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Restored (The Walshes, #5) ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Restored (The Walshes, #5) Author Kate Canterbary – From bestselling author Kate Canterbary comes the sexy follow up to Necessary Restorations Are you ready to fall in love with some rule breakers all  over againCan a reformed player ever truly play From bestselling author Kate Canterbary comes the sexy follow up to Necessary Restorations Are you ready to fall in love with some rule breakers all  over againCan a reformed player ever truly play by someone else's rulesSam Walsh has finally put an end to decades of self destruction turned over a healthy new leaf and now he's ready to call himself a married man But love and marriage are only the beginning and life is about to get much complicatedWill tying the knot tie down a free spirit Tiel Desai never imagined herself getting married again and before she can blink she's swept up into the Walsh wedding whirlwind If that chaos isn't enough she's also busy winning over her future in laws grappling with a bumpy adjustment to her new job and staying afloat when a string of disappointments hitThey're building a future but can they ever fully demolish the pastSam and Tiel beat back their demons and learned to love each other but love might not be enough to solve every problem that crawls their way.

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  1. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    Joint review with my co blogger Michelle posted on adored it so much I read it in one sitting There were laughs tears a few aww moments and then laughter All in all the perfect postscript to Sam and Tiel’s story Necessary Restorations If you haven’t read this series start from the beginning book one is free right now and thank me later the Walshes are a family worth getting to know ARC provided by author for reviewFor reviews visit

  2. Syndi Syndi says:

    I know I should read this series from the very beginning Or at least Necessary Restoration before I read Restored So I am a but confuse with the story between Teal and Sam But in the hand of Miss Canterbary I can not resist She always have this hero who is selfish uirky vulnerable and cute So cute Has a sarcastic humor I have a soft spot for her heroes In nutshell Restored is about the love story journey of their marriage The high and low of marriage Their love is strong and swoon worthy I love how Sam strengths lifts up Teal and hold them together I now wants to read the beginning of their love story 4 stars

  3. AJ AJ says:

    5 perfect starsI am a mad fan of all things Walsh and Sam and Tiel are one of my favourite couples of the series This book is a continuation of their story and there was no way I wasn’t going to love it but I was still knocked on my ass by this book because it was absolutely perfect Funny sexy surprisingly emotional and beautifully romantic it was everything I wanted and I absolutely loved itSam and Tiel’s story ended beautifully in Necessary Restorations and we saw their relationship progress a bit in the last book The Cornerstone This book takes us slightly back in time starting at the emotional end of Necessary Restorations and then picking up after that book’s epilogue and through the events of The Cornerstone with the second half of the book taking us into the future This book is definitely not one that you should read as a standalone At the very least you should read Necessary Restorations for the first part of Sam and Tiel’s story but ideally you need to read all of these books – in order – to fully appreciate the dynamic between the group and the overarching storylines These siblings have been through so much together and to see them growing and coming so far is something truly special Sam and Tiel have been through a lot together They’ve had their hard times but they’ve come through it and this book is all about them being stable and happy and finding their way forward together They are madly in love they are deeply committed and their relationship is never in uestion but they still have some demons to contend with and their journey is not always an easy one This book had me in tears my heart broken for what they go through but their strength their love and their deep connection is beautifully explored as they stand strong and are there for each other unuestionably “We’re going to make it work We’re going to figure it out Tell me Tiel Tell me we’re gonna last because I can’t have you right now if this isn’t real”“It’s real” I said “We’re real” These two just ‘get’ each other They are honest and open and they have learned to hold nothing back from each other and I honestly loved every single moment with them “It’s like there’s a part of me that was wrecked for a long long time and you restored it You restored me And I want you to know how much I needed that”“It goes both ways my love” It’s emotional and swoonily romantic but there is also a lot of lightness Sam and Tiel have fun together they joke and laugh and I love their text conversations and of course they are SO freaking hot together I needed to lick him bit him kiss him hold him claim him I needed to fill my hands with every little thing I could offer and beg him to take me as I came and promise to give him anything everything Sam was rough and wild and sweet all in the ways that I neededHe held me with all the love and adoration he could gather into a single embrace and he fucked me like he was conuering a village And as always the entire Walsh clan are a part of the story and the madness that ensues with this group together is something very special The dynamics between the growing family is absolutely sensational – there are still issues to be worked out and there’s a lot of conflict resolution that goes on in this book and whether they are working arguing joking around or getting deep and meaningful they support and love each other like the close family they are One on one or all together I love them Riley is freaking phenomenal as always So freaking funny and I love seeing him starting to come into his own And the action with Erin seems to be picking up – I’m loving the direction of that and am so excited for her book And I love that there is a continuation of storylines for the other couples of the series Shannon and Will perfection Each book continues to grow with characters being added relationships being strengthened and new dynamics explored It’s a fantastic journey and each book is getting better and betterThis is a really uick read but it lacks for nothing in emotion and intensity I was hooked from start to finish and read it in one sitting unable to put it down I absolutely loved it5 stars An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Duchess Nicole Duchess Nicole says:

