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Jackals Joy (Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club, #2) [BOOKS] ✯ Jackals Joy (Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club, #2) By Kate Kent – Jackal’s Joy Mail Order Bride Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Gummy Bears 1 Sweet BBW 1 Shifter Ready to Bite A Delicious Sensual Love A dash of danger and suspense a splash of humor 6 se Jackal’s Joy Mail Order Bride Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Gummy Bears Sweet BBW Shifter Ready to Bite A Delicious Sensual Love A dash of danger and suspense a splash of humor sexy curvy girls looking for love hot hunky shifters ready to mate and a LOT of romance 'Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club' Fed up with their love lives or lack of one beautiful sassy women decide to take matters into their own hands and start the 'Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club' But there's something extra special about this club; it's for curvy girls and shifter men ONLY regular guys need NOT apply Jenna Johnson is ready for the man of her dreams and she thinks she’s found him in the form of a hunky research scientist But after a night of hot pleasure and pledging his love he gives her the cold shoulder Did the ‘Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club’ fail to make a match or is something else going on Jackal’s Joy is a BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance This is second story in the 'Curvy Girls Mail Order Bride Series' These short stories include strong sexual themes and language.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 52 pages
  • Jackals Joy (Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club, #2)
  • Kate Kent
  • English
  • 21 December 2016

About the Author: Kate Kent

USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Kent loves to write and read spicy romance novels When she is not curled up with a sexy book or writing one she enjoys going for a walk hanging out with her family and relaxing She is married to the love of her life and has two beautiful daughters.

10 thoughts on “Jackals Joy (Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club, #2)

  1. Susan Burgess-Ryan Susan Burgess-Ryan says:

    Kate Kent knows how to ROCK a series and make it a winner I love her books and enjoy reading them They are sexy hot sex scenes funny makes you laugh dramatic has plenty of mystery to them and last but most important they have lots of LOVE and HEA’S She grabs your attention at the beginning of the book and keeps it till the end When reading them you just cannot put them down till you have finished them Even though I am partial to Bears she uses different types of shifters which keeps her books interesting “Jackal’s Joy” is based on a Jackal shifter a slender long legged wild dog that feeds on carrion game and fruit and often hunts cooperatively but being a shifter you know he is larger and fiercer who is found his mate before she even knew it This is an awesome read and one you will enjoy Recommended for mature readers over the age of 18 because of the AWESOME SEX Jenna Johnson is one of the 6 sexy curvy girls looking for love with some hot and hunky shifters She is at her friend Carrie’s wedding who had just married her two shifters Troy and Fletch Jenna catches the bride’s bouuet and then notices her friend Portia smiling at her Portia comes over and asks her if she knows what it means to catch the bouuet and Jenna said “Yes Well there’s a fat chance of that” Her friend Portia Castle who is in charge of the “Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club” tells her that her match has been found and he picked her out of the choices and he was at the reception Jenna cannot believe that she was chosen and now she gets to meet her hunky shifter Portia takes her to a group of men and introduces her to a man named Brock Curtis Jenna could not believe the luck and he actually wanted herBrock Curtis is a jackal shifter and a researcher at Kirby He works in the same lab as Carrie’s mate Troy Brock couldn’t believe how gorgeous his mate was Brock couldn’t uit looking a Jenna and then he told her was happy she was his bride He couldn’t wait to get her home to make her his totally and completely Jenna and Brock go to his place and she wanted the dessert she missed at the wedding reception and imagine her surprise when her offers her gummy bears You can only imagine what Jenna did with the gummy bears Oh and let your imagination run wild as to how Brock reacted to what Jenna did with the gummy bears hint to read book They have a night of sexual pleasure she will never forget that is until the next day when he gives her the brush off Did the Mail Order Brides website make a mistake? Did Brock really mean it when he told her he was wrong and he didn’t want her? Jenna is heartbroken and then she goes back home Will Jenna now take back her ex that cheated on her? Or will Brock come to his senses?No Spoilers ARC free book given in exchange for an honest review

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    Jackal’s joy is the second book in the curvy girls mail order bride club series Although I enjoyed this short romance It didn’t beat the first book – in my opinion That being said this book is a book I would happily sit and read again Like I mentioned in my review of the first book I would have liked to read some of the hero’s point of view This book is a uick and easy read that you can enjoy in one sitting and be left wanting to read the next in the series Jenna Johnson is ecstatic when she learns that it is her time to be matched up with her forever mate She’s even excited when she learns that he is in fact in the very room she is in As soon as Jenna see’s Brock she is instantly attracted she knows without a doubt that he is the man for her but after spending the night together and forming a uick relationship she is left hurt when Brock ends the relationship the very next day When Jenna’s ex tries to lay claim to her and get her back Brock turns up and makes it known that Jenna is his But after learning of his reasons will Jenna forgive Brock for calling it off or will she give him a second chance?

