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  1. Lazybee Lazybee says:

    I knew what I was getting into and I am pretty satisfied This book is a mainstream superhero fantasy novel Don't expect anything else The story happens in a modern America where some human has awakened neogenes due to the passing of halley's comet Neogenes provides superhuman abilities to the awakened humans The story revolves around Kevin jake jason His dad is a superhero obviously Kevin is an immature fame seeking compassionate teen He is bullied in his new school and he punches the bully through wall He knew he was in trouble when the dad of the bully is a supervillain and he has broken out of the supermax inorder to avenge his sonStory is interesting he has superpowers and is a teen That combination is always interesting Fortunately there is no romance Lately the books I tend to read involve haremAsian light novels His dad and mom are interesting characters If you want to read a light novel then go for it

  2. Jason Jason says:

    This book has a lot of potential but it just seems to struggle with getting to it a bit like the main characterThis is the story of a teenager who finds out that he has super powers that have evolved from the something called the ‘neogene’ This ‘neogene’ apparently just appeared the last time Haley’s Comet flew past were it activated the gene in a bunch of lucky people This was a somewhat ridiculous preposition given that Haley’s has been past so many times in Human history and never done anything and this is not explained and there are also so many thousands of other bodies passing us on a yearly basis why not pick one of these? So ignoring the implausible reason for these powers our main character who is a somewhat irritating teenager suddenly finds out about his powers at the worst possible time This happens to be whilst punching the school bully and causing him to fly through a wall causing him grievous bodily harm And of course he is the son of the worst ever Super Villain who now wants to kill him for revenge But our main character is the son of a retired Superhero one of the smartest ever to live – who previously defeated this villain kind of convenient reallyAnd this unfortunately is where the story starts to decline Our budding Superhero’s Dad offers to train and mentor him to give him all sorts of useful advice and help him Of course Dad the alleged super powered Genius has absolutely no personality or communication skills and the way they communicate in the story is like he has not spoken to his son in the last 15yrs He seems to go from being overly concerned about his son one second to being worried about the cost of replacing some euipment than his son who has just completely overreacted and smashed said euipment the nextThe son Kevin on the other hand seems to have developed the Superpower of Darwinism – wanting to do everything in his power to kill himself as uickly as possible and as stupidly as possible The story becomes somewhat frustrating and irritating at this point as everything Dad suggests the son does the direct opposite – deliberately and in what seems the most stupid and dangerous way possible The dialogue in this story is very strange at times strained between the main characters making the relationships seem odd especially with Kevin and his parents It is as if he and his parents have never met before in some placesThe relationship with the friends he has at school is eually weird going from nothing to sharing intimate secrets in no time The way that Kevin acts with the female his age in the book is downright weird at times he wants to date her within 15seconds of seeing her then wants nothing to do with her due to her hatred of Superheros but still has a thing for her and so on And this girl spends her entire time with her head in her phone like the author has never met a young female and has written her from a stereotype insteadThere is such a lack of research in this book it is very frustrating and annoying Apart from the dialogue and the teenage girl there are things like the scientific research such as with the testing machine made by Kevin’s Dad There is no logic to this Dad doesn’t believe in the ‘neogene’ but can test for superpowers? And there is no explanation for how knowing a power gives such a large increase in the percentage In fact there is no explanations at all about any of Genius’s gadgetsThere are a multitude of other things in this book that don’t seem right like why is the Super Villain Master Chaos so bad when he hasn’t really done anything other than cause a car crash? It’s like someone in the fast lane driving really slow just got a cool nickname HAVING SAID ALL OF THIS I hate not finishing books and read this entire book as always I see a lot of potential for the story and for the characters but this certainly needs some work in regards to the dialogue and the characters and their relationships if it is going to improve I will have a look at part 2 mainly because of the potential and I am hoping that the author will improve and I want to see what happens to be honest It is worth noting that this was another of the 25 day writing experiences and this may have had an impact on the uality of the book as wellOverall I was a bit disappointed by this as I had hoped for something better hopefully the next book improves

  3. Don Don says:

    FrustatingIf the point of this book was to make me hate this kid then the author succeeded The hero of this book was the whiniest most ignorant person Never listening and always making the worst choices

