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Lady of Silver Blood and Silver #1 [Reading] ➹ Lady of Silver Blood and Silver #1 By Shona Husk – A man on a missionA brutal crime is haunting detective Dale Morgan A young woman has been murdered on the city’s outskirts and her blood drained Dale suspects the leader of a depraved cult may be to A man Silver Blood PDF Æ on a missionA brutal crime is haunting detective Dale Morgan A young woman has been murdered on the city’s outskirts and her blood drained Dale suspects the leader of a depraved cult may be to blame Yet with barely a shred of evidence at the Lady of Kindle - crime scene Dale will have to turn to the one person despises almost as much as the killers he puts behind bars A woman with secretsTo humans Saba Venn is a psychic but she’s Albah a race long forgotten by humans but who live amongst them her powers of Silver Blood eBook ✓ fueled by blood and silver She agrees to help Detective Morgan if it means stopping the vampire cult she believes is of Silver Blood and Silver MOBI :Ê behind the killing But the attraction she feels with Dale is immediate and as their relationship intensifies she begins to doubt she can keep her secret from of Silver Blood and Silver MOBI :Ê him.

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  1. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    Three and a half from meI've enjoyed this authors work in the past and have very good memories of both her Shadowlands and also the Court of Annwyn series so seeing this latest foray into the paranormal world meant I was extremely keen to download it It turned out to be a lot shorter than I expected but perhaps the author is keen to write stories that her readers can devour in just one or two sittings? Essentially this book introduces two sisters who are both much than they seem The eldest sister Saba is our heroine and runs a magic shop but also utilises her 'gifts' as a psychic which brings her under the radar of the local police department Saba has been incredibly useful before and now when a young woman is found murdered it's to Saba that they turn for answersDale is the detective who very reluctantly approaches Saba In his book she's a charlatan a total fake preying on those who are lost and yet he can't help but admit that something very odd is going on with Saba Nevertheless the case is getting weirder by the minute and the couple are drawn into something that takes everything Dale believes in and rewrites his worldI've deliberately said very little about what actually happens here as it would be far too easy to reveal the plot I can say if you've read this authors work before you will know she enjoys exploring the world of the Fae and other creatures so this unusual storyline involving a vampire cult gives a whole new twist to vampire loreThe lead characters surprised me at times Dale isn't exactly jaded but he is a very closed off character that isn't always easy to like unfortunately Saba switches from gutsy to meek so uickly I'm gobsmacked that she doesn't get whiplash Now the secondary characters are really interesting with someone with unusual ears no spoilers remember and his family clearly being set up to feature in the next book which I've a sneaking suspicion could have Sabas sister Leira as lead protagonistSo bottom line is I didn't uite expect the way this played out but that's perhaps good as a uick unpredictable read sometimes just fits the bill This book sets up a world in which vampires are completely original and I liked that Unfortunately the romance didn't work for me and as I'm primarily a romance reader not a suspense one I am a little disappointed in how the relationship played out Yet I would happily read the next book so surely that says something for the uality of this authors work?This voluntary review of an advance reader copy from Netgalley is my honest opinion

  2. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    This book was a bit of a puzzle as far as reviewing it since it was dark fast moving and a decent plot but the hero spent an inordinate amount of time being a jerkThis is not a long book at under 200 pages it really falls into the novella category but all things considered I did enjoy it and read it in one sitting without a breakDale and Saba eventually made a good couple but the vast majority of the romance was him being a jerk and her waiting to see if he would come around or become a memoryBottom Line This was a novella length story that has a good vampire murderthriller plot it is also the first of a series of books books in the series is unknown at this writing but sometimes you really want a good fast moving story that you can start and finish within a short time and this is perfect for those times it is addicting and doesn't spend pages on the color of grass or multiple highly descriptive page burning sex If Dale had not been such a jerk for so much I might have given this 5 Stars Recommended for those times you don't feel like starting a doorstop length novel this is a great fast story you will like in the end

  3. Shona Shona says:

    Novella length intro to the series Blood and Silver

  4. Janine Janine says:

    Hmm ok somehow the story promised to be much than it actually turned out to be in the endBut first off let's start with the good things about itThe idea of the Albah a cross between witch and elf and how a vampire comes to be is uite original I like how the Albah magic works especially the connections that can be accomplished via blood magic Even intrigued I was by Saba being unintentionally connected to the killer vampire That could have made a very gripping story indeed Sadly it didn'tI felt like I was pulled through the plot too fast There was no time to get deeper into the things that happened let alone to get to know the characters properly Oftentimes their actions were a mystery to me their behaviour contradictory Dale is the most prominent example for that He can't seem to decide if he can handle Saba plus her magic And suddenly he can right after he's done his heroic deed which in itself was a very short episode that left me unsatisfied because of it I mean this is the end of it all? There are still so many uestions unanswered important ones like who made the vampire and whyUsually I like stories that come to the point uickly But I like to explore too get deep into a world solely created by words It's a pity that I wasn't able to do that here because the potential for that is definitely there So I won't read the following books of this series Perhaps there are people who enjoy this kind of shallow reading but I don't sorry

