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Drive ❰Reading❯ ➿ Drive Author Tim Falconer – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Liberation lust envy rage power thrill—our cars provoke enough emotion to jam a six lane highwayIf you name your ride reminisce about sex in the back seat or enjoy roaring down the open road you kno Liberation lust envy rage power thrill—our cars provoke enough emotion to jam a six lane highwayIf you name your ride reminisce about sex in the back seat or enjoy roaring down the open road you know why we love our wheels But if you hate traffic curse at the price at the pump or fight over parking spaces you know why we hate them tooDrive is a cross continent adventure that explores where our fuel injected dreams have taken us Award winning journalist Tim Falconer invites us on his road trip as he meets vintage car enthusiasts on Route rides along in a police cruiser kicks the tires at a Las Vegas auto show and takes a hydrogen powered car for a spinSteering us along North America's interstates and blue highways meandering through small towns sprawling suburbs and walkable neighbourhoods Falconer shows us the growing collision of cars and people In this complicated affair who's really in the Driver's seatCan smart growth public transit and complete streets free usA spirited front seat view of uirky locals and locales Drive looks at what auto dominated life means to our health environment and communities Falconer also opens the door on British and Argentine car cultures and considers the road ahead for China and India nations with increasingly American attitudes As billions grab their keys can we avoid carmageddon.

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Bad Singer The Surprising Science of Tine Deafness and How We Hear Music is now out from House of Anansi Press I'm also the author of That Good Night Ethicists Euthanasia and End of Life Care Drive A Road Trip through Our Complicated Affair with the Automobile and Watchdogs and Gadflies Activism from Marginal to Mainstream And I helped popular parenting guru Dr Alex Russell write Drop the.

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  1. rabbitprincess rabbitprincess says:

    12An interesting look at mostly North America's relationship with the car and how our society has essentially become subjugated to the car instead of the car being an instrument of freedom The author took a road trip from Toronto to California along the way meeting car enthusiasts traffic managers and proponents of better development to reduce the impact of urban sprawl and our dependence on the carOverall it was an enjoyable read it's a topic I'm interested in and the book covers uite a bit of ground not just the physical distance on the road trip but subject wise One of the people interviewed is Sgt Cam Woolley of the OPP with whom Ontarians are very familiar because of the long weekend enforcement blitzes He always has amusingly horrifying stories about the dumb things people do on the highway The book also provides interesting perspectives on the car problem it's a health problem because people spend all their time in their cars instead of walking or biking it's an environment problem because of the pollution and the consumption of arable land it's a societal problem because people feel disconnected from everyone and the time spent in traffic jams is so unproductive and burns people out It was also instructive to witness the author's struggles with his relationship with the car very much love hate and that feeling was only deepened by his road trip It's good that there is no sugar coating no easy solution being proposed because there isn't oneThe only major criticism I would have of this book is the physical descriptions of the people being interviewed; I didn't really find them necessary I understand that they may have been simply to set the scene but I don't need to know that this professor is balding or that car enthusiast is portly It detracted a bit from the bookOtherwise I recommend this book if you're interested in the topic Also check out the road trip playlist in Appendix A That was a very fun addition and may inspire you to create your own playlists for future trips in the automobiles you love or hate

  2. Rj Rj says:

    A journalistteacher from Ryerson University Falconer's newest book Drive A Road Trip Through our Complicated Affair with the Automobile Toronto Viking Canada 2008 is a rumination on North America's relationship and fascination with cars Written in a style similar to that of Michael Pollan and Christopher Benfey a style I am increasingly recognizing that I really enjoy Falconer uses each item in his book as a place to digress into a complete history of that subject This style of writing allows the author to digress into a whole host of subjects allowing his and that of the reader to follow intellectual curiosity wherever it leads The style is not dissimilar to reading on the web maybe that is where its energy comes from? encountering diverse links and entries allowing the reader to explore other topics and subjects It makes for fascinating reading and allows the reader to travel along with Falconer beside him in his physical journey across the continent he travels from Toronto to Los Angeles and back and in his intellectual journey to understand how we see our cars He discusses all aspects of car culture both proponents and critics of North American car culture and attempts to place it in a larger international context he briefly discusses Britain and Argentina I found myself looking forward each night to being transported along with Falconer and referring to my handy dandy bedside driving atlas of North America tracing his journeys and remembering my own travels along some of the same highways

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