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Upon a Mystic Tide [KINDLE] ❂ Upon a Mystic Tide ❆ Vicki Hinze – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk With their painful divorce looming on the horizon radio psychologist Bess Cameron and her soon to be ex husband John Mystic meet at Maine’s Seascape Inn to finalize the terms of a property settlemen With their painful divorce looming on the horizon radio psychologist Bess Cameron and her soon to be ex husband John Mystic meet at Maine’s Seascape Inn to finalize the terms of a property settlement Bess believes John is in love with someone else and she’s determined to move on without Upon a ePUB í him Their marriage appears doomed until the Inn’s matchmaking ghost Tony and its irrepressible owner Miss Hattie take matters in hand Sometimes you have to leap Upon a Mystic Tide and have faith the sand will shift and an island will appear The second book of bestselling author Vicki Hinze’s Seascape Trilogy brings readers back to the gentle magic of a place where love is always stronger than the fragile boundaries of life.

  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • Upon a Mystic Tide
  • Vicki Hinze
  • English
  • 05 July 2015

About the Author: Vicki Hinze

Vicki is the USA TODAY bestselling and award winning author of nearly novels nonfiction books and hundreds of articles Shes recognized as an author and as an educator by Whos Who in America and Whos Who in the World For seven years she was a columnist for Social Upon a ePUB í In Global Network; before then a radio talk show host for Everyday Woman The former VP for International Thriller Writers.

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  1. Tracy Tracy says:

    Not as Magical as the FirstDr Bess Cameron is an excellent psychologist counseling those who call in to her radio show on all matters of the heart It's a career that fulfills her One in which she excelsOf course if the station owner or her listening audience had any idea that she was in the middle of an acrimonious divorce and had been separated from her husband for years she'd be out of a job But that is a very closely held secret Or it was until a complete stranger calls and reveals that secret on air throwing Bess' life into even greater turmoilShe doesn't know who Tony is or how he got his information but she's completely shaken She turns to a couple of good friends for support and ends up standing in their art gallery staring at a painting that touches something deep inside her It calls to her drawing her to Maine and the Seascape BB She has no idea why she's so certain but she's absolutely positive that she will find a precious sliver of peace therePrivate investigator John Mystic still loves his wife knows he failed her as a husband just as he failed a dear friend as an investigator He refuses to divorce Bess though until she agrees to take alimony and she's being unreasonable on the matter Now that news of the divorce has been made public he's even determined to make sure she's taken care of no matter what it takesIf he has to follow her to Maine and camp out at Seascape with her until she agrees to his terms so be it He just wasn't uite as prepared for dealing with a meddling ghost named TonyWhile the first book in this trilogy totally blew me away and appealed to me on many levels I struggled with this second installment Part of the problem is my own fault I was pleasantly surprised and unprepared for the mystical elements and fabulous romance in the first but I was expecting them in this one and they just didn't live up to the expectationI was wise to Tony's story and his influence at Seascape so that influence wasn't uite as mysterious here It also lacked the darker edges of potential threat that kept me so off balance the first time around He stuck his nose in a little too much for me as well until he seemed like a secondary character than the briefly glimpsed guiding hand he was in the first For me less is when it comes to TonyThen there were the main characters Bess and John I didn't like them and I hated the relationship conflict that was belabored throughout the book That conflict is prevalent in second chance romances one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of the themeThese two characters supposedly love one another always have but they destroyed their relationship on the first go round because they were completely incapable of honest communication refused to show any sort of potential vulnerability and wouldn't know how to express an honest emotion if it was beating them over the head Like I wanted to do to them both OftenThat's not relationship conflict that's cowardice I don't find emotional cowards to be all that romantic and it was the main issue between them throughout the whole book coming up in the story again and again with eual intensity and fervor The unnecessary angst of it all overwhelmed the good points to such a degree that the romance was an utter fail for meHad there been a gradual arc of acknowledgement communication and resolution throughout the narrative and there could have been there certainly were enough issues I would have felt much differently about the whole relationship between them I would have liked the characters too Bess is supposed to be a psychologist after all but there was no professional light turned on the shadows of her personal life And John was oblivious to the concept of healthy relationships He could have used her professional advice instead of letting his case come between them for so damn long Man they frustrated meParts of this book were deeply emotional and poignant Not all of it was disappointing The town and the characters in it were just as charming as they were in the first book and the plot threads surrounding the missing persons case John's been stuck on for years were interesting if a little too abruptly resolved The writing too was just as strong and the magic just as warm and hearteningUnfortunately not even all of that could balance out how much I disliked the relationship conflict or how disappointed I was in the main characters and their romance But it did leave me with hope for the next book I'll go in with fewer expectations maybe but I do believe the magic can be recaptured Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Bell Bridge Books via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

