Bitten By The Bad Boy Epub Ô Bitten By Kindle - The

  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • Bitten By The Bad Boy
  • Jasmine White
  • English
  • 13 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Bitten By The Bad Boy

  1. Runningrabbit Runningrabbit says:

    This novel left me seriously peeved Firstly there are no bad boys That's right not a tattoo or T shirt in sight business men are what we have Secondly it was going just fine and then suddenly it just ended in the middle of nowhere Wherein lies my problem I felt I was just getting into the story the background was nicely set up solid supporting back up characters had been defined then Bam He kisses her and that's it Really? Where did the rest of the story go? Buggered if I know So at this point let me reassure you I'm not too keen to pick up another Jasmine White novel

  2. Nene Nene says:

    OkayFirst reading from this Author this was a two story book My focus was on the first story I felt it could have been a better story if it was dialog between the main characters

  3. Debbie Chittenden Debbie Chittenden says:

    Fast and furious This story was a whirl wind from start to finish It was truly lacking in complexity It wasn't pathetic as some reviews made it out to be I just felt like pertinent information was missing that would have given this story substance There is potential for a great novel written within this short outline

  4. Catherine Montgomery Catherine Montgomery says:

    Very IntriguingJasmine thank you for a very different and intriguing look into the vampire world I've never read a vampire story with this different and interesting point of view I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all of the characters Thanks again for a great read

  5. Ζωή Παππά Ζωή Παππά says:

    It was ok I thought that the characters and the story were interesting but the book was too short and everything happened too fast I couldn't connect with it

  6. Claudia Claudia says:

    wowhow to review this book?I read the blurb and I was curiousI love paranormal love stories like so manyhot steamy erotic take charge H and h and this book had so much promising in the first chapter but fell FLAT after thatI felt like this author gave up on this bookthe whole freakin' book was so suppose to be about a vampire biting the h and somehow show their steamy connection to one anotherall I got was the h getting bitten and trying to run a fundraiser for the museum and get her bosses firednothing and I mean nothing talks about the vampireapparently the vampire bite her and forgot he did then yells at her to not look for him or go to his club but in THE FINAL CHAPTER he tells he loves her and she does the samethe end are you kidding meno not good what so everplease Ms Jasmine White if you read this finish the bookat least add chapters to it showing the vampire interacting with the h and grow a steamy relationship and throw in a war like you mentioned when he was telling her at the cluboh and I did not even try to finish the bonus bookI could not get past the 2nd chapterjust dumb

  7. T.W. Brown T.W. Brown says:

    I started doing some research as I continue to try and improve on my That Ghoul Ava series With a romance thread on the horizon I felt it wise to grab a few of the better selling paranormal romances out there for some study materialThat said the story is okay The vampire angle seems a tad underutilized However I was impressed with the realism of the characters in reacting to the vampire bite seuence I did believe that the ending was a teeny bit rushed and I had a hard time with how easy the female lead Kyra flip flopped back into a romance with the vampire Patton who had treated her so poorly early on in the story On the technical side Ms White needs an editor There are numerous mechanical errors in the dialog seuences Very basic rules are being ignored and if an editor is being paid to clean up this title and others in her library then she is being robbed I could point out a number of errors in just a single page that as an editor I would expect to be fired over if they were allowed in the final draft that went to print

  8. Stephanie Lanza Harvey Stephanie Lanza Harvey says:

    Very disappointedThis idea for this story was intriguing I looked forward to reading it The writing was wonderful The author has great skill But The books blurb did not corresponding well with the story This book was about a plot to sabotage a museum and the h and her friends collaborating to stop it There was a jerk of a guy who was minority involved in maybe turning the h into a vampire but you hardly learn anything about him There were references to him being obsessed with the h but there was so much partial amnesia and denial going on that it got in the way of the romance The H never said a kind word to the h til the last chapter of the book The h friends could not understand her disdain for the H They keep uestioning her attitude towards being a vampire and toward the H They wanted her to cut him a break Which is just laughable And to top it all off with a brief explanation as to why he acted the way he did the h returns his exclamation of love Stupid

  9. Roxie& Roxie& says:

    A truly Amazing Vampire RomanceThis is a Bad Boy romance with a twist If you ever fantasized about a Vampire Bad Boy then you will love this story It has such an exciting and uniue storylineKyra went to a night club at her friends insistence There she meets a sexy mysterious stranger They go to her home that night and the next morning she wakes up with a major headache and bite marks on her neck plus the sexy stranger was gone When strange things starts happing to her she goes back to the night club to try and confront the guy He turns out the clubs owner and a major sexy prick He tries to denigh doing anything to her but Kyra and her friends know different You will love this sexy suspenseful exciting and steamy hot romance Plus the bonus story is even better This is a must read book

  10. Felecia Felecia says:

    For a paranormal romance there was surprisingly little romance in this book It started out great and the characters were well drawn and interesting But the story didn't go anywhere The plot was mostly devoted to Kyra's plan to fix her problems with her two bosses The relationship with Patton seemed to take a back seat until the end and then it was all resolved too uickly They went from hating each other to suddenly loving each other It wasn't believable Maybe with buildup and less time devoted to Kyra's job it would have been believable

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About the Author: Jasmine White

Jasmine White has The Bad MOBI ☆ a huge passion for writing romance with a Paranormal edge to it She is especially fond of shifters and is the proud co owner of the Simply Shifters blog along with her long time best friend Jade White Her paranormal Bitten By Kindle - romances will often feature a hunky shifter in some sort of form and lots of excitement and of course bedroom activityWhen she is not writing she loves to snac.