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  1. J.G. Keely J.G. Keely says:

    It is always curious to see fantasy authors who don't consider themselves to be fantasy authors Case in point Terry Goodkind The former landscape painter has told us how he isn't a fantasy author in every interview he's ever given The books I write are first of all novels not fantasy and that is deliberate; I'm really writing books about human beings1To define me as a fantasy writer is to misunderstand the context of my books by misidentifying their fundamentals2The stories I'm telling are not fantasy driven they're character driven and the characters I want to write about could be set in any world I'd like to address a broader audience3 What I have done with my work has irrevocably changed the face of fantasy In so doing I've raised the standards I have not only injected thought into a tired empty genre but importantly I've transcended it showing what it can be Then the interview usually devolves into a discussion of Ayn Rand and 'the meaning of art' just in case you missed the pretension of declaring fantasy books 'not fantasy'The guy certainly has a chip on his shoulder but it makes me wonder whether he has actually read any fantasy He doesn't seem to realize that the things he claims separate him from fantasy are fundamental parts of how modern fantasy works A novel that's fundamentally about character interactions with a magical setting? How droll Goodkind doesn't reinventing the novel; he doesn't even reinvent the fantasy novel he just twists the knobs to get a little steam out of itMichael Moorcock critiued Tolkien as a false romantic which is rather apt considering that his love story takes place almost entirely in absentia prompting Peter Jackson to infuse some extra loving with a hot elven psychic dream seuence Most fantasy authors rectify this by having the girl come along for the journey Goodkind likes to keep the separation for much of the story as our hero tries to seek her out across a continent though she is often just in the next room Oh What a tragic coincidence Actually after the first time it's just an annoying and painfully artificial way to try to hold off the conclusion for another hundred pages It's a good thing Terry doesn't have to rely on magical or artificial means to keep his stories freshThe rest of the time the hero finds the girl and lovingly transfixes her on his mighty sword No really I'm not sure why these authors always end up feeling as if they have to dump their sex fetish issues at this particular juncture Huh I dig BDSM Maybe I should confide my fantasies in a book for mass publicationI cannot think of a single female character in the entire series who isn't either raped or threatened with rape If you want to give me an example of one remember I'm counting magical psychic blowjob rape as rape I wish I never had the opportunity to ualify a statement with 'don't forget the psychic blowjob rape'I don't mind actual BDSM literature but I'd rather have my own reaction to it than be told isn't it totally dirty and wrong? but still super sexy right? Porn for porn's sake is fine but remember Goodkind isn't some escapist fantasy author these are 'real stories about real people' so he has to act like his magic porn is somehow a reflection of real lifeGoodkind's books are cookie cutter genre fantasy but the first few aren't that badly done and if you like people narrowly missing one another bondage masochism rape and dragons it might work for you but the series dies on arrival part way through so prepare for disappointmentIf you are enjoying the series you should probably avoid reading any of his interviews as he rarely misses an opportunity to claim that he is superior to all other fantasy authors and never compare him to Robert Jordan because If you notice a similarity then you probably aren't old enough to read my books4Goodkind truly lives in his own fantasy world if he thinks his mediocre genre re hash is 'original' or 'deep'Then again I've never met an adherent of Ayn Rand who didn't consider themselves a brilliant and uniue snowflake trapped in a world of people who 'just don't understand' The Randian philosophies are also laid on pretty thickly in his books but at least he found a substitute grandmother figure to help him justify his Gorean sex romp as 'high art'All in all he's just another guy who likes to hear himself talk Despite what he says nothing separates his work from the average modern fantasy author and like them his greatest failing is the complete lack of self awareness that overwhelms his themes plots and charactersMy Fantasy Book Suggestions