  5. JoRead JoRead says:

    I’ve enjoyed pretty much this author has published in the US so far so I jumped at the chance to read this new series It was a short but engaging read that I’m sure I’d have finished reading in one sitting if it hadn’t been because life got in the way As a detective investigating a savage murder Dale has no other choice at the moment but to seek assistance of “psychic” Saba Venn The only problem was he thought her to be a huge charlatan that took advantage of people that did believe in that sort of things As an Albah Saba knew than she let on but she couldn’t tell Dale much because for one she had secrets to protect and two because there wasn’t much he was willing to believe I liked the world setting and creatures depicted in the story For such a short reading all characters were well developed and so was the plot I was pleasantly surprised when I found out who the villain was and that the hero was not the typical Alpha overbearing type of guy I thought it was a nice change from other longer storiesI also thought the author made a great job creating a believable story between detective and civilian even as the relationship changed gears to romantic Their attraction was there from the beginning but it was not insta lust and even though it was a short read I never got the feeling that the romance was rushed Even though Dale’s hesitancy and inflexible attitude put a restraint on the romance it actually gave it a sort of angst y feeling But don’t worry there is a definitely a HEA and there will be to come since this is just the introduction to the series I received this book from the author at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher

  6. Marilyn Rondeau Marilyn Rondeau says:

    Detective Dale Morgan is really up against it He’s got a murdered young woman found on the city’s outskirts with her blood drained He honestly believes she was murdered by a fanatic in town that is the leader of cult of vampire wannabe’s Only the killer is extremely efficient and leaves absolutely no clues at all Now Dale has his reasons for not believing in psychics and the woo woo types of folks who peddle and con the public but he also knows that he has to try to find some any leads he can by going to interrogate one of the psychics that has given the police assistance in the pastTo humans Saba Venn is a psychic but she’s Albah a race long forgotten by humans but who live amongst them her powers fueled by blood and silver  She agrees to help Detective Morgan if it means stopping the vampire cult she believes is behind the killing But the attraction she feels with Dale is immediate and as their relationship intensifies she begins to doubt she can keep the secret of who and what she is from him Very interesting take on another type of Vampire world of humans and other worldly beings Saba is very uniue uite beautiful and naturally Detective Morgan in spite of his skepticism of thinking psychics are merely con artists he can’t deny the feelings Saba has brought forth He realizes his mistake soon after she proves to him she could glean facts from just a small sample of the victims blood Unfortunately in realizing Saba was the real deal Dale had broken a small protective barrier she had and now the killer knew who she was and would be able to find her This was an overall short and fast read that can be read in one sitting I find that when the writing is succinct with a lots of action the pages fly by especially when each chapter kind of leaves you at the edge of a cliff and you just MUST see what happens next The world building was interesting and the story held enough interest to keep you reading it straight throughMarilyn Rondeau

  7. Angel Hatfield Angel Hatfield says:

    Saba runs a magic shop but also uses her gift as a psychic which brings her to the attention of the local P D Saba has helped the P D before and now a young woman had been found murdered with her blood drained and the P D turns to Saba for answers A co worker recommended Saba to Dale Dale is a detective and reluctantly goes to Saba who he believes is a fake Saba is an Albah which is a race long forgotten by humans but were still around Saba’s power is fueled by blood and silver Saba can use blood for readings and silver for small things like healing and warding Saba proves to Dale she is the real thing by telling facts from just a small amount of the victims blood Dale did break a small protective barrier Saba had by Dale’s belief and the killer knew who she was and would be after Saba The vampire leader can use blood to create bonds with his followers It creates a bond when Saba does the reading for Dale Saba couldn’t tell Dale all she knew as she had secrets to protect and a lot he simply wouldn’t believe Saba was attracted to Saba and she to him even though he resisted it Dale believes she was murdered by the leader of a cult of wannabe vampires But the killer left no clues for the police to find As Saba and Dale’s relationship heated up Saba wonders if she can keep who and what she is from Dale Albah uses silver for small things but once an Albah is turned to a vampire silver is deadly to them I had mixed feelings on this book I felt it had a good plot I liked the different scenario on vampires and witches It did pretty much keep my interest This was a short read I didn’t like how Dale was an ass a lot Then one conversation was suppose to change Dale’s whole outlook on psychics just don’t think so I think the pace was too fast I also had problems connecting with both Dale and Saba After the way Dale was acting I think Saba was way to nice and accepting I felt there was some unanswered uestions after the book was done I also felt the book ended to fast So as I said I did have mixed feelings

