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The Glass Apple [Ebook] ➠ The Glass Apple Author Baird Wells – London 1814 Abigail West has been swept into her very own Cinderella tale With her father’s inheritance from a distant relation Abigail and her sister Fanny are elevated from simple village life in London Abigail West has been swept into her very own Cinderella tale With her father’s inheritance from a distant relation Abigail and her sister Fanny are elevated from simple village life in Trenton to the glitter of a London season While Fanny embraces the swirl and sparkle of their new life young and serious Abigail isn’t so keen to be taken in Lord Edward March charmed by Abigail’s wit and her lack of London tarnish is determined to chase her all around the ton He may have missed her entirely on their first The Glass Kindle - encounter and cut her the second time around but when Abigail finally catches his eye Edward is smitten Nineteen and with her mind made up about the world Abigail has no patience for the antics of Lord Edward not after he steps on her toes – twice No matter how charming everyone else thinks him Abigail is content to avoid Edward for good Her hopes for peace are dashed when Edward’s friend John becomes enad with Fanny and as the season whirls on peace begins to feel a great deal like loneliness All the while Edward tempts her with companionship but Abigail doubts his sincerity Edward’s brush with death the machinations of his former paramour and Abigail’s uitting town altogether threaten a less than happy ending But with the pair running all over London trailing and dodging there’s still a chance they might run headlong into each other They might even fall in love In a departure from her Hundred Days series Baird Wells brings her readers a fun light hearted Regency tale that gives hope to the stubborn among us.

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  1. OLT OLT says:

    Baird Wells is the author of the Hundred Days series VERMILLION VIRIDIAN ARGENT and a fourth book to come this fall Although I have not read any of those they have been praised by several readers This GLASS APPLE a less serious work supposedly a departure from that 100 Days series is according to the product page description a fun light hearted Regency tale that gives hope to the stubborn in usHeroine Abigail West and her sister Fanny have recently become Lady Abigail and Lady Fanny after their father unexpectedly inherits a title in the peerage and they move from the small village of Trenton to the big city London Oh what will happen? Do you think they'll meet some nice young men and live happily ever after? Short answer is yes eventually After all this is a romanceLong answer Abigail and Fanny do meet a nice young man named John And he is really really nice and rather innocent and not at all sleazy or womanizing Think Charles Bingley of PP But John has an older friend Edward March who's not uite as clean cut Think of him as a somewhat jaded Mr Darcy I guess by now you may be realizing we can say that Fanny Jane Bennet and Abigail Elizabeth But all this comparison to PP is in a kinda sorta way although the beginning has that PP vibe to it with Edward pretty much snubbing Abigail and Abigail taking great and justifiable offenseSo this starts out well I enjoyed the first third of the book and had high hopes for it Unfortunately the plot and the hero's actions deteriorated as the story progressed Edward has a longtime mistress They are very open about their relationship and are together at ton gatherings Yet after the initial snubs Edward decides he want Abigail and pursues her uite openly and avidly and persistently If I ignored the Evil Mistress in the background I found this part entertainingUnfortunately the Evil Mistress refused to allow me to ignore her and in addition Edward was just not cut out for the role of hero He does too many things I did not like and he shows too much weakness of character I won't go into any detail about these things because that could spoil the story for you The story was spoiled for me not by knowing the plot but by becoming and acuainted with Edward Perhaps I'm being too critical of him Other readers may enjoy him and this story There's a glass apple in here which was a lovely touch but Edward was still a weak slightly douchey guy almost throughout the bookOne thing that spoiled the story for me was some anachronistic dialogue and behavior I did not appreciate the freuency of Abigail's outings shopping park etc without either maid or chaperon And some of the conversations were a bit too free and frank with relative strangers and recent acuaintances Of course I wasn't around in the 1800s Maybe some people did thatOn the plus side the writing was pretty good Much better than most free books I've read recently

  2. Kathy Cohen Kathy Cohen says:

    An English version of Dangerous Liaisons I wasn't sure how this novel would end since the original didn't have a happy ending but then it was French The hero is obsessed with another woman but then becomes obsessed with the heroine I'm not sure why and there is a section in the beginning where he is a creepy stalker Anyway the heroine at least becomes self aware and adult as the novel progresses Sometimes the author throws out observations or events that either are not explored what exactly did happen during the war? or I am not sure of their meaning it took a long time to figure out what the drafting table was for There are some interesting minor characters that I would like to see developed in another novel

  3. Cindy Woods Cindy Woods says:

    A delightWhat a wonderful book Great writing Love the dialogue and situational humor Wells has an easy way with the written word I've read nearly everything she has published to date and don't believe I'm mistaken in my praise This book is a very innocent smart story and the characters are very well defined and developed as the heroine matures and the hero resolves to be a better man The societal rules stand in the way at every turn making for some extremely interesting situations and developments I definitely recommend this novel

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed this book even though I didn't like the H much To be fair I rarely like a book that includes intimate scenes with the H and ow however detailed they are or not details of how enthralled the H is with another woman whether his emotions are wanted by himself or not That said what further soured me for the H's character is just that his character or lack thereof I guess you can't expect much from a man who's been used to having his own way of things whether or not they're socially acceptable I like that he saw his own flaws and strove to rectify his image in order to be deserving of the h However his idea of constancy two or so months led me to believe that theirs is not a HEA but merely a HFN Nevertheless I did enjoy the storytelling in this book The writing was sharp and witty the plot moved along at a good pace and the angst was enjoyable The h was smart and kind though sensitive and a bit judgmental She was young though so I could forgive her for those flaws She also made things right upon self reflection and I admired her all the for it I also appreciated how relatively clean this book was Except for the fade to black scenes with the H and the ow there were no intimate scenes at all I do wish I could have given this book a higher rating I just really don't appreciate scenes where the H is with ow And I also like a story where once the H loves the h in his mind there isn't anyone else That can't be said for the H in this story

  5. Robin Robin says:

    While lighter fare than her 100 Days series Baird Wells' The Glass Apple is a lovely read and reminds us that change and growth are possible for almost anyoneAbigail finds herself trying to navigate society high above the station she grew up with She brings a sort of innocence to her new world that makes you love her right away But innocence clearly doesn't mean doormat and this young lady won't be used Edward brings no innocence and is pretty much a poster boy for Cad While one reader found his personality unlikeable I found him real We all have times when who we truly are doesn't match with who we wish we were Edward is the embodiment of this exact conundrum There is nothing like a love story with the hope that a man might make the effort to change for the love of a woman Sometimes life doesn't cooperate and that's where Abigail and Edward's story takes usOnce again Wells has given us a place to escape and people to enjoy

  6. Kirstin Boyd Kirstin Boyd says:

    Fortunes change for the deserved a great love reluctantly found jealous passions thwarted and the hero is humbled This lively novel was a wonderful breeze of society romance and well meant deceptions that leaves you laughing It's very different from the political intrigue and drama of Baird Wells' Hundred Days series Baird hits her stride in creating characters you really love to hate and the hero that really isn't too heroicbut realistic immature and behavior Isn't that what we really want to see? The heroine is real not the pasty whitewashed Regency Miss we see freuently in media

  7. Natalie Natalie says:

    idk why I read this


    OkIt was a very painful start for me and I wasn't that thrilled with he end but I did enjoy the plot

  9. Laura Thomas Laura Thomas says:

    Redemption Wild thoughtless Earl desperately seeks to change after meeting a young woman Really liked the way author presented all characters

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