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Opium Eater The New Confessions [Reading] ➿ Opium Eater The New Confessions By Carlyn Zwarenstein – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk North Americans are the world's most compulsive and prolific users of legal opioids Carlyn Zwarenstein diagnosed with an inflammatory spine disease as a young mother eventually turned to them to manag The New PDF Å North Americans are the world's most compulsive and prolific users of legal opioids Carlyn Zwarenstein diagnosed with an inflammatory spine disease as a young mother eventually turned to them to manage her pain A Globe Mail Best books of and shortlisted for the Canadian Science Writers' Association general audience book award for books published in In this lyrical update of Thomas De uincey's Opium Eater eBook  Confessions of an English Opium Eater Zwarenstein recounts her search for relief and release with its euphoric ups hallucinatory lows and desperate pharmacy visits Along the way she traces the long tradition of opium's influence on culture and imagination from De uincey to Frida KahloAmid headlines of overdoses and galloping addiction rates Zwarenstein's darkly comic memoir is an outspoken and provocative dispatch from the New Age of Eater The New ePUB ☆ Opium Part love letter to Romanticism part critiue of modern medicine Opium Eater offers a distinctly different riff on pain creativity and mind altering drugs.

  • Paperback
  • 117 pages
  • Opium Eater The New Confessions
  • Carlyn Zwarenstein
  • English
  • 15 October 2015
  • 9780993621680

About the Author: Carlyn Zwarenstein

The New PDF Å Carlyn Zwarenstein lives in Toronto A long time freelance writer she writes on medicine literature travel and mental states She's the author of Opium Eater The New Confessions a Globe Mail Best Book of shortlisted for the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada's general audience book award and taught on university courses in English literature social work and li.

10 thoughts on “Opium Eater The New Confessions

  1. Emmkay Emmkay says:

    A slim extended essay or ‘nonvella’ in the publisher’s clever terminology that I nevertheless lingered over for days because it was beautifully written and I wanted to really think about its content The author has terrible chronic pain for which she takes opioids She explores the impact of pain and the nature of the relief from opioids as well as the impact on the creative process in her own life She also looks at the English Romantics Frida Kahlo historical usage and the language and lens society applies to opioid users I thought it was amazing and a valuable read whether or not you work or otherwise operate in this spaceEdited to add that I forgot to mention that there are wonderful endnotes including a playlist

  2. StaceyJEM StaceyJEM says:

    Exceptionally honest interesting and heartbreaking Easily the most affecting book of my MA

  3. August August says:

    Insightful and wisePart memoir part biography of Deuincey this book was an interesting look into the lives of addicts a history of opium and what it's like to live with chronic pain

  4. Daniel Rowe Daniel Rowe says:

    An excellent mémoire and well worth the short read Opiate addiction explore in a personal but also broad societal way This is a very good little book

  5. Victoria Martin Victoria Martin says:

    Wow What a beautiful and thought provoking book This one will stick with me for sometime The merging of art history and literature with addictions pain mental health and memoir made for a fascinating and very uick read

  6. Kate Kate says:

    Beautiful wise and very timely

  7. Paolo Pietropaolo Paolo Pietropaolo says:

    Fantastic informative personable witty poignant read Highly recommend

  8. August August says:

    I first read this book in January of 2019 I gave it four stars because I thought it was really good but I genuinely didn't understand why the author seemed at the time so in love with opioids A few months later I found myself friends with someone struggling with opioid addiction and I grabbed this book back off my shelf While the author is not an addict her research and insights gave me a lifeline while I tried to help my friend recover from their addiction Over a year later I took the book back off my shelf to re read it for a third time After witnessing the way drugs can enhance consume and alter someone's life in one way or another I understand that the author was never in love with opioids but simply studying a drug that has impacted her life greatly This book is a discussion of opium and the people especially creatives who have used it to relieve mental and physical pain enhance creativity and It is now one of my favorite booksWe are reading this book in my club and have a A up on the blog here

  9. Kevin Kevin says:

    Confessions run the risk of being self indulgent but this excellent book is thought provoking informative and honest

  10. Joanne Joanne says:

    I found this book interesting and learned a lot from it I too suffer from chronic pain so I could relate to much of what Ms Zwarenstein wrote about I would have loved to have personal story lines in the book All in All I enjoyed reading the book

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