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Out of Line ➦ Out of Line Ebook ➬ Author Barbara Lynch – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World“If you have an appetite for culinary adventure you’ll devour the feisty and fun memoir by James Beard award winning chef and philanth Named one of Time’s Most Influential People in the World“If you have an appetite for culinary adventure you’ll devour the feisty and fun memoir by James Beard award winning chef and philanthropist Barbara Lynch” — Elle Blood Bones Butter meets A Devil in the Kitchen in this funny fierce and poignant memoir by world renowned chef restaurateur and Top Chef judge Barbara Lynch recounting her rise from a hard knocks South Boston childhood to culinary stardomCelebrated chef Out of Kindle - Barbara Lynch credits the defiant spirit of her upbringing in tough poor “Southie” a neighborhood ruled by the notorious Whitey Bulger gang with helping her bluff her way into her first professional cooking jobs; develop a distinct culinary style through instinct and sheer moxie; then dare to found an empire of restaurants ranging from a casual but elegant “clam shack” to Boston’s epitome of modern haute cuisineOne of seven children born to an overworked single mother Lynch was raised in a housing project She earned a daredevil reputation for boosting vehicles even a city bus petty theft drinking and doing drugs and narrowly escaping arrest—haunted all the while by a painful buried trauma Out of Line describes Lynch’s remarkable process of self invention including her encounters with colorful characters of the food world and vividly evokes the magic of creation in the kitchen It is also a love letter to South Boston and its vanishing culture governed by Irish Catholic mothers and its own code of honor Through her story Lynch explores how the past—both what we strive to escape from and what we remain true to—can strengthen and expand who we are.

10 thoughts on “Out of Line

  1. Marika Marika says:

    Author Barbara Lynch takes readers on a wild ride as she recounts her path to becoming a celebrity chef She holds nothing back from the reader from growing up in the projects being raped at a very young age to her drug use This isn't your typical celebrity chef memoir It's so much as she is so self effacing and as satisfying as her fig sauce must taste likeI read an advance copy and was not compensated

  2. Mary Mary says:

    Really enjoyed hearing about her rough childhood in Southie and how she triumphed through pure brains and guts Fascinating to read about the Boston restaurant scene at the turn of the century The book does suffer from poor editing but her voice and passion comes through loud and clear

  3. E E says:

    Good pithy foodiechef memoir Candid earthy and I want homemade pasta now

  4. Beth Beth says:

    There's so much to like about Barbara Lynch as a person a chef an entrepreneur and a general badass She is amazing This book however is not Her childhood story All Souls meets Good Will Hunting meets The Town is incredible But in this retelling it is flat and sort of matter of fact Lynch went out of her way in her publicity campaign to praise the ghostwriter on this project saying that she really captured her voice But I've had the very good fortune of hearing Barbara Lynch tell some of these stories in person and I have to disagree There is no fire here no throwdown and the whole thing would have been better for a slightly sophisticated editorial structure Lynch may be from the Projects but her food is elevated elegant and innovative I think this book could have been of all of these things

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Loved it so much I am going to go to BG Oysters in Boston next month I had no idea she was from Southie

  6. Flowergarden24 Flowergarden24 says:

    It is always good to read about success stories She had uite a hard knock scruffy life and managed to rise above it all I wasn't interested in so many stories of her petty thievery and pranks as a young girl but I understand that those stories set the stage for her tough personality She hung in there against many obstacles and won so that is inspirational

  7. Tina Tina says:

    Ghost writer however Lynch admits it is understandable given her business personal back story Grit defined that's Lynch's life She provides such inspiration in her story not because she has broken the glass ceiling in so many ways but because of her perseverance refusal to diminish her internal need to fulfill her dreams My son wishes to be a chef we don't have the means to put him through the schooling I think he should read this

  8. Crystal King Crystal King says:

    I have dined at every one of Barbara Lynch's restaurants over the years and attended classes at Stir I've followed her career as it rose excited to have a taste of every new place as they opened Being someone who has always been interested in food and dining I have grown to know a number of people in the Boston restaurant industry but only tangentially ever came within her sphere But for those of us who love the world of food and dining it is painfully obvious how hard it is for a woman to make their mark and importantly to do so in the big and bold way that she has This memoir is a fascinating and funny account of Barbara Lynch's time growing up as a woman in hard scrabble Southie which in itself is unusual Most of the lore the movies and the literature about that deep dark heart of Boston are told by men about men Some of the stories she tells are heart wrenching while others will leave you in laughter or wonder She defied the odds and ended up building a food empire that has delighted the palates of thousands Reading this book deepened my admiration for her drive her eye for detail and most of all her joie de vivre In these pages she is blunt she is honest and she is daring but she also she shares the side of her that doubts uestioning her place and actions in the world which in turn makes her seem not like some untouchable celebrity chef but someone who is relatable and just as human as the rest of us And there is a bonus The recipes at the endjust reading them will make one drool OUT OF LINE is a brilliant and moving memoir that every food lover should read

  9. Mike Mike says:

    An earthy honest and wonderful read from one of the great chefs of Boston Barbara Lynch Out of Line is a memoir that shows what hard work perseverance and solid steel uenelles can get a person who is willing to bust ass and learn how to prepare great cuisine Lynch shares stories from her tough upbringing in the projects of Southie pulling no punches and hiding behind no curtains As a former line cook and chef I found this book to be endlessly fascinating and an inspiration While perhaps not the flashiest prose stylist Lynch tells a story really well and her voice is conversational and transports the reader from meal to meal scene to scene in a way that made me feel like I was standing behind the line with her

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    uenelles of SteelLoved this book from starts to finish So much than a chefs story; the time place and lives behind Barbara Lynch

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