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Batman Robin Adventures Vol 1 [Download] ✤ Batman Robin Adventures Vol 1 ➺ Paul Dini – The adventure continues in this follow up to the four time Emmy Award winning Batman The Animated Series Join Batman Robin and Batgirl as they fight crime against the deadliest craziest villains Gotha Adventures Vol MOBI ó The adventure continues in this follow up to the four time Emmy Award winning Batman The Animated Series Join Batman Robin and Batgirl as they fight crime against the deadliest craziest villains Gotham City has to offer The dynamic duo takes on the likes of Two Face Harley uinn Poison Ivy the Riddler Penguin the Joker and as the streets of Gotham get darker and wilderBATMAN ROBIN ADVENTURES VOL collects issues featuring the animated stories inspired by the television series and written by series Batman Robin ePUB í creator Paul Dini BATMAN ARKHAM CITY BATMAN ADVENTURES MAD LOVE along with the writerartist team of Ty Templeton BATMAN ' MEETS THE GREEN HORNET and Rick Burchett ALL NEW BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and others.

10 thoughts on “Batman Robin Adventures Vol 1

  1. Ryan Stewart Ryan Stewart says:

    This is definitely good for what it is A tie in comic to the juggernaut that is Batman The Animated Series Some of it feels very much at home in that universe and others not so much On the whole I’d recommend it for longtime fans of BTAS light reading or even as a good mostly worry free launching point into the characters for kids

  2. doowopapocalypse doowopapocalypse says:

    DC capitalizes off the commercialcritical success of Batman The Animated series with some impressively reliably good tie in comics It’s a cash grab But it’s a good cash grab I get of the most visually appealing and consistent Batman universe which forgives its origins Also DC is a business Monopolizing on successful products is kinda what it’s supposed to do Two stand out stories Two Timer and His Master’s Voice Two Timer shows the depth’s of the Joker’s sadism derailing a nearly recovered Harvey Dent in a plot that Batman hasn’t made contingencies for His motive? Boredom He’s been locked in Arkham and just seems to want to keep himself from getting rusty I like the nearly forgotten aspect of BatBruce really wanting to get people rehabilitatedHis Master’s Voice features ScarfaceThe Ventrilouist not someone I’m intimately familiar with but the story is well written showing the main character’s struggle with his damaged personality

  3. Andrés Andrés says:

    If you're like me and couldn't get enough of that wonderful TV show that was Batman The Animated Series Batman Robin Adventures Vol 1 will scratch that itch and then some The book reads as a short series of episodes that follow the adventures of the dynamic duo while also featuring classic villains like Harley uinn Poison Ivy Scarface and Ra's and Talia al Ghul The writing and the art are so on point in this that you can picture yourself watching these unaired episodes of BTASWhile I would've appreciated an overarching story arc it is definitely a recommended read for fans of the series Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

  4. Millie Taylor Millie Taylor says:

    It's been far too long since I've read any Batman comics which is a shame I grew up watching the Adam West series the cartoons and of course the movies I'd also pick up a comic when I could get my hands on one but I honestly don't remember the last time that wasThis collection of 10 comics was fun It reintroduced me to my favorite villains the Penguin and Riddler were my favorites in just about everything and it was fun to see Barbara Gordon again The stories were fun and it was nice to just sit and read comics for a while Batman comics never struck me as mindless and it's always fun to read about what's been going on in Gotham

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    This series like the Batman Adventures is based of the Batman animated series And uite frankly they're a ton of fun I particularly like that Robin is highlighted in these obviously I don't know if Robin can technically be my favorite superhero because he's a sidekick but he's basically my favorite I particularly enjoyed the comic where a tabloid printed that Batman was looking for a new Robin Batman trying to avoid the different applicants while still solving a case made me chuckle I'll definitely be checking out the other volumes in this series

  6. Amy Amy says:

    AwesomeAs always the comics based off of Batman the Animated Series are excellent My favorites from this collection were Round Robin I love stories where we get a look at the interaction of media and capes and His Master's Voice the look into the Ventrilouist's backstory was amazing Harley and Ivy and Robin? was a bit suicky all things considered especially due to the age difference and the take presented in the last couple of panels but overall the collection was great

  7. Kay Kay says:

    Just like Batman The Animated Series each issue in Batman Robin Adventures is a short fully formed story It's truly magical what Paul Dini can convey in a one issue story linemotivation character development relationship growth action With half of the rogues gallery and a highlight on Robin and Batgirl in one issue we have a classic Batman comic book collection Art is perfect and nostalgic Bruce Wayne is the classic Animated Series pre nose job and brown eyes

  8. Derek Derek says:

    The Batman Adventures family of books were some of the most underrated comics of the '90s This book is proof that an all ages title can be smart and dynamic and doesn't have to be mired in juvenile nonsense Top notch material

  9. George George says:

    Same thing as the first series fine not great but not awful but with Robin good wilder plots good and a less consistent art direction and creative concept bad Don’t really have strong feelings beyond that

  10. Carol Tilley Carol Tilley says:

    A 35 for me I would have loved these stories as a kid

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