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The Living Dark ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ The Living Dark By Stephen Gresham ❅ – In the blackness of the room Mance watched in horror as the shape took form from the living dark At first it looked like smoke then the creature became wolf like with yellow eyes glistening with hate In the blackness of the room Mance watched in horror as the shape took form from The Living Dark At first it looked like smoke then the creature became wolf The Living PDF/EPUB ² like with yellow eyes glistening with hate and fangs gleaming It stared at Mance grew larger and larger claws tearing at the airSomething created by a long dead woman to protect her children had been unleashed and when it could find no one to serve it because to ravage the small town demanding blood and leaving only torn bodies to mark its passageSomething Mance had done had called it forth but nothing he could do would control it Then an old woman revealed the secret of her past and the final battle began between the town and The Living Dark.

  • Paperback
  • 334 pages
  • The Living Dark
  • Stephen Gresham
  • English
  • 19 December 2015
  • 9780821733936

About the Author: Stephen Gresham

Suspense supernatural and young adult fiction writer Stephen Gresham has been intrigued by the gothic tradition of the South since moving to Auburn Lee County in to take The Living PDF/EPUB ² a teaching position at Auburn University This area of Alabama provides the backdrop for his novel The Fraternity and imbues works such as Rockabye Baby with the horror and fantasy elements of the s.

3 thoughts on “The Living Dark

  1. Tom C. Tom C. says:

    I uite enjoyed this book It was a random grab from the horror shelf at half price books and I'm glad I found it Not so much horror but well written and enjoyable Will definitely be checking out of Gresham's stuff

  2. Jenn Noto Jenn Noto says:

    I must say this book is not at all what I expected To me it flowed a lot like a movie than a novel I gave The Living Dark a 4 out of 5 stars mainly because I'm not sure what else to give it It was a very good book and worth the read however because of my mixed feelings about it I'm not so sure it deserves a 5 It sort of reminded me of a cross between a werewolf novelmovie and The Notebook I felt for the characters and found myself judging situations based on what I thought it would be like in their shoesThat being said since the only other ways I can think of describing The Living Dark would result in spoilers ill leave it at thatMy review may be subject to change in the future depending on whether or not my mixed feelings turn into a straight up opinion of the bookAll in all a good read I'd watch the movie if one was made

  3. Brian Brian says:

    Decent but The Living Dark was lacking a bit of suspenseful intensity Still the story was interesting and the book wasn't terrible

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