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Renegade Orion Shifter Kings of Kartak #2 ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Renegade Orion Shifter Kings of Kartak #2 Author Delores Diamond – My personal fairy tale had almost come true I bought my Mercantile House I had a title power servants and unimaginable wealth The only things lacking were a fated mate a Prince Charming if you willBut My Shifter Kings of Kartak eBook × personal fairy tale had almost come true Shifter Kings eBook ✓ I bought my Mercantile House I had a title power servants and unimaginable wealth The only things lacking were Renegade Orion PDF/EPUB ² a fated mate a Prince Charming if you willBut life on Kartak is hardly like a storybookAs I embarked on a dangerous mission to uncover an ancient technology Orion Shifter Kings eBook ´ I began to look for my mate as well Little Orion Shifter Kings of Kartak ePUB í did I know I'd fall into the hands of my worst enemy and his savage skinner forces that Orion Shifter Kings of Kartak ePUB í only wish me harmMy only hope for survival is to trust a Tulani mercenary a brawny alien with a short temper and the fire of lust in his eyes One touch and he consumes me I'm worried we'll both burn aliveI want to believe he is my fated mate But will this brutal alien keep me safe or betray me to my enemy My life is in the hands of my own personal RenegadeRenegade Orion is a standalone romance novel set in the Shifter Kings of Kartak universe No cliffhangers and a sexy happy ending guaranteed.

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  1. Ashleyjo Ashleyjo says:

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  2. Shasha Shasha says:

    I was expecting improvement after the first book but I can't say I liked this addition Much of this story depends on information from book 1 Even after reading it this story was confusing by its lack of details The characters just knew things that I didn't know as the reader and things happened that left me with uestions And the typosIf you want a light adult read with instalust and a happy ending without using your brain this will pass the time

  3. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    This is a fun next book in the series with a great hero I love a smart heroine and we get one here The world building is good The plot rolls forward nicely but there are moments that make little sense however the romance makes up for the faltering

  4. Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues) Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues) says:

    Renegade Orion is the second in a new Sci fi Alien Shifter romance series by Delores Diamond and she has really stepped up her game with this installment In my opinion to fully appreciate this story it is best to have read Renegade Leo firstNow the head of her own prosperous House with exclusive trading rights with Kartak thanks in no small part to her bestie Astrid’s union with the head of the Tulani Clan Leo; Rhea has everything she ever dreamed off Well almost everything What she wouldn’t give to find her own fated mate and somehow find the capability to have a child of her ownOrion is one conflicted man alien you know what I mean Having left the Clan years earlier he makes a living as a mercenary for the highest bidder Only this latest assignment may be the hardest yetLured by the prospect of uncovering some very sought after ancient technology Rhea sets off on an expedition on Kartak which puts her very life in jeopardy As old ghosts return to haunt her will Orion turn out to be friend or foeHoly shizzballs What a high octane ride It’s chock full of action coughs I never said a word intrigue suspense and a healthy dose of smexy romance I seem to have developed a soft spot for blue sexy shapeshifting aliens with some interesting skill sets All the techy sci fi bits also appeal to my inner geekThe author’s writing has just gone from strength to strength and I highly recommend you try out this entertaining world she has created and the colourful characters that inhabit it

  5. Karen Karen says:

    This is a fantastic addition to the Kartak series and a book I highly recommend for sci fi romance lovers I liked it even better than book one which set the stage for the series This book begins two years after book one ends and to fully appreciate this book I recommend reading book one first In book one an approaching spaceship is attacked by the planet Kartak's defense system Rhea the ship's badly injured comms specialist is placed in an escape pod and crashes on the planet's surface She is captured and later rescued Her dream has always been to become a Mercantile Princess with her own ship and she now has her chance This book tells the story of her return to Kartak as the Mercantile Princess Rhea Tarkon ready to barter with the locals for goods to sell A Tulani renegade Orion and his associate approach her with claims of knowing the whereabouts of a second healing chamber like that introduced in book one They reach agreement but a shadow assassin immediately makes an attempt on Rhea's life and Orion successfully defends her This turns out to be a foreshadowing of the deadly trials to come including an encounter with the Blind Witch the prophet Orion has avoided since he came of age A copy was received in return for an honest review

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    I received a copy in return for an honest review Oh to see these big blue guys again This is Delores Diamond's second book and I found it to be even better than the first We first caught a brief glimpse in the first book of Rhea now it's 2 years on and we find her returning to Kartak Enter Orion though he seems to have some nefarious purpose it turns out he's her blue knight in shining armour However to find out you'll just have to read the story I strongly recommend reading book 1 Leo before this one even though it can be read as a stand alone If you enjoy syfy romance than this is a great read

  7. Miranda Whore Miranda Whore says:

    FateI am truly enjoying this series It isn't what I originally expected but I find myself hooked I don't want to go into details since this is such a short bookI will say it's better than the first I fell I love with the characters from the start and did a couple mental fist pumps as I read Four stars and three wet pantiesReview by Miranda at Mommy's a Book Whore

  8. Lorrie Moar Lorrie Moar says:

    This copy was given to me for an honest review and here it isLove this alien shifterhuman romance Orion and Rhea are two awesome characters that I loved getting to know With treachery drama fighting kidnapping and very hot very sexy romance this is a great scifi to get lost in I can't wait to read the next part of this series just wondering what the next shifter is gonna be lol

  9. Puna Puna says:

    The first book in this series had a horrible female lead but was redeemed to an extent by a darn good male leadthis book doesn't have anything to save it

  10. An_na An_na says:

    read 3chapters

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