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The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge-Rosé [Download] ➸ The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge-Rosé ➽ S.L. Saboviec – Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé busy executive and less than stellar mother and wife has a problem that only an exorcist can solve Except she’s not precisely a devout Catholic parishioner any longer and to Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé busy executive Possession of Kindle Ø and less than stellar mother and wife has a problem that only an exorcist can solve Except she’s not precisely a devout Catholic parishioner any longer and to gain assistance from the Church means telling a whopping lie of omissionFortunately she discovers Father Angelo Ambrosio whose commitment to helping the afflicted means he’s willing to overlook the things Scarlet prefers to keep hidden Unfortunately his sordid past keeps him under a microscope with the bishop who’s not so liberal in his viewsBut the demon harassing Scarlet is relentless It makes The Impending MOBI :Ê its motives clear in a previous life she struck a bargain promising it her body on her fiftieth birthday Now she and Angelo must unravel the mystery surrounding her forgotten past in order to stop the possession by next week or risk losing her to the depths of Hell foreverThis stand alone novel set in the Fallen Redemption universe extends the series to modern day Enter a world where humans reincarnate demons interfere in daily life and the currents of fate carry us all to our destinies.

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  1. Rachael Slate Rachael Slate says:

    Full of twists and turns that will keep you flipping the pagesThis story was fast paced and really engaging with a touch of a horror feel I adored the characters especially Zoe The world is written in such vivid detail that you feel like you’re a part of it None of this should come as a surprise though because the author is truly talented at writing stories that draw you in and make you feel as though the worlds and characters actually do exist And she just might have you checking over your shoulder for guardians and demons too

  2. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé by SL Saboviec is a stand alone novel set in the same world as the Fallen Redemtion series which I have not read Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé busy executive and less than stellar mother and wife has a problem that only an exorcist can solve Except she’s not precisely a devout Catholic parishioner any longer and to gain assistance from the Church means telling a whopping lie of omission Fortunately she discovers Father Angelo Ambrosio whose commitment to helping the afflicted means he’s willing to overlook the things Scarlet prefers to keep hidden Unfortunately his sordid past keeps him under a microscope with the bishop who’s not so liberal in his views But the demon harassing Scarlet is relentless It makes its motives clear in a previous life she struck a bargain promising it her body on her fiftieth birthday Now she and Angelo must unravel the mystery surrounding her forgotten past in order to stop the possession by next week or risk losing her to the depths of Hell foreverThe Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé is a story with an interesting premise and a diverse if not slightly twisted cast of characters It is a supernatural thriller that also deals with homophobia and the related issues in the church and society in general I liked that no one seemed to be written as a token character to fit the desire to be diverse they just happened to be who they were That is not always how the characters seem but it did play completely organic which I liked Scarlet was a well written character and while her stubborn nature is key to the story she frustrated me on several occasions as well Although I have to admit that Father Angelo and Zoe were my favorite characters in the book much so than Scarlet I found Zoe's voice to be much stronger and engaging than Scarlet's and I thought Angelo's character was very compelling and I was much engaged with his well being than Scarlet'sThe Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé just did not grab me Perhaps if I had read the related series I would have enjoyed it or maybe my reading style and the author's writing style do not compliment each other However I can think of so many readers that would enjoy this read and that I would happily recommend it to