  2. DelAnne Frazee DelAnne Frazee says:

    Title Upon a Mystic Shore Seascape Trilogy Book 2Author Vicki HinzePublished 12 8 11Publisher Belle BooksPages 296Genre Sci Fi FantasySub Genre Series Ghost; Romance ISBN 9781611940794 ASIN B006LTIY0M Reviewer DelAnneReviewed For NetGalley Bess Cameron is a radio psychologist who helps hundreds who call in for help but no one knows the shambles her own personal life is in Bess is married to John Mystic a private investigator They each have lived separate lives after their first year of marriage Now after six years of separation Bess believes John is seeing someone and wants a uiet divorce before her bosses and audience find out and she is fired Then a mysterious called announces her divorce on the air While visiting Maggie and TJ she sees a painting that when she looks at it fills her with a since of peace and feels the need to go there She decides to go to Seascape in the hope that she can make some decisions about her future to John still loves Bess and knows he has let his obsession with a case destroy his marriage He wants Bess to split the marital assets in half and Bess is refusing wanting absolutely nothing from him or the marriage He tracks her down to Seascape Inn and makes a bargain Go over the terms of a divorce and come to an agreement and he will stop fighting her and sign on the dotted lineI found book two easier to follow and understand since I knew what was going on at the end Although references are made to the characters in book one it does not distract from Upon a Mystic Shore Although you would greatly enjoy Beyond the Misty Shore it is not a prereuisite to reading Upon a Mystic Shore I got to visit the beautiful Maine scenery and Miss Hattie and the others again and I did not have to drive eleven hundred miles now that is magical I would love to stay at the Seascape Inn for a long and relaxing vacation Since that is not possible I will visit through the Seascape Trilogy I look forward to reading Beside a Dreamswept Sea the last book in the Trilogy link and Noble link Goodreads link Reading Room link

  3. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    5 STARSThis is the second of three books in Seascape Inn series Well scince I cried in it I have to say I was feeling this story Was not sure how much I would like this one but I didTony the matchmaking ghost is back and so is the townsfolk who we met in the first bookDr Bess Cameron is getting divorce really soon even though only lived with her husband one year but seperated 6 years She was seperated when she got her job at a radio dJ she is psychoiogist and cancells on talk radio her boss lets her know that the owner will let her go when she finds outRight after that conversation Tony calls the show live and lets everyone know her divorce will be final soon Tony also talks to her in her head at same time Bess visits her friendsTJ and Maggie finally look at seascape painting and feels she has to go their right now TJ Maggie fell in love at seascape inn with Tony's helpJohn Mystic still listens to his wife radio show and feels concern about the weird telephone call Tony had made He never wanted the divorce and does not why Bess left him He has had a case over 6 years ago to find Elise's daughter she thinks was kidnapped but Bess FBI think she eloped John has put Elise's case first in his life even over Bess Elise has been to a mother for John and she dies and Bess does not even go to funeralJohn Bess fight through their lawyers about who wants what Bess nothing John wants her to have half Their Judge is ready to put Bess in jail or pay 10000 fine John can't pay it for her So John follows her up to Maine and Tony starts to talk to him in his mind and fixes Bess car so she can't leaveI can't wait to read the last book next Hope I don't cry in that one tooI was given this ebook too read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley12152011 PUB Bell Bridge Books

  4. Sandra Stiles Sandra Stiles says:

    This is the second book in the trilogy In this book we meet psychologist Bess and her investigator husband John The biggest problem here is one that is so ironic Bess and John are in the process of a divorce You would think that Bess as an on air radio psychologist who gives out advice daily wold be able to find a way to straighten out her own marriage You would think that John who has been over zealous in trying to solve a case would have gotten the clues that his marriage was in trouble But neither of them did this For many this may be a sticking point For me I see it as a way of setting this wonderful story up I chalk it up to the fact that they were working so hard to keep other people from knowing the truth about them that they were blinded to solutions John still loves Bess and both of them end up at Seascape Inn Bess end up there after seeing the painting in a gallery and John follows her to suare some things away Hattie and the townspeople we met in the very first book are there to add the local color and flavor to the book Of course a lot of this would not have happened if it hadn't been for John the resident ghost helping things along After all he is the one who made things known on air during one of Bess's shows about her divorce something she'd kept secret not only from her listeners but also from her bossLike the first book it is packed with emotions and the hope that things will work out for our two main characters But as you read you see Bess kicking the whole journey Will their relationship be healed This is a book you must read to find the answer to the uestion because I won't give it away

  5. Janga Janga says:

    35 StarsLike the first book in the series this one offers readers an intriguing pair as heroine and hero but their lack of communication becomes irritating when it goes on and on Bess particularly seems immature at times; I found it difficult to believe that a professional with her credentials would behave as she does John is the second hero who is moved to tears a bit too freuently for my taste Still Seascape Inn is a lovely setting Miss Hattie and the uirky villagers are as appealing as ever and Tony the ghost is active and human than in the first book And the ending is enough to satisfy the most romantic readersSee full review at Just Janga edition reviewed was the Bell Bridge reissued ebook

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Review featured at wwwbooks n kissescomThis is one of my favorite series of all time There is just something special about this story this series and the Seascape Inn This trilogy is about love Love that transcends time I could talk about this book for pages and pages but it really just comes down to if you enjoy a romance book with everything you could ever ask for than this book is it Get these books and just know you will want to read them over and over DisclaimerI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

  7. Joanne Joanne says:

    'Upon a Mystic Tide' continues the trilogy well; it is really enjoyable I liked the supporting characters and it was interesting to re visit them If the two main characters had communicated effectively I would have given it 5; I thought their continued miscommunication slowed down the plot Nevertheless it is a book well worth reading

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