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Rakes and Rogues ❰PDF❯ ✅ Rakes and Rogues Author Heather Boyd – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Rakes and Rogues abound in this six book collection of secrets spies vengeance and lust From London’s glittering ballrooms to the intimate mischief of a pre season country house party be captivated Rakes and Rogues abound in this six book collection of secrets spies vengeance and lust From London’s glittering ballrooms to the intimate mischief of a pre season country Rakes and ePUB í house party be captivated by these sexy first in series Regency romancesA duchess and her son’s heir join forces to solve a family mystery in ENGAGING THE ENEMY by Heather BoydBarbara Monajem’s lady spy is a rogue in distress in THE RELUCTANT SEDUCTRESSAn earl’s sensible plans go awry as he becomes embattled with a sworn enemy and his best friend’s sister in TO LOVE A HELLION by Nicola DavidsonIn Wendy Vella’s LORD GALLANT newlyweds hide secrets and confront dangers of the heart as well as a deadly foeWhen a sizzling encounter with a handsome stranger at a masuerade ball leads to love Fanny's dreams have nearly come true in RAKE’S HONOUR by Beverley OakleyIn LORD WASTREL by Donna Cummings a former rake needs a scandal free wife to help him raise his child but he's falling for London's most notorious woman insteadPublisher’s Note With the exception of The Reluctant Seductress these stories are all previously published works.

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  1. Pontiki Pontiki says:

    This is a strange boxed set with magic in every story where it works some times better than others Engaging the Enemy 4 stars with Mercy being the pursuer and Leopold the pursued this is an unusual book Interesting plot with threats against Mercy and her son heir to the duchy Leopold is driven to protect them while also searching for his siblings I knew who was likely making the threats but even there there was an added twist to make things interesting The grammar is terrible as is often the case with these novels but I eventually stopped getting distracted by it Good book for an afternoon of imagination The Reluctant Seductress 3 stars uniue story with a succubus who's assumed to be scandalous but is a virgin and the man who sees past the reputation Lettice is a strong woman forced into service in the war and now trying to live a uiet life Hadrian is a kind man fed up with his father's demands and constant criticism He's smart and curious and figures out what Lettice is accepts her and falls in love with her Fun read really interesting twist on the typical romance storylineTo Love a Hellion 2 12 stars although I love Caroline's spirit and Stephen's wit their sarcasm seemed too modern The story was also oddly paced and too long All the mystery about someone being after Stephen but him not seeing it and Caroline knowing it went on too long There was no mystery since it was obviously staff the 'friend' who saved Stephen's life near the beginning who was behind it all Not bad but not uite good enough Lord Wastrel 4 stars Hugh Lord Wastrel discovers he has a young daughter and turns over a new leaf to be a good father He seeks the perfect mother but goes about it all wrong Felicia is 'cursed' trying to find her one true love and eloping every thine she thinks she's found him But each time she calls it off when she finds he's not the one Aphrodite and Ares feature in this story and Hugh and Felicia are destined to be together Fun story made better by a child needing love of parents who cherish her

  2. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I love box sets especially when I already know one or two of the authors will surely give me than what I pay for And I love rakish rogues and roguish rakes so I dove right in And wasn't disappointedHeather Boyd's story is first and it directly gripped me and didn't let me go Her heroine is sassy and strong and maybe a bit too forward but there is a reason for her behaving such and it's a very interesting one There are uite some clues but nothing too obvious so it is exciting to read and find if you are on the right path or going totally wrong that combined with a hot but at the same time very sweet love story and interesting side characters made the story a really good one and me buying the next book in the series immediately after finishing this oneBarbara Monajem ist one of my favorite history romance writer and she once again blew my mind and totally enticed me with this novella which felt like a full grown novel somehow Normally with short stories I often have the feeling I want it's too short but here there is so much story so much emotion so MUCH in there I thoroughly enjoyed it The heroine is strong but weak does what she has to do with adorable loyalty and honor and in this gets so broken she never thinks she will have a HEA But then there is the hero a prim and proper bookish second son with one big sin curiosity And the games begin Sprinkled with interesting side characters set in a intriguing background peppered with a villain and his friend who really disgust and culminating in a love scene that is so sweet and compelling I had tears in my eyes reading it this novella has everything I want in a history romance That alone is worth anything you may have paid for this boxNicola Davidson was new to me and in the beginning I thought her story a bit cliché a bit much The hellion who scares away all suitors because she secretly pines for her brother's best friend since she was 13 but he is too much of a mathematician and too deeply wounded by the death of his brother and father and what that did to his mother but reading along they started to grow on me Their progressing relationship sometimes funny but oftentimes sad and hitting me right in the feels at the end his mother is unbelievably strong but I adore both women and now I'm thinking about buying the seuel when it comes out because I really want to know what happened between George and I'm not tellingWendy Vella's story unfortunately didn't do it for me The idea was nice but I didn't care much for the hero and heroine the plot had some logic and credability holes and I really dislike it if authors call it making love when the man forces himself on an unwilling woman hurting her in the process and after he yelled at her and made her feel bad and small just hours before No to this one Donna Cumming's story was even worse I couldn't understand why the hero and heroine act like they did 80 % of the time There are some nice scenes but the complete middle part when they are married felt drawn out and boring and made me skip pages and then it sounds like it'll get interesting but doesn't so the end left me coldBut the others are good enough to credit the five stars all aloneThe last three stories have been disappointing but still I can already fully recommend this box Each one of the first two are worth much than you pay for all six and the third one was uite enjoyable too

  3. April April says:

    An outstanding Historical Romance Boxed set filled with scandal secrets passion romance and of course rakes rogues and the ladies who tame themWell written blending the voices of some very talented authors who not only bring their characters to life on the pages but leave readers hunger and in complete and utter awe It's hard to pick one author's tale over another when they are all awesome storytellers A mesmerizing captivating and seductive collection What an wonderful way to find new authors or re visit with old ones all in one collection Looking for some HEA well look no further pick up Rakes and Rogues Highly recommended for your Historical Romance fixed Rating 5Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR

  4. Sheila Sheila says:

    Not all takes or heroines are created eualTwo best Engaging the Enemy lots of twists and turns and good lead into next book in series Lord Gallant Lords of Night Street Loved the premise of friends from childhood doing good And in this one the Lords arrogance getting him leg shackled Least favorite Rakes Honour heroine just too calculating to link Other okay

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    A good choice for several hours of delicious readingA good collection of stories that will keep you entertained for hours The stories vary in steaminess but all are uite well written and a few of them will have you looking for the next in that series

  6. Patricia Schuette Patricia Schuette says:

    A little saltyThis is an anthology of stories that are first books in individual Derek's written by five authors They are as the title suggests about men who find it hard to believe that they have fallen in love Very enjoyable and not the same story over and over

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