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Dark Is the Sun ❰Read❯ ➲ Dark Is the Sun Author Philip José Farmer – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Fifteen billion years from now Earth is a dying planet its skies darkened by the ashes of burned out galaxies its molten core long cooled The sunless planet is nearing the day of final gravitational c Fifteen billion years from now Earth is a dying planet its skies darkened by the ashes of burned out galaxies its molten core long cooled The sunless planet is nearing the day of final gravitational collapse in the surrounding galaxy Mutations and evolution have led to a great Dark Is eBook é disparity of life forms while civilization has resorted to the primitiveYoung Deyv of the Turtle Tribe knew nothing of his world's history or its fate He lived only to track down the wretched Yawtl who had stolen his precious Soul Egg Joined by other victims of the same thief the feisty Vana and the plant man Sloosh the group sets off across a nightmare landscape of monster haunted jungle and wetland Their search leads them ultimately to the jeweled wasteland of the Shemibob an ageless being from another star who knows Earth's end is near and holds the only key to escape.

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Billions of years into the future the universe is in the process of collapsing Deyv a member of a primitive tribe ventures into the wilderness to find a wife On the way his soul egg an object all people wear around their necks that is believed to house their souls is stolen He meets up with a girl who's egg was also stolen and a centaur like plant man and they go on a uest to find the witch who ordered the thefts only to be sent on a uest of their own upon finding herDark is the Sun is a pretty good adventure story containing a lot of elements I like crazy creatures lost technology and portals to other words It also raises uestions about religion and what it means to have a soul Although I saw the ending coming there were a lot of surprises along the way The Shemibob or Freesh could have easily been one dimensional caricature villains but ended up being well rounded charactersTo sum up this is a good science fantasy story and should appeal to fans of Philip Jose Farmer's other work as well as those readers looking for a good adventure story Besides where else are you going to find creatures that resemble boats and mate by shooting at each other with cannon like organs?

  2. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    I had high hopes for Philip Jose Farmer I have heard that his novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go is an all time classic; so I was expecting something of avant garde nature when I started this bookMaybe my expectations were too high This is fantasy masuerading as Science Fiction IMO there is nothing wrong in that provided the story is enjoyable I have never felt that to be good a book has to be highbrow My problem with the tome in uestion was that what started out as good fun became boring very fast Like Brian W Aldiss's Hothouse this became an exercise in world building only longerThe story is very simple The sun has burnt out earth is near the end of its life Whatever human beings are left are living as tribes vaguely resembling Native Americans Deyv the main protagonist has to go out into the frightening world to find a wife because he could not find any from his or neighbouring tribes This is because his soul egg a spheroid which the tribespeople hang around their neck and which is supposed to house their souls did not match with that of any eligible female On his travels Deyv's soul egg is stolen and he embarks on a uest to recover it along with Vana a woman from an alien tribe whose soul egg also has been stolen On the way they meet Sloosh a tree man who looks like a centaur made of leaves and who joins their uest The rest of the story is a journey through an alien landscape peopled by exotic creatures and locales and an extremely predictable endingThe exotic creatures are interesting live ships which fly and boats which mate by firing pellets and the world is interestingly alien but soon the excitement begins to fade Sloosh's never ending lectures on the growth decay and eventual predicted destruction of earth starts to sound like boring class room sessions It seems that the author has forgotten the dictum of show don't tell Also the prose is very simplistic it's almost as though we are reading a synopsis and the characterisation is almost non existent view spoilerTowards the end the author goes on an unnecessary killing spree and puts a violent end to many characters through silly mishaps characters who had survived greater perils till then It's as though he wanted to wipe the slate clean hide spoiler

  3. Molly Molly says:

    Dark is the Sun is set so far in the future the universe is starting to collapse in on itself There is only a rudimentary human civilization left a handful of huntergatherer tribes who are scattered across the land Other animals have either evolved or been helped to sentience such as dolphins plants and others and they like humans sparsely populate the earth in tribal unitsThis is the story of one human male Deyv his captured wife from another tribe Vana their dog and panther and a ragtag collection of a plant man a sentient rock being a thief and some witches and slaves at once both far weirder and less weird than it sounds who try to find holes into other universes to escape the destruction of theirsThe sights they see along the way form the true meat of the book ancient human structures meetings with aliens bizarre and dangerous encounters with all sorts of crazy lifeforms and still working human artifacts of great power make this nutty book great funIncredibly fun wacky and bizarre How can you not like a book that has huge living sailboats who have sex by shooting missiles at each other?

  4. Joseph Joseph says:

    The time Fifteen billion years in the future The place An earth on its last legs in a universe on its last legs inhabited primarily by primitives and weird creatures littered with the ruins of countless lost civilizationsDeyv a tribesman sets out with his dog Jum and his cat Aejip both species having been given some kind of partial intelligence at some point in the distant past; also both cat dog are mastiff sized to snare or be snared by a mate as is the style at the time But before he has any luck in that regard his soul egg is stolen and he finds himself with cat dog and other companions the woman Vana and the plant centaur beast Sloosh chasing after the thief a journey that will take him through wonders terrors all across the single supercontinent and even to parts beyondThis is one that I read several times back in the day high school or thereabouts but which I had not revisited for many years since I'm glad to report that it held up well although it's better considered enjoyed as a picaresue series of incidents

