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  • Paperback
  • 592 pages
  • The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757
  • James Fenimore Cooper
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9781534710986

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    If time travel were possible, I d go back in time and assassinate James Feni Cooper before he ever put pen to paper in this imaginary scenario, let it be known that I also possess mad ninja skills Why do I hate Cooper so much Let me count the ways 1 His never ending description of every rock, twig, river, etc., with which the main characters come into contact No pebble escapes his scrutiny, no leaf his lingering gaze This book would have been 3 pages long without the description And even then, it would have been 3 pages too long.2 Native American dialogue is limited to the occasional exclamation of Hugh Not Hugh as in Hefner, but something like huh They re a quiet people, apparently I m shocked they don t greet each other by saying, How 2 1 2 While we re on the subject, they re all stereotypes of either the noble savage variety or the me big chief Ugh a Mug gotta have em squaw variety The whole thing is a racist piece of crap And don t tell me that Cooper was reflecting the beliefs of the time because, while that may explain the racism, it ...

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    What can one say about Cooper His historical imagination is profound, his creative use of the gothic landscape is uniquely American, and his influence on plot and characterization in American fiction including, I recently discovered, South American fiction is pervasive and extensive Yet his diction is so often trite, his style so plodding and crabbed, his syntax so convoluted, that it is difficult to read than a few pages of The Last of the Mohicans without throwing the book across the room in disgust.That s a pity, for Cooper helped shape an early and influential interpretation of American history later adopted by the narrative historian and formidable literary stylist Francis Parkman that combines an elegiac appreciation for a disappearing wilderness, a wilderness which helped to shape and define the American character, with a critical examination of how that character in its turn formed the emerging democratic state He shows us how Protestant middle class English values are suited to egalitarianism than the aristocrat instincts of the Catholic French, and embodies this egalitarianism and spirit of the wilderness in the character of the scout Hawkeye Hawkeye is an offshoot of Protestant New England, raised in the forest and purged of the petty theological distractions of Christianity the man without a cross He knows the secrets of the wilderness and appreciates Native Americans just as they are, acknowledging both their nobility and their savagery H...

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    Very popular in its time, The Last of the Mohicans is a historical fiction written in the 1820s and set in the 1750s during the French and Indian War in which a small party of British colonists and their Indian guides journey through the upstate New York wilderness defending themselves from their French and Indian enemies James Feni Cooper brought insight into the lives of the Native Americans in a way seldom seen at a time when the people of these many new world tribes were mostly reviled as hostile savages Back when it was published The Last of the Mohicans must have seemed revolutionary Were it tweaked into the non fiction Cooper half seemed to be trying to write, perhaps it would ve succeeded, if it s inaccuracies could ve been shorn up, that is.But it is a fiction and today its formulaic prose does not go down easily for the modern reader Archaic terms and phrasings aside, Cooper wrote like a grammar robot He adheres to English language strictures like a foreigner His rigid style absolutely takes the joy out of what should be an exciting tale And why use one word when five are available Wordiness digs this poor book ...

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    I was always a big fan of the 1992 Michael Mann film starring Daniel Day Lewis, and so I finally read the original First of all, that movie is loosely based upon the book and it turns out Mann never even read the original but based his film on the 1936 film script Cooper published the work in 1826 so there is that florid, adjective laden prose that reads like a thesaurus smeared with molasses But for its time I can see how it was viewed as a masterpiece and can definitely see how so much literature since has been influenced by this story Was Hawkeye the original American hero Independent, resourceful, rugged and casually violent, he may have bee...

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    Cooper was a prolific writer with something like 40 novels to his credit, most written in the early 19th century The Last of the Mohicans is his best known work and was popular in America as well as Europe It s a frontier adventure story with a hint of romance to it, but Cooper s portrayal of Indians and women in the novel, considered shallow and inaccurate by todays readers, detract from it s image My interest in the novel was from an historical viewpoint It is based loosely on events that occurred during the French and Indian War, and provides an insight into the influence of the British and French occupation prior to the Revolutionary War Cooper s writing style is...