  3. Josephmeaduk Josephmeaduk says:

    I'm a sucker for any story that can take a well worn idea and put a fresh spin on it The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rose is the story of well Scarlet Wakebridge Rose who is aware of her impending possession Exorcist style and she's determined to do something about it To that end she seeks out exorcist Father Angelo Ambrosio to find out why the demon is targeting her and what can be done about itScarlet is definitely the best thing about this book Gay women women of colour and indeed gay women of colour are rarely seen in genre fiction and usually dismissed as tokens because I always suspected they're dismissed as being there to tick boxes by people who then refuse to see any deeper characterisation Scarlet is a tough no nonsense middle finger to all of that She's a flawed complex character with a troubled but nonetheless loving family life with her wife and daughter who go through the same strains as any family We don't know how much of the strife going on at home is the demon's influence at work and how much is down to Scarlet's own neuroses and her past issues with her wife and that's a proper stroke of geniusNot every character is uite as well drawn Father Angelo and his old mentor are great co leads but Angelo's assistant at the church is a one dimensional homophobic strawman His dialogue is just so damn forced that I can't even take him seriously enough to hate him and it feels glaringly out of place in a book that's otherwise so nuanced and thoughtfulOne other thing the ending I don't want to spoil anything but there's a certain pervasive trope involving LGBT characters that gets a lot of well deserved flak For me this didn't feel like an example of that trope because it's the culmination of Scarlet's own story and decisions but I could see someone else reacting differently and I really couldn't blame them Other people have written about this articulately and with insight than I could so that's all I'll say on the subjectThe Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rose is less of a fantasy and the story of one woman taking control of her life and overcoming her demons literal and otherwise The strength of its main character would be enough on its own to recommend it but it's also a tense atmospheric and affecting horror story

  4. Jennifer Wadsworth Jennifer Wadsworth says:

    This review is for the print version Originally posted on 9262016 at One Book Two I received a review copy of this book from the authorpublisher All opinions are my ownGorgeous cover fascinating world excellent writing diverse characters and a protagonist actually near my age not very common these days all make for another wonderful novel from SL Saboviec I never get tired of her worldScarlet is a successful middle aged executive in a mixed race same sex marriage which produced a smart and independent teenage daughter Though she has achieved much she is haunted by the feeling that there is something stalking her and that her life's purpose is unfulfilled After putting herself through a battery of mental health assessments and counseling she turns precariously to the Catholic church believing her stalker may be supernatural in natureFather Angelo Ambrosio is the exorcist for the diocese He actively expels demons from his parishioners and their homes He has no doubt that demons exist mainly because of his secret past as a practitioner of real magic When he fears his Christian faith isn't enough to save Scarlet he turns to the mentor of his youth for help risking his secrets being exposedIn part The Impending Possession might be considered a classic horror novel; some parts of it remind me of The Exorcist though thankfully this book is pea soup free However it is also than that It is a novel about love and destiny and self doubt and redemption and sacrifice and loss and how all things are related Saboviec's world is very spiritual but not exclusive of any belief system which is a wonderful balm for today's fractious and argumentative culture And regardless of how sad the events in her books may be the overall message is always positive This holds true for The Impending Possession making it a pleasure to read

