Travis and Kennedy as they fell I even appreciated the almost instant crush they had on one another It felt so real Even so I loved that there wasn’t an immediate jump They lingered their longing increased The reason why not new or out of the blue but I like how it was handled I fell again when times went cra cra and Travis was still the guy Kennedy fell for even when she was uestioning EVERYTHING “I wish you’d talk to me”“You’re not available for that Not any ”“I’m here Kennedy”“No you’re not You’re a ghost too”“Travis?”“Yeah baby?”“My heart hurts”BTW that is possibly my favorite line and once you read it you’ll feel so many emotions from all around So much lies in these words in her feelings

  8. Brenda Larnell Brenda Larnell says:

    While I am not a fan of YA Genre Romance I really enjoyed this story that features two young adults with a sizzling soulful instant attraction that immediately grabs the reader and not let go until the end of the story Kennedy and Travis are two talented attractive college age millennials who are musically gifted Kennedy finds herself leaving her home in Colorado and traveling to Texas to live with her insightful grandmother Trying to overcome a traumatic experience Kennedy seeks to find inner peace in order to move on with her life Music plays an important role in this and Travis proves to be the right man to help her to move on This was an excellent story written in some of the most exuisite descriptive prose that I've read in a long time I highly recommend it

  9. mina reads™️ mina reads™️ says:

    This book wore me out

  10. Ms Donna Ms Donna says:

    Simply AmazingTravis and Kennedy This story truly touched my heart This story had me all up in my imagination I could actually picture it I could see it I could feel it I could taste it I could hear it I could touch it It was all over me Jacinta Howard has a way of using words that makes her stories so visual I never regret experiencing her storytelling Yummy

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