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    Plot 1 Hack your way through the forest 2 Get ambushed by Mohicans 3 Kill a bunch of Mohicans 4 Hack your way through forest 5 There are those damn Mohicans again 6 Kill a bunch Mohicans 7 start over at 1.Somebody explain to me how this ever got to be a classic.

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    Have you ever wondered what life was like during the American frontier era of the early 1800 s, before civilization encroached upon its wildness and beauty If so, you might consider reading this first book in Cooper s Leatherstocking Tales Cooper s account was realistic and informative as he had a first hand knowledge of that time and place.His life would be be lived on the edge of civilization in the American frontier town of Cooperstown, New York, founded by his father I m not going to say that this book was easy reading, but with a little patience you will learn much of the unspoiled American frontier with Cooper s exact and fascinating descriptions of the flora and fauna.Until the invention of a time machine, I will have to content myself with Cooper s detailed account of life in the primeval America frontier Cooper tells of the harmonious lifestyle of the Native Americans, living off the land and their respect for nature I ve often wondered what life would be like living off the land in such a manner so I found reading this book a learning experience in that aspect as well.Cooper s knowledge of the ...

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    Mislike me not, for my complexion, the sad owed livery of the burnished sun When you first open Last of the Mohicans, by James Feni Cooper this is one of the first things you read This quote from Shakespeare seems to state that the book will not show the racist tendencies of the time, but display the different races in equal light While writing a historical fiction, being a completely anti racist novel is not possible but Cooper seems to state with his head note that the color of skin does not matter Despite the surface level image of a heroic narrative of Native Americans, Cooper betrays an underline racist agenda, much like the opinions of his own protagonists, which comes through in relationship tension and through the inversion of the native tribes, which played into the racist propaganda of the times increasing tension Last of the Mohicans is part of a series which tells the adventures of Hawkeye as the main protagonist Hawkeye is a white male, who has in a sense, disowned his race and ancestors and lives in the wild with the Mohicans Yet while Hawkeye seems to see his race in such a bad light to live out in the wild, he takes...

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    Man alive, I hated that book Again, I procrastinated and tried to jam the whole book into one weekend, since I had an oral book review due on Monday for history or social studies or something God, why can t I even remember the name of the class My sister will know It was in high school, junior year, and the teacher who later became our mayor wtf was totally hot Balding, tan, charismatic, awesome Every summer, he d mow his yard Shirtless Good god, y all And he had a daughter in my grade, so he was totally in the Old Enough To Be Your Dad zone, which was creepy and yet completely awesome when you re 16 or 17 and crushing like crazy on him, which half of everybody was So anyway Read this book as one of the required oral book reviews in his class, which was a before or after class thing, one on one, which made me want to crawl into a hole and die from nerves, since it was him Totally great.None of this made the ...

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    This is another famous book that most people only seem to know through the movie version While the movie was quite good the book is truly a wonder First a little bit of real history during 1755, in the middle of the French Indian Wars, Sir William Johnson decided to build a Fort in the New York province The Fort it s still there and worth visiting was built to control the important inland waterway from New York City to Montreal, and occupied a key forward location on the frontier between New York and New France If you happen to see the Fort you will notice that Fort William Henry is designed in an irregular square fortification with bastions on the corners, in a design that was intended to repel Indian attacks, but not necessarily withstand attack from an enemy armed with artillery such as the French The fort was surrounded on three sides by a dry moat, with the fourth side sloping down to the lake The only access to the fort was by a bridge across the moat It housed about 400 500 soldiers In 1757 Col George Monro with the 35th Foot Regular and the 60th Royal American Foot occupied the Fort In August of 1757 French forces totaling some 8,000 soldiers, consisting of 3,000 regulars, 3,000 militia and nearly 2,000 Native Americans from various tribes laid siege to the Fort Due to the inability or some have deemed it cowardice of General Webb in not sending reinfor...

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