  5. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    Scarlet is a well established executive living in Toronto She's married to a French Canadian woman and has a teenage daughter Like every family Scarlet's has its ups and downs but she's happy or at least she was until she started seeing things After taking pills and seeing a psychiatrist fails to help her Scarlet returns to the Catholic church Scarlet may be in possession of her body for now but her time is running out and if Father Angelo cannot help her she just might find herself paying for a bargain she made in a previous life The one thing Scarlet is certain of is that she was born to accomplish something bigI'll be honest and say up front that the minute I saw a Black woman on the cover of The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé I instantly became determined to read the story It's not often we get marginalized women as protagonists in this genre To then find out that not only is the protagonist of colour but she's a lesbian and a mature woman of 49 I was absolutely thrilled Father Angelo the priest who seeks to help Scarlet is Latino and Dante the witch who encourages Angelo is Nigerian Yeah for an inclusive series which feature marginalised people The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé is absolutely a horror story As Scarlet's time begins to run out as a reader I couldn't help but want her to be saved from the horror which awaited her Scarlet is not only strong smart and brave she's loving and protective Her family means to her than anything else in the world Although Scarlet is a Black woman I really didn't get a sense of her culture As a Black Canadian myself I know that there are many ways to experience blackness in the diaspora and so in this sense Scarlet was really a blank page to me In Scarlet's previous life she was a Jewish woman who was taken to a concentration camp with her young daughter At this point in the story I became worried that Saboviec would end up appropriating an atrocity but Saboviec managed to come through this while at the same time making her story that much horrific There's no sense that the demon caused the holocaust which is often what happens in these situations in stories and instead the demon used the holocaust for its own ends as a vehicle to torture innocent souls I didn't even get the sense that demon is any evil than the evil humanity committed in the camps For the demon the holocaust is simply a playground When Scarlet first enters the church she meets Kelton Father Angelo's exorcism assistant Unlike Angelo Kelton is an avowed sexist and absolutely homophobic and views Scarlet as a sinner and a danger Kelton very much embodies homophobia in the Catholic church and the reason why so many LGBT people have chosen to leave the faith Kelton believes his wife Beth needs to seek his permission since he is the man of the household He is also very much against Beth having contact with her lesbian sister Fiona for fear that his sister in law will corrupt his wife and children Kelton's so called hatred is clearly based in his desire to express power and fear of looking weak Throughout the novel he spews hateful rhetoric and even goes as far as to refuse to help with Scarlet's exorcismOn the other side of this euation is Father Angelo who readily accepts when Scarlet makes it clear that she doesn't see her love of someone of the same sex as sinning Father Angelo goes as far as to talk about how love elevates us and therefore nothing about it could be wrong He tries to lecture Kelton about his backward attitudes often losing patience with him Father Angelo goes as far as to invoke Pope Frank as a reason for Kelton to change his attitude only to be told that Pope Frank is an old man in a dress I very much like that Saboviec painted Father Angelo as an outlier in the church rather than an example of how supposedly tolerant the Catholic faith is because it's miles from that even with the addition of Pope Frank who is of a politician than someone believing in eualityI'm not certain that Kelton's character or story line are really needed in this novel At times he really feels like a distraction and with demon breathing down Scarlet's neck unnecessary I do however like that Kelton's homophobia is absolutely disapproved of There really isn't a lot of lightness to The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé It's grim and dark but somehow so compelling I loved it all until the end Saboviec makes a point of shifting the focus between Scarlet's trouble with the demon and Angelo needing to confront his past actions and his spiritual beliefs At the end it feels that The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé isn't really about Scarlet but Angelo who survives his encounter with the demon and makes some big changes to his life He's redeemed after a fashion but it leaves Scarlet's ending feeling so unfinished Read More

  6. K. Lincoln K. Lincoln says:

    I reuested a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I have to admit the cover TOTALLY drew me in What a gorgeous cover and what a tantalizing titleI love multi ethnic urban fantasy and from the cover blurb was thinking that is what this would be However it wasn't uite what I expected not so much an urban fantasy as a horror based slow moving tale of the nuances of evil in the context of multiple lives at the crossroads of magiccatholicismThe titular heroine has felt haunted her whole life an oily evil shadow She is facing growing relationship issues with her wife and teenage daughter and decides to turn to exorcist Father Angelo for helpShe is drawn into several exorcisms but also begins to discover the thing that is haunting her has had her in its clutches before and intends to use her current life as a way to torture her and her family Meanwhile Father Angelo has to come to grips with his dark magic past and estranged relationship with a former mentor who may be Scarlet's only hopeThe book's pacing is a bit uneven the beginning is a slow dance between Scarlet and Angelo and the Catholic church and what it will permit Lots of layers of what is sin and evil etcThe last third of the book gets uite Exorcist tastic Lots of creepy blood and mayhem and horror I felt a little frustrated in that I felt we were getting a peek at some truly intriguing characters Angelo's former mentor a surprise visit at the end only hinted at throughout the book but weren't provided enough emotional fodder to appreciate their awesomeness About halfway into the book I realized companion novel was printed right there on the cover and suspected that reading the whole series would give me access to the full emotional richness of the complicated relationships we just barely glimpse the outline of in this bookThis glimpse is enough to make me head over to to go read the blurbs and reviews of the main series to consider buying it

