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So Much Love ➬ So Much Love Read ➵ Author Rebecca Rosenblum – When a young woman named Catherine Reindeer vanishes without a trace from her small town those who know her are left to cope with her absence Moving back and forth from her outer circle of acuaintance When a young woman named Catherine Reindeer vanishes without a trace from her small town those who know her are left to cope with her absence Moving back and forth from her outer circle of acuaintances to her closest intimates Rebecca Rosenblum’s first novel reveals how the lives So Much PDF/EPUB ² of those left behind can be overturned in the wake of an unexplained disappearance But at the heart of the novel is Catherine’s own surprising story of resilience and recovery When a final devastating loss after months of captivity forces her to make a bold decision she is unprepared for everything that follows her dramatic escape Woven throughout are stories about a local female poet who was murdered decades earlier a woman whose life and work become a lifeline for Catherine during her darkest hours—and who may ultimately hold the key to Catherine’s uest to find solace in the aftermath of unimaginable tragedy So Much Love is a haunting novel of longing and loss the necessity of bearing witness and how the stories we tell have the power to shape our lives.

About the Author: Rebecca Rosenblum

Rebecca Rosenblum’s fiction has been short listed for the Journey Prize the National Magazine Award the First Novel Award and the Trillium Award Her collection Once won the Metcalf Rooke Award and was one of uill and uire’s Books That Mattered in her first novel So So Much PDF/EPUB ² Much Love has been translated into French and Polish Rebecca lives works and writes in Toronto.

10 thoughts on “So Much Love

  1. Esil Esil says:

    3 stars I liked a lot about So Much Love but I felt bogged down in its execution So Much Love tells the story of 27 year old Catherine Reindeer who has recently disappeared Told from many different points of view we come to learn about how Catherine disappeared how her disappearance is connected to another recent disappearance her connection to a poet who died a few years earlier and the impact all this has on a number of lives So Much Love is genre defying It's not a mystery or a thriller although it has the semblance of a mystery in some respects But overall it's like a reflection on what it would really be like for the people involved if someone disappeared the sense of loss fear tedium anger pain and uncertainty I thought the concept was clever and there were many things I liked I especially liked Catherine herself and her relationship with her husband Grey But I came to feel lost in all of these characters' inner thoughts the deep subjectivity of the characters felt like it overtook the sense that I was reading a good story This is my own experience it might reflect a certain restlessness at the time I read this one I urge any potential readers to read some of the other enthusiastic reviews Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy

  2. Zoe Zoe says:

    35 StarsSo Much Love is told from multiple perspectives and is a moving story about survival and the true definition of living The prose is sophisticated and detailed And the plot although it seems to be almost too much to take in at times is a heartbreaking look into the psychological and physical effects of violence on not only those directly impacted but also the trickle effects felt by other members of the community at large Overall I found So Much Love to be a uniue creative story and I must thank Goodreads giveaways and Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

  3. The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) says:

    Full Review on The Candid CoverOne thing that makes a great thriller is a story that has so much potentiality for the reader The possibility that one might be kidnapped is a terrifying thought and the main character in So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum is one who has great strength in spite of her fate This novel is beautifully written and contains so many Canadian references that will make many Canadian readers envision some of the setting with easeCatherine Reindeer is really uite a uniue and interesting character Her uirky personality and determination to obtain her degree at her own pace are admirable and earns her the affection of those in her life The connections that she makes with a dead local poet’s poems helps her to persevere the darkest moments of being held captive and later help her to healTold in alternating points of view this novel gives the reader many layers to the mystery of how Catherine disappeared and the mindset of all those affected by her disappearance Even the POV of her perpetrator is given which is a little bit creepy but definitely gives insight into why he commits the crime Also So Much Love contains so much symbolism pertaining to colour that makes the novel really interesting and creates a deeper understanding of the characters and settingThere is something about a familiar setting that grabs a reader’s attention While reading So Much Love I felt as though Rosenblum really captured small town Canada with references such as Tim Horton’s and Shopper’s Drug Mart The picture that she paints of this small town in western Canada are gorgeous and despite the dark nature of the story these aspects were a lot of fun to readSo Much Love is a thrilling literary fiction that is captivating and well written The strong willed main character and Canadian setting make this novel intriguing and interesting The theme is one that is not easy to read but the wonderful story telling makes this book a must read

  4. Kerry Clare Kerry Clare says:

    I loved it so much A beautiful fantastic novel that will make you glad to live in the world in spite of everything SO MUCH LOVE indeed

  5. Shawna Lubrick Shawna Lubrick says:

    Besides absolutely loving that the book mentions Tim Hortons Shopper Drug Mart and picking up Swiss Chalet when you are having a rough day I loved this book I liked the similarities to Room where you got to see how the abducted felt after being freed I also loved that you got to see how the abduction affected the people closest to those taken and how they reacted and felt when they abducted was found

  6. Jeff Bursey Jeff Bursey says:

    A close look at an abduction of a woman her escape and the difficulty she has reintegrating into the life she once had told from a variety of perspectivesLonger review to followhttpnotesandueriescareviewsreb

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    Won in the First Reads giveawayI really liked the book especially when told from Catherine and Grey's POV Most of the narrators were well written but Sean didn't really work Some of the phrasing for him was awkwardview spoilerHow did Catherine and Donny know Dex by name? Did he introduce himself like Hello I'm Dex I'll be your captor until you die or did he sometimes refer to himself in third person like Dex is comin' to getcha hide spoiler

  8. Vikki VanSickle Vikki VanSickle says:

    Oomph what a story Not for the faint of heart this is a gut wrenching novel centring around a missing woman told from multiple points of view Although very little of the violence is described it's still a haunting premise and the people and circumstances stay with you A great deep dive into the emotional lives of the people affected by horrific crime for fans of Zoe Whittall's The Best Kind of People

  9. Briar& Briar& says:

    So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum is a different look at the typical murderkidnap storylineThis book is an interesting read and I wasn't entirely sure what I thought about it that I had to sit on the story for uite a few days There are multiple storylines and not all are eual The perspectives of Catherine and her professor really intrigued me while the other point of views bored me and sometimes made me uestion why they were in the novel Basing it off what the back cover says it's showing the complexity of love and the power of stories to shape our lives but I'm not uite sure how they all fit inI do love Rebecca Rosenblum's writing style When I was reading Catherine's point of view I was hooked and wanted to much I even expected so much since the ending left me feeling like there were parts of the story missing Catherine and her husband's desire to have a child just disappeared it was such a big part of the story and it was never brought up again not even a side line comment in regards to it This story wasn't exactly a mystery or a thriller but it wasn't your typical murderkidnapping story either I enjoyed seeing the different points of view in regards to their feelings about the situation but it just felt like there were pieces missing I would definitely suggest reading this book because it's style of writing is fantastic but plot wise it could have been cleaned up a bit in my opinion There were also some points in regards to our character knowing her kidnappers name yet we never hear an introduction or how they knew each other It was uite frustrating to meOverall I think this story had so much potential and Rebecca will only grow the she writes I hope she comes back to this story at some point perhaps a seuel? and expands on this concept It was such a great idea and it was uniueThree out of five starsI received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

  10. Emily Emily says:

    I really love this book I don't often read stories with heavier themes YA is my speed but this book was a great way for me to start branching out and reading new things The story was so heartbreaking sometimes that I could only read a few chapters a day which is in no way a knock on the writing I just found that I had to occasionally put the book down and take some time to reflect on what each character was going through I appreciated this As much as I like fluff and happy endings I love media that makes me think I definitely recommend this to those who feel the same wayI received this book in a Goodreads giveaway

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