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Wanna-Bes ➸ [Read] ➳ Wanna-Bes By Mark Connelly ➽ – With his new girlfriend – a soccer mom with a taste for bondage – urging him to “go condo” failed screenwriter Winfield Payton needs cash Accepting a job offer from a college friend he becomes With his new girlfriend – a soccer mom with a taste for bondage – urging him to “go condo” failed screenwriter Winfield Payton needs cash Accepting a job offer from a college friend he becomes the lone white employee of a black SL As the firm’s token white he poses as a Mafioso to intimidate skittish investors and woos a wealthy cougar to keep the firm afloat Figure skating between the worlds of white and black gay and straight male and female Jew and Gentile Yuppie and militant Payton flies higher and higher until the inevitable crash.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 158 pages
  • Wanna-Bes
  • Mark Connelly
  • English
  • 08 June 2016

5 thoughts on “Wanna-Bes

  1. Lynda Garcia Lynda Garcia says:

    Hilariously accurateThis book right here What can I say about Winfield Paytonis he the most unlucky pasty or most unlikely fall guywhat a schmuckI laughed so hard at thisfor this guywith this guyevery character described in this book will immediately remind you of a real life joker in the in the 24 hour news cycle on all of the Major networks and cable television channels regurgitating skewed facts benefiting them and lining their pocketsit's hip and fresh writing which could easily become a HBO seriesor Starzmaybeanyway get this bookI laughed so hardalmost popping my recent stitches from surgeryMr Connellythanks for making my recuperation funthis book is not for the faint of heartor PC sensitive readers

  2. Lynn Reynolds Lynn Reynolds says:

    Rating 35 StarsWinfield “Win” Payton is an interesting man Just like him his morning ritual is one I’ve never heard before He shows how prejudice is part of his daily life With everything playing out in the news lately it’s something that you would think you could relate to Win’s life takes an interesting turn once he meets Barbie Monreal You certainly get a look at his business acumen in this story The only problem I had was that I felt like it was an “us against them” and he was a token – which I’m sure in some instances it may actually work that way but we just don’t see it Some readers may feel offended by that as well Felt like the story jumped all over the place and it was hard to hold my attention He has so much going on in his life but you only see bits and pieces of each Win tells me he has a relationship with Barbie but I just don’t see it I had high hopes for this book on reading the back cover copy What I read didn’t live up to what was actually between the covers On a good note I do believe that this book might be a good candidate for a book club because there is so much to discuss Some may find a few of the scenes offensive due to language and racial tensions But for or a book club this story would stimulate discussions of all kindsThis was a book where I found it very hard to like the main character He’s a man with few scruples – he thinks nothing about lying to get what he wants Just like the rest of the story the ending was different I didn’t feel there was any type of conclusion Would I read this author again? Probably not But if presented with a book of his again I don’t know that I could trust the blurb to let me know about the story The only way to know for sure would be to try and read it and see if that would change my mind about this author’s writing style I was not compensated nor was I reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own

  3. Laura Laura says:

    What first attracted me to this book was it's location Being a Wisconsin native I like reading about places and situations close to home Then there was the reverse characterization Win being the lone white or chicklet in the organization The whole concept of FDI was fascinating to meThe creative ways they thought about building a community focused presence while actually desiring to fatten their own bank accounts This story could be set in any era and would play out the sameSadly for in Payton he is not to be a winner in the games of business or lifeDon't read this book for political correctness or lingering societal valueIt is a dark comic view at greed and self centeredness and despair on so many levelsEven those characters you hate you will feel sorry forI did receive this book for review purposes

  4. Elle Elle says:

    I totally loved the book Wanna Be's introduces you to Winfield's coaster ride in a life full of hope despair love and frustrationI posted my full review here

  5. Gerda Gerda says:

    I really did not enjoy this book it is shallow full of shallow characters

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