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Disclaimer I received an e copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewScarlet is a black lesbian living with her wife and her daughter But for a while now she felt haunted by some weird presence When therapy and pills don't help her and the presence gets and terrifying she turns to her last refuge An exorcism led by a catholic priest A race against time begins as Scarlet and Father Angelo try to figure out how to save Scarlet and her familyI enjoyed Scarlet's character most of the time she was wonderfully flawed but I couldn't help but root for her We can see how she struggles with the stress the impending demon possession puts her trough which at times causes her to lash out at her wife and her daughter It was also amazing to read a book featuring an older character Angelo was also an interesting character he is haunted by his past in which he did dark and terrible things To be able to help Scarlet he has to deal with it His story takes a long time to unravel but I found it definitely refreshing to read about a non homophobic catholic priest who is still faithful I adored Zoe In her chapters I felt that the writing was particularly strong and she is definitely a character you just have to feel sorry for She is probably my favorite character Her characters were really dark and twisted I loved itThe writing was pretty good and I got sucked straight into the story I was incredible happy how diverse the story was too Sadly I think some of the subplots could have been done away with they just felt stretched out for too long like the homophobic exorcist helper at churchThe ending was truly disappointing for me I won't spoiler it here but it definitely let me down a lot and so the story only gets three stars It just felt like a great disservice to some characters

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Originally reviewed at West Coast Book ReviewsYears ago when I first realized I could choose to read rather than what I was assigned at school I was drawn to scary books and two of the first novels I read were The Amityville Horror and The Exorcist That was back in grade seven and since then hauntings and possessions still give me the absolute creeps so my choosing to read The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé surprised meScarlet's predicament comes across will the ominous tension and lurking danger I expected but for many reasons than a cruel demon We have Scarlet's challenges with her own religious identity and her struggling marriage Father Ambrosio's struggle with his past and of course good and evil Every aspect of this story is contrasted as good and evil depending on which character you hear from These contrasts bound together provide much of the tension and drama of the storyI found this book smooth and creepy at the start It definitely drew me in and held me there so much so I read the whole way through in a couple of sittingsI loved Scarlet because she is my own age and like me deeply loves her family even with her imperfections and fears I also appreciated she didn't engage herself in any ridiculous butt kicking or fights I know I couldn't pull off She is a very capable real and relatable womanI definitely recommend The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé a side by side novel with Saboviec's Fallen Redemption series which I look forward toI received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review

  9. Steve Westenra Steve Westenra says:

    The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge Rosé is a fast paced supernatural thriller that should please fans of the possession subgenre who are looking for something a bit differentOne of the uicker reads I've had in the last month or so Impending Possession is tightly written with a direct and engaging narrative After so many books though mostly movies on the subject a lot of the old tropes are starting to feel hackneyed and Saboviec delightfully brings some new elements into play that keep the story and its characters fresh view spoilerThe past lives plot introduces something that could be developed in a possible seuel and hints at the expanded universe from which the story springs hide spoiler

  10. Red Red says:

    Disclaimer got an ARC here is my review This was a good well written book with an interesting story and solid diverse characters I got a little frustrated at first with the slow pace of the plot and a little with Scarlet's stubborness and the way she handled the wole situation but I get why it unfolded the way it did What bugged me the most and took part of the enjoyment away is the back story when and where about the previous time Scarlet met that demon it felt like lazy writting and emotionally manipulating to me It took me out of the story and got me emotionally disconnecting and rolling my eyes at some of the action happening like yeah of course it's GOT to be the absolute most horrible thing ever seeing where they are So yeah that was a major let down for me There are just things that you shouldn't use as plot deviceor if you do it better be an integralorganic part of the story whether it's the plot or the character's stroy and handled masterfullyWhich was just not the case int htis one it came out of nowhere and was just used to add to the horror of the situation without adding anything substantial to the plot of the characters It's a shame since apart from that this is a pretty good one I liked Scralet even though I found her irritating at times and lacked some depth Dante father Angelo who had a in depth characterization and was the most interesting character and Mia who I would have liked to get to know better I liked that the majority of the the characters were POC and and that they were great at whta they did The ending was good and I am intringued by that place and what Scarlet got to meet and the whole story behind it

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