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Breathalyzer [Download] ➾ Breathalyzer By K. Silem Mohammad – Poetry Goofy weird beyond funny wise wicked K Silem Mohammad is the exorcist giving us all a ride home Beyond the pale right with it he's my poet laureate for our frightening state of the union Linh D Poetry Goofy weird beyond funny wise wicked K Silem Mohammad is the exorcist giving us all a ride home Beyond the pale right with it he's my poet laureate for our frightening state of the union Linh Dinh They say Auden was the first poet to be truly at home in the modern world Mohammad is the first to be utterly unimaginable in any other His poems communicate a total infectious joy at being alive today in our F'ed up pluriverse of words and deeds F in this case being flarf a four letter word for our time Benjamin Friedlander Be sure to check out Mohammad's previous titles A THOUSAND DEVILS and DEAR HEAD NATION both currently available from SPD.

About the Author: K. Silem Mohammad

K Silem Mohammad is the author of Deer Head Nation Tougher Disguises A Thousand Devils Combo Books Breathalyzer Edge Books and The Front Roof Books His poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies He is co editor with Richard Greene of the essay collections The Undead and Philosophy Chicken Soup for the Soulless Open Court and uen.

5 thoughts on “Breathalyzer

  1. Benjamin Benjamin says:

    I do not have Mohammad's other books so I can't compare this one to those but just comparing it to other poetry I know I would say if you enjoy writing that exposes the world for what it is than this is an excellent book In a general story telling sense he is like Billy Collins the master of the double back and bite you on the butt techniue and that's a very addictive uality in a poet I also reccomend it for college students because it will change your whole outlook on life I recomend that those younger than college age do not read it because of the vulgarity and also Mohammad deals with alot of mature themes that are not appropraite for younger readers As for his poems themselves they are uite funny My favorites are probably Exorcist Voice Captain and Train I Said to Poetry is shocking if you think about it hard Personal Poem is scary This one might trigger conversation and offer some support for people experiencing similar real life problems Mohammad does sound a little forced during to stanzas to me but I think it's because he tries to push the envelope and in doing that he falls off the page Do We Need Goddess Language? is just so so I'm probably one of the biggest antiPC nuts you'll ever meet but all you little faggots are a pussy is just wrong It's like the poem stopped being a joke or something Notes on some poems1 Exorcist Voice This poem is a great poem to read first because it's such a pick me up it can get your mind moving and laughing 10102 Captain I'll admit this one took me a while to warm up to but now it's one of my favorite poems This poem is completely relatable he's talking about a mind blowing experience that seems totally like outside your everday 9103 Working Class Bambi Fragmentation Ok this poem is kind of annoying All he really says is everything is all mixed together with everything and who can make sense of it and in the end who can make sense of it? Not me 5104 Nietzsche's Failure I loved this poem since the very first time I read it It's very complicated and strange Mohammad's rang is very strong 9105 Train If anything is pouring out of his mouth it is put fully into this poem 9106 Formalism Doesn't Kill People not a favorite but it's a fun poem with a great last stanza 7107 Victor Schlovy's Aluminum Covered civil Union Garage Band I love the Chaucer uote 75108 Jesus Chriust the poem is ok but I really don't like the stanza where he speaks about God as this handsome ghostly image chick I am totally agianst that I'm a christain and it's blasphemous to speak about our God in that way 6109 Meet Suishy Money I love the rawness of his voice here 851010 La Vie Domestiue I have to say this poem was actually pretty good even though I didn't like it too much at first ride the bone of space 81011 Goldmine GREAT I love the opening I also like the lines about dark energy and becoming a total whores for women's soccer and the part about a malevolent theology based on Alan Greenspan and the ending where he looks at Britney from a totally different perspective still using the word ass Man that part is awesome 101012 Do We Need Goddess Language My lest favorite It's the whole 'i dont like you so anything you think has to be stupid' the rest is okay 41013 Today's Goats a very honest poem about nature in general and how much Mohammad appreciates animals and sex I like it even because he speaks about girls taking on a male form to have intercourse which is hardly ever broached in nature poems 1010 14 Abstract Poetoics This one is pretty good The sentiment is kind of familiar I like how he expresses it 810 15 Personal Poem There is no better poem in the book to end the book then this poem The poem manages to be inspiring yet mournful at the same time 910

  2. Rodney Rodney says:

    With Breathalyzer Mohammad holds his ground as one of the most dexterous hilarious and imaginatively disjunctive poets of this our not so hilariously disjunctive century The TOC alone is one of the most arresting poems I've read in donkey's years and taken back to front it's the The Led Zeppelin Experience of the music of the now My shelf would wheeze poorer without it

  3. uena uena says:

    Do I not have a cutlassand the desire to use it?? Why I Am Not A Pirateand then I watchedThe OC and then I threw up on a rose bush Personal Poemyou venture into my valley and then you ask for your life?you will not leave this valley alive little dwarf The Led Zeppelin Experience

  4. Cameron Cameron says:

    Almost a complete waste of time Made me a little sick with its bullshit which I suppose might be part of the point There are times when the nonsense is interesting which is why I give the book two stars instead of one The combination of flippancy and disjointed shallow flarf findings is boring and uninteresting

  5. Adam Adam says:

    This was awesome It was all over my ass like a candy rash When I finished reading it I passed it over to the elf in strawberry flavoured crotchless panties who lives with me He fg loved it as well Beyonce is than Beyonce

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