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  1. Rose Rose says:

    35 starsThis book was pretty ridiculous yet I actually rather liked itThe plot Peter Desmond is gambling with some not friends when one offers up his ward in place of money Our hero thinking he means a prostitute is glad to accept after seeing her photograph Our heroine at the tender age of sixteen is just glad to get away from her creep of a guardian So the heroine goes to the hero's house where he nearly rapes her but stops once he realizes she really meant it when she said no Is it sad that I actually feel proud of a hero when he resists raping the heroine? He then sends her off to school and they see each other about twice a year after that falling in love during those times they do see each other Barring the way of course are a number of misunderstandingsThe characters actually showed a lot of growth especially the hero who started out a gambling wastrel and ended up getting an actual job The heroine was 16 at the beginning of the book and 19 by the end so her progress was expectedThis book also contained a number of probably unintentionally humorous linesPage 31 Coolly he began to loosen the buttons of his pants Horrified Marianne watched him pull his trousers off completely exposing long dark exceptionally hairy legs After reading that I giggled uite a bit every time the hero appeared imagining his exceptionally hairy legsPage 100 After the heroine gave him some embroidered handkerchiefs He thought of Marianne every time he wiped his noseAnd then there was a part about Saint Augustine and how if they were reading his Confessions for school he couldn't possibly have done anything all that scandalous which is probably only funny to me because I just read it for a philosophy classuite often the narrative would be from an omniscient viewpoint which got kind of annoying after a while It's okay a couple of times but this book used it far too muchAnd then there was the part of the book where the heroine just up and went to university Now I'm not entirely sure of my facts but I'm pretty sure that women did not go to all men's universities in 1857 and that it was a pretty big issue for feminists of the time I don't believe that universities became integrated until the 1870s at the earliest So this definitely pushed my beliefAlso the author seemed to lack a clear sense of time Something that took a couple of weeks for the hero seemed to take six months for the heroine The hero had apparently attained his majority only two years ago yet had owned his house for 10 years since he was finished with college Maybe the author just didn't know the age of majority is 21 or typoed ten as twoAnyway even with all that I did like this book No nobility anywhere which was actually uite a pleasant surprise The hero's maternal great grandfather was a baron and his neighbor was a baronet but that was about it The hero actually went out and got a job when he needed money rather than trying to gamble for it

  2. Amanda Lyons Amanda Lyons says:

    This has to be one of the most contrived and deliriously dramatic and optimistic books I've ever read and yet I really loved it

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The Wager [Reading] ➶ The Wager By Sally Cheney – A rogue draped in a mantle of savagery and civilization was the only way to describe Peter Desmond she'd decided But Marianne Trenton shuddered to realize she was dangerously intrigued indeed beguiled A rogue draped in a mantle of savagery and civilization was the only way to describe Peter Desmond she'd decided But Marianne Trenton shuddered to realize she was dangerously intrigued indeed beguiled by the very man she'd sworn to destroyMarianne Trenton was a jewel of young womanhood shining with an innocence that radiated its own sweet allure She'd appeared in Peter Desmond's life at the turn of a card then turned his heart aroundand he vowed to make her his own.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Wager
  • Sally Cheney
  • English
  • 07 July 2015
  • 9780373289349

About the Author: Sally Cheney

Sally Cheney was a bookstore owner before returning to her first love — writing She has traveled extensively in the United States but is happiest with the peaceful rural life in her home state of Idaho When she is not writing she is active in community affairs and enjoys cooking and gardening.