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  1. Nicole Roccas Nicole Roccas says:

    I don't often read cookbooks cover to cover but I found this book exactly when I needed it on a discount rack at BN and exactly workable for my life I've had bad luck when it comes to the slow cooker and find that many of the tastier recipes out there are high in carbs or processed food The recipes in this book were so simple and promising though that it seemed like they would not only taste good but fit within the way my husband and I try to eat I read the whole cookbook enroute home from the holidays and couldn't wait to get started So far I've made the dry rub rib recipe and it's the first time I've made meat in a crockpot that was good flavorful melt in your mouth I've also made the winter vegetable soup A Can't wait to use the slow cooker in 2018

  2. Sarah Lee Sarah Lee says:

    If you are just starting out on your Paleo journey or just want some good slow cooker recipes using fresh ingredients not canned and boxed processed packages this is a good book for you It has a lot of different recipes from whole meals to meats and veggie sides using whole raw ingredients vs boxed and canned items It also has average times of 8 hours which is really important because I want things I can throw in before work and not have to worry about drying out or having to change temps Often other slow cooker books call for a lot of cannedboxed items and short cooking times If I only wanted to cook in a couple hours then I could just put it straight into the oven I've copied some recipes that I have and would like to try but have put this on my use again later list when I am looking for recipes I would even like to own it

  3. Wanda Wanda says:

    Here is another good source for slow cooker paleo recipes I have made several recipes from the book and have been delighted with them I recommend this book to anyone who is following a Paleo diet

  4. Clarice Leader Clarice Leader says:

    Interesting recipes I like new variations on what to put together This cool book had many that were new to me The pumpkin pudding was especially interesting

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    I only save a few recipes from this cookbook I wasn't too impressed

  6. Tracie B Tracie B says:

    Great cookbookLots of great Paleo recipes but the author adds ways to unpaleo things Everything from breakfast to dessert it has it all

  7. Katie Katie says:

    Excellent Paleo cookbook with easy to follow recipes Having something in the slow cooker makes sticking to Paleo for dinner that much easier I've already made the Lamb Gyros twice and both times it came out delicious My only complaint with this cookbook is the seasoning amounts; I've found that with all the recipes I've made so far I've had to at least double the amount of herbs and spices that the recipe called for

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The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker [Ebook] ➢ The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker By Karen Frazier – All the Paleo Slow Cooker Benefits in Half the TimeFavored by home chefs for years the slow cooker remains a kitchen staple in many homes today with good reason Its flexible timing easy cleanup and bu All the Paleo Paleo Slow PDF/EPUB ç Slow Cooker Benefits in Half the TimeFavored by home chefs for years the slow cooker remains a kitchen staple in many homes today with good reason Its flexible timing easy cleanup and bulk cooking capabilities offer practical solutions to everyday culinary conundrums Combine these benefits with the healthy principles of a Paleo diet and tasty recipes designed by a top cookbook author and you have The Complete Paleo Slow CookerThe Paleo slow cooker recipes in this book offer fresh creative Paleo slow cooker The Complete eBook Ú meals that retain the tenderness and richness of your ingredients all while yielding leftovers for days to come The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker offers than recipes bringing the slow cooker back to its simple roots while making it convenient than ever to eat Paleo whenever you chooseRecipes in The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker Reuire less than minutes of active prep timeUse easy to find Paleo slow cooker ingredients many of which you may already haveApply the set and forget principle prepare your Paleo slow cooker Complete Paleo Slow Kindle Ò meal and it's ready to hours later Bonus avoid those pesky slow cooking surprises with special labeling for additional prep timeIndicate Lower Sodium for recipes containing less than mg of sodium per serving or Super uick Prep for recipes that reuire minutes or less of active prep time.

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker
  • Karen Frazier
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9781623157593

About the Author: Karen Frazier

Karen Frazier is Paleo Slow PDF/EPUB ç the author of books about metaphysics crystal healing energy healing dream interpretation and the paranormal As a professional writer she has ghost written a number of books and penned hundreds of articles about a variety of topics Karen is a columnist for Paranormal Underground Magazine She currently writes two columns for the magazine Dreams and Symbols and Metaphysics.