  8. Dolly Sandor Dolly Sandor says:

    A very uick but not totally engrossing read What I liked There’s a lot to like about Lady of Silver but what I found the most intriguing was the different spin on vampires and maybe witches with a bit of the Fae thrown in I’m not going to rehash the synopsis as it contains a good overview of the story The characters didn’t immediately grab me The lead detective Dale Morgan seemed a bit of a jerk sometimes and I didn’t really feel the attraction between him and the heroine Saba Venn which is such a cool name I felt she was almost too easy on him when Dale was being a jerk She came across almost weak Then there are other instances where she is very strong as a person and in her beliefs So I was a bit puzzled with the interplay between them I really enjoyed some of the secondary characters and there were enough hints throughout Lady of Silver about what could happen next I found myself looking forward to those stories than the one I was reading Maybe Lady of Silver was of a preuel as it isn’t that long but just be prepared to want to smack Detective Dale MorganWhat originally attracted me to this book on NetGalley was the cover I think it is stunning What I didn’t like As I said the premise was so completely different it was great but I just couldn’t connect with the lead characters in this first of the Blood and Silver series I found myself being annoyed with them than involved in whatever they were doing Now all that being said I am curious enough to try the next book Ms Husk is a creative author with this series and I want to see where it goes with the next book Warrior of Fire “expected” in June 2017 Additionally I think the pricing is outstanding It's 199 in Kindle and Nook book formats While not making a firm recommendation I will say if you want to try something completely different than other vampire’s tales Lady of Silver is certainly uniue

  9. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

    Lady of Silver Shona HuskReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre  romance paranormal and fantasyI’d enjoyed a couple of Shona's stories and liked the sound of this a hopefully new series It turned out to be a great read a perfect balance of romance and fantasy The main characters were interesting and felt very real and that’s always important for me If they and the plots don’t feel as if they could happen in the event magic etc is realor maybe it is?? then I just don’t enjoy a story Shona takes the vampire legends and makes some subtle changes the way they are made where they begin and how to kill them She brings in a new to me anyway group the Albah a group that can do certain magics that share Elf features and felt very Fae descended to me They keep hidden from humans scared of past repercussions the witch hunts and bigotry They’re a race that’s slowly dying as though they can have children with humans only those from another Albah will produce males They don't have ambitions to dominate humans just want to live peacefully and enjoy their livesThe dangerous part of them is that they can be turned into the undead called Albanex vampires who aren’t pretty sparkly romantic brooding heroes but creatures that need blood to continue and who kill relentlessly to get it The Albah thought they’d got rid of the last of the Albanex and that the ways to make them had been forgotten centuries before but then local killings get blamed on a cult Saba gets involved and the dangers to her stack up Not only to her though to anyone important to her which now includes Detective Morgan Dale is a sceptic and doesn’t like her at first thinks she’s a charlatan but he’s been advised to ask for her help and does so reluctantly From the first meeting there’s a sizzle between them and soon they seem as if they can’t resist each other even though they want to He doesn’t know what she is though and doesn’t know that the man he thinks is behind the killing is than that that he can’t capture and imprison him Saba has to decide what’s safest to do for them all how much to reveal what’s the best answer My only criticism is that it was perhaps a little too light and slick in parts especially the ending the way the problem was resolved That just felt a little too easy a bit too simplistic given the dangers so far and that’s why for me its a four and not a five star read If you want an uncomplicated read that feels genuine maybe its a five for you I just needed that little bit I really enjoyed this story Its not a solid complex fantasy ala Patricia Briggs Kim Harrison Debbie Reynolds etc but a lighter one easy to read easy to follow but with a storyline I uickly got drawn into Its a stand alone read but there is from this world to come with Saba’s sister taking the lead in the next book Its a series I’ll happily read and probably reread when I have books so can read through the stories immersing myself fully into their world  Stars Four a fun light fantasy and I look forward to the next one ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

  10. Brittney Brittney says:

    I received a copy of Blood and Silver from the author in exchange for an honesty review This in no way influenced my review and ratingIt has been almost two weeks since I finished Blood and Silver and I am still struggling how to write this review So I apologize in advance if this is a bit disjointedDale is a cop with a dead body that has been drained of blood He is also VERY anti magicfortune tellerspsychics Struggling with his immense dislike he calls in Saba Venn because of a coworker's recommendation to do a reading to help him catch a killer The catch? Saba is an Albah someone who can use blood and silver is rituals to see visions and preform small feats of magic And the killer also has a connect to the Albah and blood magicSilver and Blood is a refreshing take on the vampire mythology Saba is able to use blood for doing readings and silver for small things like healing and warding The vampire can use blood to create bonds with its followers; and it creates a bond when Saba does her initial reading for Dale ignorant of the fact that the girl was killed by the vampire What I found interesting is the bond was created by Saba and the vampire both using the victim's blood and them actually not meeting at anytime before hand I haven't read this idea before and I thought it was an interesting plot device view spoilerThe Other interesting idea was that while the Albah use silver in their cantrips once an Albah has turned vampire silver is deadly to them That is also something I don't recall hearing before hide spoiler

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