  2. Icarus Icarus says:

    Terry Goodkind is a grossly inept writer with the writing ability of a somewhat intelligent seventh grader but he jumped into the wide open fantasy field when there were hardly any good fantasy writers a state that hasn't completely changed btw and he has the persistence to turn out 600 page novels and so he got published and now he's grandfathered in because some people don't have better taste than to buy his novels Additionally his early work is grotesuely derivative mostly of Robert Jordan as a matter of fact It also includes all kinds of cliché fantasy tropes which then never appear again in the series as though dragons and gars just up and wandered off the planet at some point His bad guys particularly in this book are such a mish mash of evil that they became caricatures of evil and are actually laughable For instance either Darken Rahl or his henchman I don't remember which These guys were not just evil and out to despoil everything in sight and out for total power and in cahoots with the evil underworld spirits one of them was also a child molester to boot I'm sure Goodkind would have called him a Nazi had the concept fit into his milieu And finally after about four novels or so Goodkind sacrifices story telling on the altar of making a political point and since then every book has been a thinly veiled objectivist anti religious and anti altruism rant I don't care that he has a point of view or that he occasionally slips it into his writing but his evil characters have become now not caricatures of evil but mean spirited caricatures of the philosophy he opposes And so he has shown himself through his writing to be someone I would despise uite apart from it someone who can't conceive that the people who see things differently are men and women of good will who have just come to separate conclusions He tortures the crap out of his writing in order to make it serve his convoluted agendaDo yourself a favor and don't start this series Especially if like me you have OCD tendencies and feel compelled to finish what you startAnd yes I am jealous— that a lousy writer like that can have 600 page volume after 600 page volume published and I can't Because frankly I think I'm better than he is

  3. Katerina Katerina says:

    This is the beginning One book One Rule Witness the birth of a legendThere are books you read once you enjoy them and never give them a second thought There are books you love and want to share this love with the entire world And then there are books that are so precious to you that talking about them feels like sacrilege like exposing your bare soul and instead you safeguard them like a treasure For me Sword of Truth belongs to the latest category The only reason I decided to write a proper review is because it's a series that readers either love or hate and I wanted to show you that despite the negative reviews there is something worth reading here a gem that not everyone can appreciate but the ones who do they will never be the same again So here's my bare soul “Take care Seeker You have the gift Use it Use everything you have to fight Don't give in Don't let him rule you If you are to die die fighting with everything you have everything you know That is the way of a dragon” There is a storm coming in the Three Kingdoms The tyrant of D'Hara is about to put together the pieces of an ancient puzzle that can either give him unlimited power to control the world of the living or destroy life itself The wizards have fallen and the only person that stands a chance against him is the Seeker of Truth the wielder of the Sword of Truth a weapon forged with magic destined only for those that are deemed worthy And that person is Richard Cypher With a grumpy wizard and a mysterious woman as his companions he sets off an epic journey a journey to unlock the secrets of magic and human nature greed and love and find his destiny “People are stupid They will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true or because they are afraid it might be true” Terry Goodkind created a world I'd give anything to live in He combines adventure with romance magic evil ueens and dragons sorcerers and wild tribes past and present death and life His magic system is extremely well written his world building solid and fascinating his characters realistic When I read his books I feel like he's talking to me he unravels the multiple layers of my soul and when he puts them back together his story is among them It's a part of who I am Because his writing contains deeper messages and wisdom about life and love that sank into my bones “The light of a new day always chases the shadows of the night away and shows us that the shape of our fears is only the ghost of our own minds” Every fantasy books narrates a version of the eternal battle between Good and Evil What makes Sword of Truth stand out is that the enemy isn't a dark inhuman lord who commands legions of nightmarish creatures No the enemy is one man a man who has given his soul to the darkness whose goal is to eliminate resistance and free will And because of his pervertion this book is dark mature cruel and sometimes disturbing and themes like rape tortures and human sacrifices are also included But without the darkness we would not appreciate the light “I am who I am; no no less” I struggle to find words sufficient to describe why Richard is the best protagonist you could ever ask for He is not a child he is a man a man brave and loyal and fair a man who tried for years to tame his anger only to find out that his righteous fury will be the means to use the Sword of Truth and deliver justice no matter how hard it is He is kind and noble he can forgive his enemies and fight for people he never met and above all he is the smartest character I have ever met He is a hero And so is Kahlan She is a woman of power strong and confident dedicated to her mission and a nightmare to her enemies But the price of her power is the isolation and fear she inspires to everyone but Richard To say that they are my favorite couple of all time would be an understatement I ship them in an I would walk through the fiery pits of hell to make sure you end up together kind of way Don't expect rainbows and pink clouds there are forces that keep them apart but their love is steady as a rock In fact I believe those two give the definition of the word love “Love is not about what you want It's about finding happiness for the one you love” When I have a problem when I can't decide what to do I think of what Richard and Kahlan and Zedd would do They're than friends they live inside me As soon as I read the first pages of Wizard's First Rule I knew that my life was about to change And for that I am eternally gratefulInstagram | Twitter | Facebook | BookNest