  3. Ceola Ceola says:

    Weak story lineReads as if hastily put togetherEnding abruptonline bridemate sites are being over done

  4. Lynn Lynn says:

    ANOTHER WOWThis book was just as good as the first one in the series I bought them as they came out but have been saving them to binge read Having a great time

  5. Erica Erica says:

    Cute and SweetGreat characters and and interesting background plotGummy bears Yum

  6. Tammy Tammy says:

    Very good read I enjoyed the second book to the series as I enjoyed the first one Loved the character and how the story played out

  7. Yvonne Daniels Yvonne Daniels says:

    Jackal's Joy BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Book 2by Kate Kent 
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I am a fan of Kate Kent for life her books are Fantastic and humorous I read this book and it gave me a heartwarming feeling and it’s a awesome read This is also a sweet book to read Ms Kent uses the magic in her word to shape and mold them into this awesome book and it’s a great addition to a Spectacular series This is a captivating romance I fell in love with Brock and as a start to a great series The characters you get acuainted with in this storyline are amazing powerful exhilarating and full of surprises The flow is great and it’s well paced The story is well written by a truly gifted author It was fun to read how the mate bond effects them Wow this book has everything that I definitely expected and I mean I love it when the story makes me laugh out loud and I have a smile on my face the entire book I love teasers so here is one for you to readExcerpt From Jackal's Joy BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Book 2by Kate Kent This material is protected by copyright A flush of desire waved through my body Last night and this morning had been incrediblejust incredible I couldn’t wait to feel every inch of Brock again Maybe we would just have to skip lunch and go straight back to his place “You bet you will and I’ll have of yours” I lightly ran my hand along Brock’s shoulders “I can’t wait” God it was so nice to be refreshingly open with a guy for a change and not play games I knew exactly what I wanted and so did he—physically and mentally we were ready for each other “See you soon” Brock winked at me Then he sauntered off in the direction of the research department I would have walked with him but some areas of Kirby Labs were strictly off limits to visitors and Brock had told me that was one of them I sent a text to Portia letting her know I was on my way up to meet her then I made my way to one of the elevators pressing the button for the Human Resources Department on the sixth floor where Portia worked The elevator opened up to a spacious lobby area and glassed office partitions with wood framed doors This story will leave you smiling and feeling happy If you love shifter romance this is definitely a fabulous choice for your TBR list 
I received a ARC of this book to read and for my completely honest opinion in a review I highly recommend this bookIf you believe in the world of paranormal romance the possibilities are endless and fascinating 

  8. Julie scott Julie scott says:

    Jackal's Joy This was as good as the first book and can't wait to read the one after it and so on and I will be reading it too

  9. Sue Davis Sue Davis says:

    ANOTHER GREAT BOOK FROM KATE KENT I WAS GIVEN THIS FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OVER 18 READERS Six women who have all had problems of one kind or another even though they have different personalities but have been friends for years and all work for Goliath Consumer CorporationCarrie WintersPortia Castle Beth Morris Blair Snyder Fran Douglas and Jenna Johnson decided to start the Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club to find Shifter mates from a nearby shifter town Kirby City It has only been up a few months but Carrie has found he mate and married Now at the wedding Jenna caught the bridal bouuet and hopes she has the same luck Carrie had Portia came over and saidyou know what they say when you catch the bouuet Jenna wishes it would be true but really thinks 'fat chance' Portia tells her your wish is coming true your next and your mate is here in this room Pointing him out she tells her he is a researcher at Kirby and his name is Brock Curtisa jackal shifter and he picked you from the siteThings moved fast for them to complete happiness and straight to surprising heartbreak that has her headed back home not even telling her friends firstOnce there she had to deal with her ex who had not treated her well but had now decided he wanted her back but she didn't Then she has to deal with Brock but finds out the real reason for the trouble and finds her dreams coming to and her wedding day Which of her finds would be next she wondered in her joy

  10. Racy Racy says:

    I received this for a honest review I am loving this seriesJenna Johnson was the next to get married among the girls that had started the website “Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club” Jenna had to be a little nervous on wonder how well this was going to work out She did have that cheating ex from her past that had cheated the whole time they had been togetherI can imagine the excitement that ran through Jenna when Portia told her that she was going to be the next mated Then to find out it was with the handsome Brock Curtis Broke Curtis was a Jackal shifter I actually found that little tidbit of information about what kind of shifter he was interesting Brock was truly smitten with Jenna so it had to be surprising when Brock ditched Jenna I am sure there was a world of emotions that were going through Jenna’s mind She already had trust issues and this was just icing on the cake Can Brock and Jenna make this relationship work?

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