Eat Taste Heal An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living

Eat Taste Heal An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living [Ebook] ➩ Eat Taste Heal An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living By Thomas Yarema – EatTasteHeal is a groundbreaking work within the field of holistic health and nutrition written by a medical doctor a patient and an acclaimed chef A complete guidebook and cookbook in one EatTasteHea EatTasteHeal is a groundbreaking work within the field Heal An PDF Í of holistic health and nutrition written by a medical doctor a patient and an acclaimed chef A complete guidebook and cookbook in one EatTasteHeal demystifies the ancient healing science of Ayurveda humankind's most ancient system of healthy living The aim of the book is simple to create harmony within through using common foods and healthy lifestyle practices as medicine The collection contains over cross cultural recipes and received a Maverick Award for excellence in photography The authors are a uniue trio physician patient and chef Dr Thomas Eat Taste PDF/EPUB or Yarema MD director of the Kauai Center for Holistic Medicine and Research created for his patients an understandable dietary program rooted in common sense Daniel Rhoda a patient who found healing through Ayurveda demystifies the ancient science that helped restore his health Chef Johnny Brannigan an internationally trained Ayurvedic chef has created than recipes to empower individual healing through the exploration of taste.

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Eat Taste Heal An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living
  • Thomas Yarema
  • English
  • 13 October 2015
  • 9780976917007

10 thoughts on “Eat Taste Heal An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living

  1. The Badger The Badger says:

    Yes I actually followed the directions and COOKED Granted I was only making soy chai tea and it wouldn't have happened at all if my friend studying Ayurveda medicine hadn't given me all the ingredients but damnit I found the knobs to my stove and made soy chai tea I had removed the knobs from the stovetop a year previously when I was fostering a polydactyl kitten with 8 toes on each foot for a cat that's four thumbs per paw and since he could open drawers open cat food cans and use my iPad I wasn't taking any chances Anyway this is a fun book to read it's not just recipes This is a good thing because some of the ingredients are difficult to find unless you enjoy foraging the woods with your pet truffle sniffing pig

  2. Nadine Feldman Nadine Feldman says:

    This is a GREAT cookbook It provides interesting Ayurvedic recipes that don't all taste like Indian food It's also a beautiful book filled with color and thoughtful information Even though I have read a lot about Ayurveda I couldn't help perusing through information I already know just because of the loving care in the way this book was prepared Plus it includes some recipes for those of us who aren't strict vegetarians I made the sesame trout for my husband and it was a hitI made some adjustments to a few of the recipes as I saw fit There's an avocado soup for example that calls for fresh carrot juice Instead I roasted carrots and blended them into the soup without juicing them I thought the roasted flavor would add to the recipe and it was delicious There are some snack recipes in here too In Ayurveda the ideal is to eat three meals a day with no snacks but I'm going to use these for a plane trip when it's hard to get good wholesome mealsOne thing to note the folks who designed this cookbook live in Hawaii and a lot of the recipes seem geared to warm weather When I made the avocado soup I noticed that nearly all the ingredients were on my winter vegetable list for Ayurveda so I made it and served it warm rather than cold It worked just fine

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    If you're at all interested in Ayurveda the ancient healing system from India this is the one book to get started with It covers the major facets of Ayurveda including the three doshas the six tastes how to tell what your doshas isare what doshas lead to certain illnesses what foods to eat to balance your doshas and what the rhythms of each dosha is There are handy tables in the back and a large section of recipes explaining why it's good for a particular dosha and how it can be tweaked to be good for other doshas The foods are aren't all exotic either there's tacos tapioca pudding meat potatoes along with the exotic dishes

  4. Amy Amy says:

    This is an awesome cookbook It has recipes for your specific Ayurvedic dosha It also has some great natural suggestions for common ailments that have been around for thousands of years and really workI'm Vata and the oatmeal yes oatmeal is my personal fave

  5. Oliver Oliver says:

    Great photos good recipes almost entirely vegetarian Got from library first and then bought it because we didn't want to give it back

  6. Lolli Lolli says:

    More than just a cookbook This is a very informative book with a lot of recipes A good read

  7. Miriam Miriam says:

    On this book one can feast one's eyes along with one's taste buds the design and layout are that beautiful An easy to follow introduction to the basics of Ayurveda is followed by a trove of recipes duly marked as to Dosha constitutional type often accompanied by notes on what could be varied to make it suitable for a different type The only set back here is that many of them seem uite complicated and time consuming to make My rating however is still a five as I have reaped so many little jewels from this book My personal favorite is the section on making Ayurvedic spice mixtures and staples Finally all is rounded up by very handy food charts according to compatibility by Dosha and comprehensive glossaries and index

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    Good intro to ayurvedic lifestyle and cooking Lots of pretty pictures and interesting recipes to experiment with I tried out the Creamy Fennel Leek soup Recipe says it makes 4 servings but the servings would have to be pretty small I roasted leeks according to recipe for 30 minutes and they burned so I redid for only 15 minutes Soup came out ok but citrus y from the lime juice which seems contraindicative for my dosha Will try others

  9. Julie Thomason Julie Thomason says:

    I've implemented an Ayurveda regime in my life twice with good results but it s difficult to follow This lovely presented book served as a refresher for me and well sectioned it will be easy to dip into I do wish though it had been prepared fr the international market as I'm going to have check measurements and over temps A to of recipes look tempting don't know of it would entice a beginner I have read several books on the subject and this is one of the accessible ones

  10. M. Jane Colette M. Jane Colette says:

    Every recipe I have made from this book has been absolutely fabulousThe non recipe content introduction to Ayurvedic concepts food as medicine etc is interesting but over written It could have been tighter A really petty complaint I did not like the lay out Reading a book laid out in columns especially when the text in each is double spaced is a little cumbersomeBut the recipes are worth every inconvenience

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