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  1. Lilly Lilly says:

    Before I got this book the only Japanese food I had ever tried was sushi I knew about Miso soup but was sceptical I am a vegan and before that I didn't like fish so let's say that Japanese food in restaurants etc was never really for meIt turns out that veganized Japanese food is absolutely deliciousIt should go without saying that to make most of the dishes you should live in an area where supermarkets stock Japanese staples such as Mirin and Sake or which has Japanese shops around where I live Korean shops often have the same ingredients but cheaperThe book doesn't have much illustrations but it is organized very well and it has a lay flat binding which is my main criterion for cookbooksMy favourites wereJapanese Pilaf Maze Gohan I could eat this every dayInari ZushiTofu with An Sauce Tofu no AnkakeFreeze Dried Tofu Koya DofuJapanese Style Salad Dressing Wa Fu DressinguUdon in Broth Kake UdonCurry UdonCold Udon Zaru UdonCurry RiceMushroom Doria

  2. Sophie Sophie says:

    This was a spur of the moment purchase and I didn't really know what to expect but now that I have it and tried a few recipes let me say that I am absolutely in love with this one I wanted to try and cook something new usually my cooking is mostly influenced by various EuropeanWestern cuisines and Indian cooking I admit that I was very clueless about Japanese cooking so I was grateful for the introduction and glossary and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the nice owner of the Asian store in the city because really in 90% of the time I had no idea what I was even looking for It's interesting to read and the recipes really are as advertised simple delicious and vegan So I'm happy and I can't wait to try out even

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I adore Japanese food Alas it's nearly impossible to eat vegetarian let alone vegan in Japanese restaurants because they have to spice everything up with fish flakesThis book is amazing though not always traditional Japanese all recipes are simple and turn out lovely Still there are many authentic dishes and the information about vegetarianism in Japan and ingredient guide alone are worth the whole book's price

  4. Sosanna Olson Sosanna Olson says:

    Great recipes easily adapted to WFPBNO

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Vegan JapeneseJust love her videos and now this is the second book I purchased It did not disappoint I love her stories intertwined with recipes

  6. Evelyn Blackwell Evelyn Blackwell says:

    I loved how clearly the author covered the history and social context of the foods she discussed it added a whole extra layer that many recipe books lack The book was well organised and the straightforward glossary at the beginning was really helpful I've tried a few recipes so far and enjoyed all of them and I plan to try I'd be giving five stars if there were pictures and perhaps if the book was longerThere were a few minor printing errors in my edition which just led to occasional blank pages but didn't impact readabilityDefinitely a great introduction to meat free Japanese cuisine

  7. Meghan Meghan says:

    I bought this book while I was living in Japan to learn how to make authentic Japanese dishes without animal products and it continues to help me immensely toward that end I have been satisfied with every recipe I have tried from this book However the fact seems to remain that in order for certain dishes to taste truly authentic they just have to have fish flakes in them

  8. Cierán Jimmy Cierán Jimmy says:

    a really nice book with a fokus on fresh veggies served in a delightful and nice looking wayAs always with japanese food its good for the eyes looking aswell as the tastebudsFor anyone that liked Mari Fujii's The Enlightened Kitchen This one is a nice addition or replacement if you havent managed to get your hands on the former

  9. Katey Katey says:

    While I learned a few things from this book and I would totally love to eat these dishes if someone else prepared them Japanese cooking doesn't uite appeal to me or at least my cooking philosophy unfussy uick to prepare nutritious balance of protein veggies good carbs etc and the least number of separate steps andor pots and pans the better

  10. Ray Ray says:

    Excellent Needs fresh recipes I don't mind the reliance on tofu Authentic book Japanese family impressed

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Japanese Cooking Contemporary Traditional ➝ Japanese Cooking Contemporary Traditional free download ➢ Author Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Japanese and vegetarian food expert Miyokko Mishimoto Schinner presents traditional Japanese dishes and regional specialities from Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north She draws from the tradi Japanese and vegetarian food expert Miyokko Mishimoto Schinner presents traditional Japanese dishes and regional specialities from Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north She draws from the tradition of vegetarian cooking in Buddhist temples as well as the vegetable based dishes found in traditional Japanese cuisine For dishes usually prepared with meat fish or fowl Miyoko Japanese Cooking PDF or has created innovative substitutes utilizing vegetarian foods like tofu and seitan to create recipes suitable for vegans.