    How do you improve perfect? In the Walsh y world that Kate Canterbary created you simply continue in your perfect ness Restored is the continuing story of Sam and Tielunarguably Kate's most controversial and unexpected couple to date Only now Sam is content What a word to stick with a guy like Sam When last we were with him this suave and sexy man had just come to the realization that Tiel was his one and only I was personally emotionally wrung dry And I think Tiel and Sam both were as well The thing with this coupleand one of my favorite parts about them as wellis that even those that are closest to them don't really understand them As we learned in Shannon's book The Cornerstone Sam is a dynamic guy and he picked an eually private uniue woman to keep for his own I know a lot of readers gave Tiel a bit of the cold shoulder at the interaction she had between the Walshes and their women during the initial few meetings What I loved about this story is that a lot of it takes place during the same time that Shannon and Will are finding each other So not only do we get some of the endearingly abrasive Shannon but we get SO MUCH of Tiel I feel like I know her better understand her better and love her than I did before I adored spending time with Sam and Tiel but I'm ecstatic that we get so much Riley I can't express how stoked I am to read Riley's story All of the Walshes and Halsteads make a few appearances further solidifying that solidarity that this family can show Each of their personalities are obvious and I love how I have come to pick each of their voices out of the crowd This is a series that needs to be read in order to appreciate it fully This book in particular wouldn't be understood at all if it's the first one you pick up It's also a series that is just begging to be re read And I almost never re read a booklet alone a series It's just that good

  5. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Thank you Kate Canterbary I closed this book a red faced puffy eyed smiling ball of emotion and you and your incredible words are the reason why Restored was just wow A perfect blend of feels it's as though Ms Canterbary knew exactly which emotion I needed at every moment and exactly how to draw it from me This roller coaster took me from happy—just to be cracking open the fifth book this fantastic series—to amused; turned on to frustrated; angered to aching And then back again At final count Restored made me cry fourish—there were some close calls times There were those glistening but not uite falling tears More traditional no tissues needed but saltwater definitely flowing tears And some serious ugly—sobbing heaving snotty my soul is bruised—tears too But rest assured it also made me laugh Swoon Blush Smile Well you get the idea Restored like each of the four books before it was smart and funny and feelsy and uniue Incredibly well written thoughtful and real I loved it—I love this series—because Sam and Tiel and those crazy Walshes are so real They're off center and far from perfect which just makes them all the relatable All the human And if you aren't familiar with them you need to rectify that immediately Stop what you're doing clear your schedule and settle in You have a binge read ahead of you but don't worry I'll be right here if you need me Until then though know this Restored was everything Every Single Thing Plenty of my Riley being his perceptive bumbling brilliant man child self A wealth of rewarding moments—big and small—with ALL of the Walshes and Walsh lovers Answers to a couple of lingering uestions A different perspective—and a filling of gaps—for some events we've experienced before Oh and new moments and uestions to obsess over Erin Riley Gronk See? All the things So THANK YOU Ms Canterbary You might be responsible for the dearth of tissues in my house but you're also responsible for this smile that won't leave my face and this book hangover that won't uit Sigh I love it Beth 6 Sunshine stars

  6. Jane super booklover& Jane super booklover& says:

    I normally hate duets But i gotta say I really liked this one On to the next one

  7. Christina Christina says:

    I found Kate Canterbary and the Walsh family when the first book was mentioned on a blog I love I was looking for a new book and it looked interesting I was hooked from the first page and I haven't looked back Restored is the continuation of Sam and Tiel's story The happily ever after doesn't always come with I do I loved everything about this story I loved that we didn't have all the angst of meeting and falling in love We get to see what marriage is like the ups and the downs It's also a bonus that we get to see the rest of the Walsh family I think I've said this before but I am so excited to see what Kate does next Her writing is smart detailed with great editing and her characters are always spot on Not perfect but perfect for each other And perfect for me

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    I didn't really know what to expect with this one I knew it was about Tiel and Sam and their marriage but really and truly it was about SO MUCH MOREHoly crap Kate Canterbary can pack a whole lot of emotion into a book I laughed and laughed as I have in every KC book I've read so far AND I cried Cheezus I cried than once and I can the number of authors that have accomplished that on one hand At this rate my husband and cats will have to deal with all of the KC books that I'll be cuddling with and I expect that number to go up

  9. Fathima Fathima says:

    Soooo so freaking good More Tiel Sam Walshery 3 Riley 3 awesomeness Loved it

  10. Red Cheeks Reads Red Cheeks Reads says:

    ‘She chose me she wanted me she was keeping me’ The Walsh family is uickly becoming an addiction of mine I had only read the first book in the series when I took the plunge and signed up for a copy of Restored I since then binge read the four books that followed and fell and in love with these characters and their intertwined lives with each story told Kate Canterbary has developed an intense and extremely interesting cast of characters and their storylines are uniue sexy and full of feels and angst ‘You’re kidding yourself if you think shenanigans won’t go down at your wedding Fixing old houses and fucking shit up at weddings It’s what the Walsh kids do” Restored welcomed back fan favorite couple Sam and Tiel these two are the most uniue and uirky so far in the Walsh family series and their unorthodox and eccentric personalities once again made for a fascinating story Newly engaged and ready for a family Sam and Tiel have a hard road in front of them Between their two families the drama is never lacking and the hardships are still constantly around the corner Restored was so much than a baby and wedding book We get fresh insight into Sam and Tiel and even exciting for me was the bits of insight we get into Shannon and Erin Since these books timelines all overlap seeing how the secretive nature in The Cornerstone affected the other siblings and watching it al unfold from an outside was also a highlight for me But still just being back in the world of Sam and Tiel was a delight hard at times but still a delight ‘There was never a time in the history of Sam and Tiel that things simply worked out well’ Kate Canterbary books just get better and better and I now consider myself a true fan I am almost sad that I am all caught up on the series because now I have to wait like all the others for her to publish the next Walsh kid book Also while I am ranting what am I supposed to do once she runs out of Walsh kids that will truly be a sad day but let’s get back on track If you have already read Necessary restorations than you have undoubtedly already fallen in love with Sam and Tiel It is impossible not to feel and symptomize with these two damaged hearts If you have already gotten to know them then trust me you want to see their story continue45 Smoochesmiranda

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