  4. Scott Scott says:

    Cliché No novel idea to set this book apart in the genre Even his super powers are served up on a platter rather than having the suspense to know what powers he has The main reason I gave this book three stars is the immaturity of the main character despite his given age Otherwise the novel in itself is average

  5. Lord Bryan Lord Bryan says:

    Great book One of the best books I have read in a while Everything about the book really pulled you in and there really weren't any boring parts

  6. Richard Losquadro Richard Losquadro says:

    First of all I won this book from a goodreads giveaway And boy am I glad I did This is an absolute must read for anyone who loves superheros Author Lucas Flint pen name gives us a new exciting non DC or Marvel universe of superheros and villains What I loved most about this book is the fact that it's an origin story with Kevin Jason or is it Johnson just beginning to learn how to control his newly discovered powers No spoilers here but sometimes he's referred to as one sometimes the other In fact the only issue I had with the book were grammatical I counted 6 or 7 mistakes obviously not the fault of the author Anyway a great story told through the eyes of our young hero with the promise of many heroes and villains to come This story made me remember the feeling I got as a child opening the cover of a new comic book The thing that made me an avid reader in the first place Thank you Goodreads and you Lucas Flint PS Any giveaways for The Superhero'Team?

  7. Sandra Lopez Sandra Lopez says:

    17 year old Kevin discovers that he’s the son of a superhero soon after he displays massive strength at a new school in Texas His father tells him that he was destined to come into his powers Cool uestion was What were his powers? That’s what we’re trying to find out in this story Meanwhile a master villain that was once defeated by his father escapes prison looking to exact revenge for his son Who’s his son? Of course it would be none other than the bully at school So now Kevin must train to protect himselfThis is basically about a young kid coming to terms with his adolescence while learning how to use his super powers Story kinda has a Smallville Superman’s young story feelThis sounded kinda cool at first but I could not get over how much the boy talked He talked and talked and talked What was he a girl? I also thought the whole discussion on Neohero biology was super dull The bulk of the story centers on the boy being schooled It’s just one big LONG test

  8. Rezkin Rezkin says:

    Good start to the seriesDecent book overall and some interesting twists Did seem to be your average run of the mill superhero book however Not a lot in the way of character development or a sense of uniueness which would go a long way in separating this book from every other superhero novel out there This is only book 1 however and there is definitely room for this to be a great series Onto book 2

  9. mark earls mark earls says:

    Loved this 1 as part of the 3 book set The Superhero's Son Omnibus Books 1 3 The Superhero's Son Omnibus SeriesVery good story great characters and a good idea of what being a teen superpowered person would do and feel Can't wait for from Lucas Flint Recommend this author and all 3 books

  10. Cayden pulido Cayden pulido says:

    This book is the first to my favorite series it is about a kid that get powers In the beginning punches a kid through a wall but when he did that the kids dad was a supervillian and is coming after him In the middle he finds out his dad is a famous super hero and try to teach him how to us his powers In the last part he fought the bad guy with his dad

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The Superhero's Test ❰Download❯ ✤ The Superhero's Test Author Lucas Flint – For fans of Logan Rutherford's The Second Super and Tom Reynolds's MetaSeventeen year old Kevin Jason starts his first day at his new school by unintentionally punching the local bully through the caf For fans of Logan Rutherford's The Second Super and Tom Reynolds's MetaSeventeen year old Kevin Jason starts his first day at his new school by unintentionally punching The Superhero's Kindle - the local bully through the cafeteria wall When Kevin's father a legendary superhero learns of this he insists on training Kevin to master his new powers though Kevin finds his father's training methods a lot less exciting than he thought they were going to beBut Kevin's training takes on new urgency when the local bully's father—Master Chaos one of the world's most dangerous supervillains—breaks out of prison and declares Kevin his new archenemy for harming his sonNow Kevin must complete his training as a superhero before Master Chaos arrives If Kevin doesn't complete his training in time then all of the power in the world won't be able to keep him and his family safe from the madman who wants him dead.

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  • 09 July 2014