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Shock Value A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste [Read] ➵ Shock Value A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste By John Waters – To me bad taste is what entertainment is all about If someone vomits watching one of my films it's like getting a standing ovation Thus begins John Waters's autobiography And what a story it is Openin To me A Tasteful Kindle × bad taste is what entertainment is all about If someone vomits watching one of my films it's like getting a standing ovation Thus begins John Waters's autobiography And what a story it is Opening with his Shock Value PDF \ upbringing in Balti Charm City as dubbed by the tourist board; the hairdo capital of the world as dubbed by Waters it covers his friendship with his muse and leading lady Divine detailed accounts of how Waters made his Value A Tasteful PDF/EPUB ´ first movies stories of the circle of friendsactors he used in these films and finally the sort of fame he achieves in America Complementing the text are dozens of fabulous Value A Tasteful Book About Kindle - old photographs of Waters and crew Here is a Value A Tasteful Book About Kindle - true love letter from a legendary filmmaker to his friends family and fans.

About the Author: John Waters

John Samuel A Tasteful Kindle × Waters Jr is an American filmmaker actor writer personality visual artist and art collector who rose to fame in the early s for his transgressive cult films Pink Flamingos and Hairspray He is recognizable by his Shock Value PDF \ pencil thin moustache.

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  1. Tosh Tosh says:

    Strange enough I think I almost like John Water's writings better then his films For sure than his early films ie Pink Flamingos etc And I am one of the odd one's that love his later films than his early workNevertheless this is a mid life John Waters looking back at his early career and it's hysterical I think he's a great man i wished he wrote articles essays reviews etc He's a great wit

  2. Veronica Veronica says:

    I'm just like really sad to be finished this book John Waters is an exceptional story teller and that one hundy percent translates to the page I have never felt so understood and so inspired as I did while reading the thoughts opinions and stories in this book Currently googling everything he's ever done Which book should I read next So excite Already want to reread

  3. Christopher Christopher says:

    Everyone needs their ultimate flagship book of wisdom and life instructionFor some it's the Tao Te Ching For others it's The Prophet I know people who even take solace in that one Jesus bookOn a asthetic level I think we all choose one book in our youth that colors how we want to look at the world and how we want to be seen Think On the Road The Bell Jar Catcher in the RyeFor me well John Waters' Shock Value fits the latter reuirement and maybe even a little bit of the formerWaters explains the infamous crudeness of his work with such charming articulation and understated wit that at the end of your first readthrough of his book believe me you'll read it again and again you'll be chucking out all your Nora Ephron DVDs to make room on your movie shelf for Multiple Maniacs and the collected films of Russ MeyerWaters' philosophy is exactly what he puts into his movies outsiders are the heroes of the world and to lead a normal live is to lead a boring life not to mention normal people usually tend to be far dysfunctional than a typical flag waving freak His manifesto is tight as a drum in this book which is damn near thirty years old and still as edgy and clever as everREAD THIS NOW Own it Learn it Live it

  4. Erin the Avid Reader ⚜BFF& Erin the Avid Reader ⚜BFF& says:

    What a great fun read John Waters is one of the coolest men in the world today Even though his films are probably some of the most revolting in the world behind the disgust there is always genius Do not judge a book by it's coverOne of my favorite chapters in the book was his interviews with Russ Meyer's and Herschel Gordon Lewis While I personally thought Russ Meyer's was a dirty old man Herschel Lewis was probably one of the nicest guys I've ever read aboutand he's been labeled the king of goreMy other favorite chapter is about Edith Massey one of the actors that made up John Waters' acting troupe The Dreamlanders She was an obese small crooked toothed lady yet had a beautiful heart and on the inside was a lovely kind lady This book made me find the beauty inside the ugly I'm not joking I think that was Waters' goal here and he did a pretty damn good job fulfilling it A great read of you want a smile on your face and a few chuckles here and there

  5. Phil Overeem Phil Overeem says:

    If you have ever watched an early Waters film pre HAIRSPRAY and wondered WTF???? this book answers the uestion Eminently readable hilarious and outrageous full of love for the beast called America and its bizarre offspring named Balti SHOCK VALUE also captures forever the last moment in our culture when we could be shocked Waters' recent struggles to make a decent film are a testament to a burned out numbed audience that has already gone over the edge and doesn't know it Also as I noted in my review of CRACKPOT Waters is an even better essayist than he is a filmmaker so prepare to be impressed by his erudition Great new cover photo too And for the obsessive seek out the books on tape for both this one and CRACKPOT they're abridged but delicious