  4. Daniel Greene Daniel Greene says:

    Originality is a bit of a gray area It's hard to find what exactly constitutes paying homage versus stealing Terry Goodkind has left that gray area sprinted 6 miles down the road dug up the bodies of fantasy authors who came before him and took the coins from their pockets

  5. John Wiswell John Wiswell says:

    Wizard's First Rule is a good example of why people think all post Tolkien Fantasy is trash It bears one tenth of Tolkien's imagination a smaller fraction of his brilliant study and oh look swords Cliche family drama an angsty romance between tormented lovers powerful characters who are so unjustly tortured it's immature at best At its best it is a clunky and self indulgently obtuse hero's journey Then there's the hundred page BDSM tangent where the hero goes through excruciating pseudo bondage games with his captor This part borders on self parody because the outrageous subject matter is stretched out for so long that it becomes boring and we're just waiting for it to end and we know it will because this isn't an inventive story that's going to venture to brave new intellectual worlds The romance is similarly brutal but on the weepy side rather than the sado masochistic There isn't even the hero empowerment fun of Eragon to turn this into a fun immature adventure it's too slow and anxious for that Instead it builds to a ludicrous climax and a plot twist that you wouldn't think anyone would pen after Star Wars came out But this book would

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I very much enjoyed this book I only hope I can say so for the rest of the series Mel ❤️

  7. seak seak says:

    Richard and Kahlen's Relationship TimelineDay OneRichard Kahlen now that we just met we're the bestestest friends aren't we?Kahlen We sure areDay TwoRichard Kahlen we're the bestestest of friends and I would give my life for you even though we just metKahlen Me tooDay ThreeRichard Kahlen I love you than life itself What? It's only been three days? Well that still seems sensibleKahlen My sentiments exactlyDays Four through 20Richard Love love loveKahlen I love you but we can never be together ever because of the magicDays 21 through 30Random Mord Sith comes in out of nowhere Days 30See Days Four through 20More DetailsSo I didn't uite go into this with the best of intentions I wanted to jump on the bandwagon since I felt like the only one not making fun of Goodkind I can however say that I enjoyed Wizard's First Rule Ten years ago I would have loved it than anything Five years ago I still would have really really liked it Today I've realized I'm not uite the same reader I was before I've always loved what many term the traditional fantasy Farmerscullion learns true history that heshe is the ultimate of awesome the supreme ueen of butterflies and aardvarks the master and commanderWhile I enjoyed Goodkind's twist on this traditional tale it was still a bit much for me at times Richard is the boy who would be insert title and he's just too perfect He's good at EVERYTHING Okay he's a wilderness guide so he's good at tracking and woodsy stuff that's the technical term believe me I'm a woodsy guide I can get behind that But then he can fight and solve riddles and do rubik's cubes and everythingThen and I kinda feel like a tool talking about this since I don't really know all that much what I'm talking about there's the lack of foreshadowing There's probably a better term that would ualify this but we jump from one adventure to the next There's the ultimate good versus bad tale going on but to get to the end there's so much padding with multiple adventures in between We have to go to the mud people so they can tell us stuff Oops the mud people can't tell us we have to go to that mountain over there and it's such a dangerous mountain Oops again now we have to call a fairy by tapping our ankles twice while holding our breath doing a somersault on a donkey and spelling the word Goodkind backwardI know Eddings' Belgariad does much the same thing but that has a special place in my heart whereas The Sword of Truth was just too late in my reading career Add to that the less than stellar feelings toward the later volumes in the series you may not see me carrying onI will say the ending was pretty good and will actually be moving my 3 star rating up to a 35 Lucky duck35 out of 5 Stars