  5. Derek Derek says:

    This was very peculiar and felt like a deliberate contrast to Vance's take on the dying earth genre The language is methodically simple almost painfully so with dialog stripped of panache as though mechanically translated Although a near picaresue in terms of the journey of the characters and various troubles they encounter and the lack of resolution so much of it is wandering or deliberation or the incidentals of travel rather than the surprise of encounter or elaboration into weird societiesThe scale of the setting idea is magnificent the end times with humanity driven back to tribal society and surrounded by the artifacts of vast technology including the relocation of the planet itself but that's not enough to hold my interest when having to wade through uninteresting bickering and travel montage The story peters out in its last 50 pagesFarmer's action scenes are compelling and when he has a subject The fight among floating airships the Shemibob's palace he's on his game But the stuff in between was indeterminable and padded

  6. Marcus Gipps Marcus Gipps says:

    I picked this up from the tables of second hand books underneath the bridge outside the National Theatre on the South Bank I'd been ueuing for theatre tickets and had blasted through the final chapters of the Wooding book so thought I'd pick something up to keep me entertained for a bit longer I've never read any Farmer before but a friend had recommended him recently and I didn't want to buy something that was an orphaned part of a series so at two uid this seemed like a good buy Plus I fancied a bit of old fashioned science fictionI'm a big fan of the end of the world thing Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time Clarke's City and the Stars that kind of thing so this was always going to appeal to me Having said that I was surprised by how old fashioned the whole thing felt even though it was first published in the early eighties There's a fairly traditional uest thing going on at least to begin with not to mention some uestionable sexual ethics although they are to a certain extent explained away within the book as part of the degeneration of humanity Still rankled a bit though I suspect that since my complaining about Veteran I'm paying attentionThat issue aside however and it only pops up occasionally generally there isn't a problem the book bangs along uite entertainingly It feels like Farmer has thrown everything into his writing dropping ideas and characters and settings in whenever he feels like it and the energy helps to gloss over the repetitions of plot which are a little too prevalent in the first half of the text There's an annoying tendency for our lead characters to set off on a bit of a uest get to the end of it then suddenly have to head off again because someone has stolen the thing they were looking for and run off again Every journey is interesting and Farmer gets to show off his often very impressive ideas but it all felt like a pretty flimsy framework for a bunch of entertaining scenes To be fair towards the end of the narrative things get a bit focused and I certainly found it hard to put the book down so it can't be all bad I just had to accept that it's about the journey not the destination or the characterisationI read a nice tatty old paperback and felt like I was about twelve again the first week of June Look like it might be out of print but I'm sure there are lots of nice tatty secondhand copies out there for you to own as well

  7. Metaphorosis Metaphorosis says:

    3 stars Metaphorosis ReviewsSummaryAt the twilight of a world a young man goes in search of mate but soon loses his soul egg Without it he’s no one and in his search for it he finds adventure science magic love and escape from a rapidly collapsing worldReviewI’ve read a lot of Philip Jose Farmer in recent months I’ve liked very little of it In fact I’d started to think that my enjoyment of the Riverworld series was an anomaly and that to put it bluntly Farmer was simply not a very good writerDark is the Sun doesn’t entirely confound that view; it’s not a work of any particular genius But it is head and shoulders above the World of Tiers series to pick one example It’s so different that it reads as if it had been written by an entirely different author Had I picked it up blind I’d have assumed it to be a lost Piers Anthony novel from the 1970s or a collaboration with him during that period It has the same mounting introduction of novelty after novelty and the same relentless if somewhat facile logical application of concepts The sexism is limited and of its time rather than well past it In short it’s like reading a book by a whole different authorThat doesn’t mean this is a good book but it’s not a bad one It’s got an interesting world decent if into entirely credible characters and a challenging uest There’s not a lot of surprise but there’s plenty to keep you going Of the half dozen Farmer books I’ve read recently this is the only one that had me looking forward slightly to the next reading session rather than looking for any excuse to put it offI can’t say this is the Riverworld Farmer I remember and liked but it’s a lot like the Tarot and Cluster Anthony that I remember and liked If you’re a fan of those series you might like this as wellI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Kathi Kathi says:

    510With its simple prose and episodic style this book masks some deeper themes about what it is to be human the difference between human and sentient and how difficult it can be to change The use of “foreign” and untranslated words was annoying and pointless and the characters while interesting never seem to really come aliveThis is the first book I’ve read by Philip José Farmer and I have heard that some of his other booksseries are better so I may give him another chance Not any time soon though

  9. Campbell Mcaulay Campbell Mcaulay says:

    Millions of years in the future and the universe is close to death Deyv of The Turtle Tribe sets out to find a mate but instead discovers the fate of his world and everything he knowsHmmm I remember picking this up many years ago after having been blown away by Farmer's Riverworld series I don't remember whether I liked it or not but many years later I was reminded of it for some reason and bought it to read again It is a bit of a disappointment I must say The writing is dispassionate clunky and monotonous the plot is simplistic linear and naiive and the characterisation is vestigial to say the least Imagine getting your 10 year old nephew to transcribe the plot of something like I dunno Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia and you have an idea of what Dark Is The Sun is likeIt's not hard to read but neither is it any fun Don't bother

  10. Michael Asteriou Michael Asteriou says:

    I love Science FictionI love Fantasy I love a good mix of both and genres like The Dark Tower by Stephen King BUT I hated every page of this abomination of a book Endless lame dialogs completely improbable storyline protagonists without depth totally unnecessary details on one side complete lack thereof on the other ignoring billions of years of evolution hollow action weird creatures with weird names and weird behaviour and a very predictable ending made this one of the worst reads in a long time Sorry Mr Farmer this book was definitely not meant for me

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