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في ممر الفئران [Download] ✤ في ممر الفئران ➸ أحمد خالد توفيق – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk دعني أنتحِ بك جانبًا لأخبرك بسر لا يعرفه سوانا احترس لا ترفع صوتك عندما نحلم، فإن وعينا يسافر لبعد آخر ليمارس دعني أنتحِ بك جانبًا لأخبرك بسر لا يعرفه سوانا احترس لا ترفع صوتك عندما نحلم، فإن وعينا يسافر لبعد آخر ليمارس حياة أخرى ويلقى في ممر ePUB í أناسًا آخرين، ويعرف وجوهًا أخرى فرويد لم يقل هذا، لكن دعني أخبرك أنها الحقيقة بل هي الحقيقة الوحيدة وقال الله فليكن نور فكان نور كتب د أحمد خالد توفيق من قبل عن عالم كابوسي، يمتزج فيه معنى الظلام بمعاني الجهل والقهر والتخبط ولكنه اليوم يقدم لنا رواية ديستوبية مثيرة عن عالم لم يعد النور فيه من حقوق الإنسان الطبيعية، وحيث يتخبط الناس مكفوفين في ممر الفئران، وهم يجهلون أن هناك نورًا خلقه الله، وأنه كان للجميع قبل أن تحتكره فئة محظوظة ربما كان الخلاص ممكنًا، ولربما هو أمل زائف سنعرف عندما نعرف.

10 thoughts on “في ممر الفئران

  1. Nour Allam Nour Allam says:

    Book 36

  2. Wesam Karam Wesam Karam says:

    good one

  3. Mohamed Tarek Mohamed Tarek says:

    5 Stars wouldn't be enough for this bookIt's a master peice I enjoyed every moment while reading this bookIt is not only a political novel it has deeper messages This novel looks like 1984 but narrated in new arabic styleSocial media is a cave full of starved rats and all of us have our heads stuck in there Social media in our real life is like the passage of mices everyday we woke up and checks our accounts and news feed It fascinated me Dr Ahmed khaled Tawfik may your soul rest in peace

  4. Mohamed Ziada Mohamed Ziada says:

    good idea good title it can be in 100 pages only

  5. Ashgan Ashgan says:

    Probably the only author who would write a book with such a sad ending yet I’d be impressed instead of furious 😊 I loved it it was dark yet amazing

  6. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    the same atmosphere as kafka novels

  7. Aya Aya says:

    i loved it a dark “literally” dystopia with a brilliant ending

  8. Elhusseni Elhusseni says:

    The novel has been published for a while now; I do not give these words credit or merit than they worth yet to be wary for the sake of any chance passerby I'll assume you did not read it Therefore I'll make this opinion spoiler free the best I canI believe most novels and works of fiction are written with a grand scheme; there is always a root subliminal thought that drove the author to a boiling emotive point This boiling point leads to creating a universe wherein this theme crystalizes and takes shape in characters and events to explain it in the storyteller mode At the very least I tend to believe this is what led to writing this novel in expansion especially that Dr Tawfik already tackled this subject briefly in one of his mini books seriesBut I digress I dare say that the grand theme here is the value of things taken for granted It's approached in a different novel way Even though it's heavily influenced by The Land Of The Blind trope Another theme is the futility of good deeds in a world that does not deal with it as a currency; though this can be a bit misanthropic it's not without liking for me personally Finally I somehow sensed a nod to the concept of absolute evil a concept that ponders on that with the absence of conseuences evil will reign the EarthI have to state that the pacing of the novel was loosened a little bit during the second half of the book Also I think the ending was somehow rushed and not built up for from my endAnother point that bugged me was minor plot holes; certain parts concerning the rules of Physics associated with the World The attempts to rectify them was somehow unsatisfactory Not to mention that during the dialogue felt stale for me sometimes; it felt that there are a total of 3 characters with different voicesThat can be deemed as a flaw unless it would represent the utter blindness of the society be it this case I believe this was geniusIn summary I believe this is a good light read and appreciated the ending though the build up was not to my likingLike I said before about our late godfather his not so well works are than enough for me and I hide no bias in this

  9. Möhamed Salah Möhamed Salah says:

    the first book i read for ahmed khaled toufi and i can clearly see why everyone is captivated by his writings the story is depressing in a very detailed way and it makes you picture clearly your raw personality all the ruin that had befallen you greed selfishness and lust all in a fashion close to uentin tarantino scripts a dystopian world that is scarily close to our reality and you can see a lot of similarities and influences with other famous unpleasant dystopian literature i was left satisfied by the ending because it resembled how man kind would behave to survive despite the war of morals inside i liked it and i'm kind of not regretting reading his older work that i will be soon reading

  10. Kholoud Kholoud says:

    The character description and building is uite good and the way he tangled them up together in the plot is smooth enough not to interrupt the reading process His choicr of light is so smart and expressive and the political tone is mature and properly framed Reading it was a thrill and a bit of a painful experience having such a drastic changes of one's environment and life helplessly and revolutionary The ending is a killer and is my favorite part of the novel it makes so much sense and is an expected conseuence to the way the leading character has lived

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