  6. Evan Evan says:

    Five multicolored beehive hairdos and five stiff white pointy bra cups for this But why not five stars you might well ask? We can thank Miss Goody Two Shoes Prissy Boots Junior Achievement 4 H Club snooty britches Angel with her perfect coiffure and sensible shoes standing there on my shoulder wrestling with the Devil on my other shoulder while whispering lies into my ears and staying my nasty prone hands But really I think it's my fallen Catholic guilt coming back to the fore Something this fun and funny can't possibly be good If only I could find my childhood rosary and cleanse myself but it is deeply buried in a drawer somewhere Oh wait that's right it's buried up Divine's backside Don't ask me how it got there For that see Multiple Maniacs John Waters 1970 if you dareJohn Waters is a guy who has looked at bland America for almost 50 years now and said What the fuck? That bland America still exists though not uite in the same way since trashy bad taste has come to permeate all entertainment to the point of respectability cutting into Waters' raison d'etre Yet for all that nobody has ever done bad taste with the same sense of wicked cheeky subversionTo date America still has a US Poet Laureate something that would undoubtedly make Waters yawn What the country sorely lacks and really needs is an official US Badass Laureate And John Waters should be the first inductee Why Balti hasn't already erected an 80 story phallic monument to the guy is beyond meHerein we have a hybrid autobiography unconventional in the way you would expect from Waters; stories of a life making films not only guerilla style but in the manner of a felon on the run trailing blood and no remorseThe book is outright laugh out loud hilarious; a laugh in every graph The stories and the uotes are priceless Waters' reminiscences are so matter of fact in drawing from the pages of life that their very familiarity seems off kilter After reading it I felt even corrupted than usual I trust he would take that as a complimentThis book finds Waters at the early mid life of his career at the end of his gonzo mondo '70s phase of legendary no budget home movies; the really bold and degenerate ones the ones graced by his repertory circle known as the Dreamlanders Divine and David Lochary and Mink Stole and Susan Lowe and Edith Massey The sick ones The freaking funny ones At press time in this book Waters was graduating to B movie status with a whole 300000 budget for Polyester in 1980 The closer to A grade stuff was still several years in the offingAnd yet for that Waters had already lived a very eventful and strange life by this point with plenty enough juicy stories for this first autobiographical stabThe Balti of Waters' youth and young manhood could hardly be better described in all its sleazy seamy glory We learn of the budding director's weird obsessions with death and disaster and all things ugly to the chagrin of his remarkably tolerant conservative parentsAlong the way while waxing rhapsodic about pimples and druggies and scam artists and pimps and sleazy carnies and murderers and cross dressers and suburban girls gone bad and beehive sporters Waters offers simultaneous instruction on the finer points of what is and what is not proper bad taste The book shouldn't be filed under film or biography or humor but under philosophyWaters is one of the wonderful rare birds who pisses off family values righteous white bread conservatives and PC liberals eually Since I aspire to this as well I can only harbor the greatest admiration I was pleased to read that as an aspiring showman in his childhood he had bilked the neighborhood kids of their nickels by staging a gross haunted house in his garage I had done the very same thing No wonder I like the guy Part of Waters' subversion is in his disarming genteel demeanor poised smartly with that devious pencil thin mustache smiling and good hud in his impertinence Waters always seems so marvelously in control; just watch his many guest lectures and interviews on Youtube where he seems both comfortable and alert at the same time head held high with the knees of his crossed legs thrust forward He's a rebel with good postureUnlike Waters I never gravitated to the bad crowd but he did so with gusto always studying carefully these dregs for movie ideas He describes his scripts as coming from a mind in a state of putrefaction Of his film audiences critic Rex Reed once wondered Where do they come from?It's no surprise then that drive in movie king Russ Meyer is his icon Meyer's 1966 magnum opus Faster Pussycat Kil Kill was seen on first run by Waters and which now seems a glaringly obvious influence Waters' declaration that it was the greatest movie ever made came decades before anyone would even remotely think to proclaim such a thing Waters' recognition of it as a masterwork was astute and way ahead of the curve And this not the only instance of his trend setting ways about which he gleefully boasts and proves over and over in this book The book's interviews with Russ Meyer and Herschell Gordon Lewis are delightful tributes to the grindhouseexploitation cinema traditions that inspired WatersInterestingly some scofflaw library patron ripped out some of the photo pages presumably depicting sick andor nudie stuff I think Waters would probably be proud of this About halfway through reading this I just had to re experience Waters' infamous Multiple Maniacs possibly his most inspired work of degeneracy OK maybe Pink Flamingos wins that one and was delighted by its utter lack of tact and decorum gleefully slaying sacred cows left and right Jesus feeds the multitudes but the loaves and fishes are cans of tuna and Wonder bread For good measure there's cannibalism and disembowelment a lesbian rosary rape a puke eater a reenactment of the Charles Manson Sharon Tate murder then too soon but that's Waters a gratuitous depiction of Christ's crucifixion and the legendary giant lobster rape of Divine With its ample religious overtones it's all something a fallen Catholic can appreciateI have to admit when I first saw these films in the early '80s at retrospective art houses I hated them I was just the kind of snooty pants that Waters wanted to affront It worked Luckily I've become juvenile as I've gotten older It's fun this way trust meThe book is a palate cleanser and the laughter it elicits will wipe away all the scumminessSo I give it five stars after all Miss Prissy Pants Whatcha gotta say about that now Bitch? Oh and seriously lose the silk wings I mean really how uppity gauche?KevinRKy 2016

