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The Virgin Captive ❮Ebook❯ ➭ The Virgin Captive ➮ Author Kallista Dane – When her sister disappears from a finishing school in San Francisco and a well known detective agency proves unable to track her down Victoria Bennett leaves Boston and boards a train for California p When her sister disappears from a finishing school in San Francisco and a well known detective agency proves unable to track her down Victoria Bennett leaves Boston and boards a train for California planning to enroll The Virgin Kindle - at the school herself in order to continue the search in secret But traveling across the country in is not without danger and when train robbers corner Victoria in her sleeping berth it is only through the boldness and uick thinking of brash handsome fellow passenger Ben Hudson that she is kept safeThough he does his best to convince himself that Victoria is far too prim and proper for his tastes Ben cannot keep the beautiful spirited young woman off his mind and the day after their arrival in San Francisco he decides to call upon her When he arrives at the finishing school where Victoria had planned to enroll however he is informed that no student there matches her description Now certain that something is deeply amiss Ben begins an investigation of his ownAfter being shown to her room on her first night at Miss Cora Holmes’ academy for young ladies Victoria is shocked to awaken in an unfamiliar place More disturbing still is the fact that she is naked bound and helpless Her humiliation only increases as she is thoroughly and intimately examined in front of a room full of men and her efforts to resist the shameful procedure merely earn her a stern punishment which leaves her bottom sore both inside and outVictoria soon discovers that she has been taken captive for a very specific purpose She will be trained not only to obey every command of her future master but to beg for as she is bared punished and made to please him in any way he demands Once her training is complete she will be put on display before an audience and auctioned off to the highest bidder But when a man claiming to be a potential buyer turns out to be none other than Ben Hudson does it mean that she badly misjudged his character or can she dare to hope for rescuePublisher’s Note The Virgin Captive is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings sexual scenes elements of BDSM and If such material offends you please don’t buy this book.

6 thoughts on “The Virgin Captive

  1. Debbie Kilburn Debbie Kilburn says:

    Victoria or TorieVictoria meets Ben as he protects her from a train robbery She confides to Ben about her sister's abduction She enrolls in the ladies academy and gets abducted like her sister Through all her training Torie fantasies that Ben will rescue her This is an adult only book because of all the training Torieictoria must endure But she realizes some truths about herself and worries if she is still a good girl I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it highly Miss Dane is true to her talent and her readers

  2. Sandy N Sandy N says:

    This book started off really well and it just went down hill after the events in San Francisco

  3. Sassy Sassy says:

    This was a hot spicy erotic Historical Romance with explicit scenes and no holds barredThere are some scenes of non con but the heroine does enjoy what is being done So if this is not your cup of tea you may wish to pass this one byOur heroine Victoria Tori is in search of her missing sister and travels to the city she was last seen in to search of her She Tori visits the school for proper young ladies that her sister had attended using an alias in hopes of finding out information as to where her sister may have disappeared to After an interview with the Head Mistress she is invited to stay only to awaken the next day to a nightmare of her own

  4. Becca Becca says:

    This was a fun story that didn't take itself too seriously which I really appreciated There are so many of these non consensual but sort of enjoyed against her will type capture fantasies but this one had an underlying thread of humor that worked The bad guys were still really bad and the heroine still experienced horrible treatment that she didn't agree to but you knew things would come out all right in the end Knowing this allowed me to just sit back and enjoy this Victorian era capture fantasy story To top it off it was set in San Francisco my favorite city

  5. SH SH says:

    I enjoyed this The book offers suspense mystery danger uite a bit of sizzle and romance Tori is a strong woman exceptional for this time period but with the best intentions and sense of purpose Ben whew everything she didn't even know she needed ; The story moves uickly is written well and kept me turning the pages until the end I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy

  6. Samm Lynn Samm Lynn says:

    I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an advance review copyI think this is a good book good but not great It is well written The story speeds through Tori's training and Ben's investigation and I really didn't get a sense of time during the story The story does not take long to read and the ending neatly wraps up all aspects of the story

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