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A Very Good Chance [Reading] ➿ A Very Good Chance By Sarah Moore Fitzgerald – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Set in Dublin and Siena with its dizzying dare devil Palio horse race this is a story about taking chances being brave and learning the best way to see the world Some people step through a wardrobe to Set in Dublin and Siena with its dizzying dare devil Palio horse race this is a story about taking chances being brave and learning the best way to see the world Some people step through a wardrobe to find adventure but Minty follows A Very Kindle - the twisty turny trees into Nettlebog There she finds Ned Buckley the moody mysterious boy who never talks at school As Minty's world disintegrates around her she searches for refuge in Nettlebog and she discovers about Ned he's able to ride wild horses And he knows things about the human race that will save her Or there's A Very Good Chance at least.

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  1. Kamalia Kamalia says:

    Everyone who knows me well knows how much i absolutely adore The Apple Tart of Hope I was beyond excited to find out that Sarah Moore Fitzgerald had a new book coming out and oh my god that cover is just way too gorgeous Out of the two booksi still haven't read her first book – Back to Blackbrick – but i will soon i still love The Apple Tart of Hope but it's safe to say that i was not disappointed with A Very Good Chance I'm rating this book 45 starsThis book has a lot of focus on friendship – the kind that doesn't start off on the right foot but once given the chance becomes powerful and inspiring It's about family – about it falling apart and the conseuences of it It's also about horses which i found to be random at first but i was touched and amazed with the relationship between horse and riderI absolutely love the writing I thought that the plot was decent but it didn't stand out as much as the writing There were so many beautifully constructed thoughts and sentences that made me want to write them on stick it notes and paste them on my walls tweet them to the world and mark them with colourful tabs Some captured how i felt about friendship and love while others inspired me with hope about life and having the power to choose how you want to live itThe writing does have a Middle Grade vibe to it so I'd say its MG than YA It's very innocent and appropriate for anyone to readI can't say that i adore the characters much but i really appreciated seeing development in the main character Minty I got a bit emotional reading about the family issues she had to face and i was proud of how she learnt to stand up for herself when nobody wanted to listen or consider what she wantedAll in all i really enjoyed A Very Good Chance and would recommend it to everyone who loves Middle Grade books It's shortaround 180 pages but wonderful If you liked The Apple Tart of Hope i think you'll like this too Thank you Sarah Moore Fitzgerald for another beautiful book

  2. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    This is Sarah Moore Fitzgerald's third book for young readers and is just as charming and thought provoking as the first two It is a story of friendship across a social divide and the liberating idea of being able to define and redefine your own life story The setting is a small provincial town in Ireland and one of the main characters Ned lives in a caravan with his grandmother Ned is passionate about horses and is preparing for a big illegal bareback race Irish readers will recognise that Ned is a Traveller but he could just as easily be any be a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks in any country The story is narrated in the voice of Minty who is trying to establish her own identity in the middle of her parents' divorce The friendship with Ned and her growing bond with his horses gives her a new outlet to claim her own story and place in the world There is an Italian connection an inspiring teacher who sees the potential in the two horse riding youngsters and inspires them with her stories of a legendary horse race in her home town of Siena in Tuscany There is just the right balance of emotion and tension throughout the story and the writing is rich and light at the same time I highly recommend the book for 10 to 14 year olds or adults who are wondering what goes on inside the heads of teenagers

  3. Roxy Roxy says:

    This is a great story about courage and friendshipI would recommend this book for ages 11 13 yearsI really enjoyed this book and it made me want to keep on reading

  4. Karyn Karyn says:

    It seems to be a guarantee that any book with animals in it will make me cry 😭 I didn't even see the little horse on the cover until I went back and looked for hints that I'd picked up an animal story The most realistic if not a bit stereotypical bits of the story are Minty's fractured family Her thoughts about her mother made me laugh Ned was never uite believable or fully developed to me and I'm not sure that I was sold on the 'change how you see the world' theme That being said the book seems targeted at the middle school audience and I think I place unnecessary expectations on them to engage me as an adult

  5. Karina Karina says:

    i love it but i have a lot of uestions will be there 2nd part?

  6. Lisa Mc Lisa Mc says:

    Lovely uick read for adults and great book for the target 12 14 age group

  7. Shay Dawn Shay Dawn says:

    I think you have to be a specific type of person to like a book like this Meaning of course that you have to be my sister It's a horse romance book which should be a genre to itself Girl falls in love with boy who owns horses horse owner is dark and misunderstood Girl helps him they fall in loooooooovvveeeMy sister loved these kinds of books when we were younger I've never really understood the horse thing though Like if you're a city girl you shop and if you're a country girl you love horses I'm not either oneI do like how this story focuses so much on the family aspect although her dad was a very selfish pig and it was hard to side with him on anything My parents never seperateddivorced so the autor did a really good job conveying the helplessness and frustration felt by children in these situations Her dad honestly made me madThree stars overall because it wasn't horrible but it wasn't super great either

  8. Sharon Sharon says:

    Weird book Short passages that seem to hop back and forth in time as if someone has literally put some of their memories on paper in the way they recounted it The books skips over some of the most important passages The biggest plus is probably that it was a uick read

  9. Ajita Ajita says:

    This was no The Apple Tart of Hope

  10. Emily Bird Emily Bird says:

    I was so hooked i read it in a couple of hours

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