  7. Drew Drew says:

    This strange and thoroughly entertaining book was less like a biography of John Waters how it was initially explained to me and like a zine he'd written and turned into a book There is no real chronology to the stories in the book; instead it begins with a chapter about the making of Pink Flamingos then jumps around from chapter to chapter without any real rhyme or reason A chapter about Waters's childhood fascination with disasters is followed by chapters about how much he loves Balti his cross country pilgrimages to attend highly publicized trials interviews with his favorite movie directors Russ Meyer and Herschell Gordon Lewis and chapters devoted to his favorite actors to work with Divine and Edith Massey Interspersed between these chapters are chapters that tell about the making of his other movies and about his struggles with censor boards but at least half of the book is less an autobiography than Waters excitedly discussing his various fascinations None of this is a negative thing however all of the chapters are eually entertaining and Waters is just as good at expounding upon his uniue worldview as he is at telling stories from his life The many pictures distributed throughout the book are also great fun to look at mixing images from his hard to find early movies with pictures of his bizarre company of actors in their day to day lives without all the crazy makeup and costumes in which he generally decks them out Unfortunately the book ends in 1981 the year he wrote it and other than an introduction written in 1995 we get nothing about the last 25 years of his life I doubt there are as many good stories from that period as there are from his early days but nonetheless I'd like to hear them I hear he has other books so I should probably track them down and see if they can fill in the holes left by Shock Value That said this book is incredibly entertaining and anyone with a taste for bad taste will enjoy it thoroughly

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    You may know John Waters's film work which includesHairspray Serial Mom and Cecil B Demented But if you haven't read his books you don't understand the full extent of his talent Shock Value is a series of essays exploring Waters's reverence for everything from serial killers to Russ Meyer movies to bloody amusement park disasters After reading this book you'll stop believing there can be such a thing as guilty pleasures and start displaying your taped collection of Manson Family parole hearings with pride Filled with such gems as All people look better under arrest I couldn't wait to become a teenager so I could get pimples and Whenever I hear a friend casually mention interest in a sporting event I immediately reconsider our friendship Shock Value reveals other critics of contemporary culture like Oswald Spengler to be the petty whiners they really areIf I had my way every high school guidance counsellor would hand a copy of this book to seniors The thought of steering kids away from college respectable jobs and massive student loan debt gives me hope for the future Call me a dreamer I'm in good company with John Waters

  9. Matt Matt says:

    So happy I decided to dig this one out and read it again Waters' stuff especially the stuff pre 1980 which is what this book is all about is really a life line for me When I'm feeling low he picks me right up There's so much perverse joy to be found here Buy a copy for your niece It'll be the best humanitarian effort you put forth all year And when you're through with it do yourself a favor Re read the Edith Massey chapter Life's too short not to

  10. Clare Clare says:

    A great insight into the early years of John Waters' life and career with detailed background information about the making of such cult classics as Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living Mandatory reading for fans of not only Waters but trash gore and cult cinema as it features interviews with Waters' muse Divine and influences filmmakers Hershell Gordon Lewis and Russ Meyer

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