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Devotions to Strengthen the Hurting Soul [EPUB] ✼ Devotions to Strengthen the Hurting Soul ✿ Diane K. Chamberlain – “A Collection of WritingsInspired by God” will be a series of five devotional books that will be published over a period of time The words in each book became words of hope to the author as she fa “A Collection of WritingsInspired by God” will be Strengthen the PDF ✓ a series of five devotional books that will be published Devotions to eBook ó over a period of time The words in each book became words of hope to the author as she to Strengthen the eBook ✓ faced insurmountable moments of pain and heartache in her life As Author Diane K Chamberlain has experienced a lifetime of pain and heartache; God has gradually exchanged these difficult moments with words of hope that could ease the pain and heartache while giving her a new heart that could be used for God’s service In this first series you will read inspiring devotions with words that truly came from God’s heart to Diane’s heart Enjoy the book to its completion or use the book to help during a time of need by choosing a devotion that will apply to your particular circumstance As you read the devotions in this series they will take you from a place of despairto a place where you can become deeply connected to God rather than the circumstance In this life we live; we can become so easily attached to our problems as they attempt to control our lives while throwing us in a pit of despair Diane’s book”A Collection of WritingsInspired by God” will help you to once see a glimpse of lighta light that will help you to keep pressing on despite the circumstance Some of the devotional titles you will be able to choose from are “Peacea Refuge of Sustainment Until the Storm Passes By”” A Simpler Life A Humble Life Contentment” and “Shining Brightlya Glimpse of Hope from the Cross” As you read each of these devotions you will find that they will become a tool in your life along with the Bible which will cultivate the heart and allow a new strength and growth to take place through each trying moment of circumstance.

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  1. Christian Bowling Christian Bowling says:

    What can one say about a book such as this I mean the heart and feeling that went in this book was spectacular I mean I have read some of Diane's other book but I would not hesitate to say that this is one of the best if not the best book that she has written I have known Diane for 5 years now and have helped her with numerous things and she is a wonderful person and author The book really shows Diane's heart through every page It does not matter if you are having a bad day or a good day; there is something in this book for everyone And it is easy to understand There no uest to figure out exactly what she is mean or talking about because she explains her points thoroughly in his devotionals Also in the beginning of the book there is a part talking about all the things that Diane is doing and that she has done and she talks about how these books all benefit JCCM her ministry in what they are trying to do with I love about this because all the money is being put to great use There are so many of the devotionals that I love reading Those include A Comforter of Love and Grace A Limitless Love That Grows with Time and Hope for an Uncertain Future I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and I hope that you share it with others so that they can get the encouragement and inspiration that is wrapped up in this wondrous packageChristian Bowling

  2. Karen Blaine Karen Blaine says:

    I have read a lot of devotionalspiritual materials in my years of being on this earth and I am always so at peace when I have read anything that Diane has written I love something that I am able to look forward to reading daily as a means of keeping me focus on God and not my situation and I have had many bad circumstances grief and loss in my life This book contains words of encouragement love peace hope and references to scripture that I believe holds hope for anyone whether they are walking daily with God or not The meaning of each devotional holds the key to living a truly happy and content life while living in a world that is so filled with evil As the end days approach us and we see destruction happening within the world and our own personal lives this book can give each and every person that reads this book; the knowledge peace and hope that yes our redeemer lives and he will help all of us that come to him and truly want to have that unconditional love that only comes form our Lord and Savior Karen Blaine

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