  8. k.wing k.wing says:

    Okay everyone Below is my review from when I tried to read Wizard's First Rule back in 2007 I was fresh out of college You know back when you thought your opinion mattered While I didn't personally like the book and couldn't get into it I really went for it in this review I now regret it You don't really understand how difficult it is to write something good until you try and write a book yourself It's taxing time consuming alienating Sometimes you think you wrote something amazing and then someone will come around and tell you they'd rather lick their own dog's teeth than read what you wrote Ouch It's hurtful I'm leaving my review up below because I think it's a good lesson If you don't like something cool that's fine But you don't have to tear it down publicly Better yet why not point out the good you saw in it? There will be inevitably some person who shows up to point out all the bad Nobody's worried that that person won't show up so they now must shoulder the responsibility I'm also leaving this review up so that I don't run from it This review has gotten a lot of likes here on Goodreads and with each new like I feel and guilty about it Writing is hard My hat's off to you Mr Goodkind I apologize for my distasteful and mean review Thankfully you have so many fans out there that love your book and will stand by it even when little shits like me throw out a mean review I'm sorry I really did try for this one as I love my boyfriend very much who loves this book I found the writing unbearable as I would rather smell my dog's breath and lick his teeth than have to read words written by Terry Goodkind That being said I was interested in the story but it was as if the guy did not have an editor Oh he had spell check don't get me wrong but no one told him to take out the emotions andor inner dialogue he would repeat up to 4 times in a paragraph I did love reading his acknowledgements page Does that count?Also just incase Terry Good and Kind is out there I am very sorry too I wasn't too keen on your book and I'm sorry this attack on your book was personal to your writing style and abilities I think you are a cool looking man one of the best with a ponytail and I am sure you are as your last name implies

  9. Dave Dave says:

    The sheer depth of Wizard's First Rule is simply amazing His characters are uniue and original yet seem simple when you realize that they aren't perfect Every chapter you read will cling you tighter to his series Of course many will dislike Terry Goodkind's works either because he establishes dead on ethics in an 'I'm right your wrong' approach or because of dissatisfaction with his writing style but it would be a baseless altercation to state that he is a run in the mill and mediocre author Terry Goodkind deserves nothing but praise for this extraordinary novel

  10. Jen Jen says:

    I am adding this author to the list of people that I wouldn't want to have lunch with After this review I suspect he won't want to have lunch with me eitherThis book reads like a game of Dungeons and Dragons It's a uest a bit formulaic and at times I could practically hear the narrator telling me to roll the ten sided die to see what happens when we go down the left fork In this book we have the hapless regular guy who through a great series of coincidences finds himself traveling to save the world with the beautiful mysterious woman formerly the damsel in distress the great and powerful wizard who is utterly disappointing and mostly serves as comic relief and the hardened streetwise soldier It almost feels like the author drew a map of his new fantastical world decided to put the main character at one end and the solution at the other and then gave him a veritable obstacle course of classic problems on the way He runs into underworld beasts monsters dragons deluded armies and betrayal which conseuently the rest of us saw coming 500 pages before he did To say this book is plot driven would be an understatement Sadly though even the pacing of that plot isn't goodBut none of that has anything to do with why I wouldn't want to hang out with the author I found the creations of his imagination really disturbing I could almost feel his delight in divining new and horrible atrocities to detail as the story went on Yes the bad guy is very very bad But there was a definite sick sadistic side to the story I just have to wonder what kind of person decides to spend something like eight chapters on very descriptive and imaginative torture of one character when the great love that supposedly drives the story took a comparative flash to develop He's great at devising innovative ways to cause pain and anguish but terrible at imagining realistic human interaction The dialogue sadly reflects that When the author isn't describing pain or evil a sitcom like feeling prevails A paraphrased typical scene a genuinely disturbing challenge with an emotional resolution that should leave everyone drained and perhaps scarred until big old wizard asks When do we eat? To which everyone chuckles Oh that wizard his stomach's always in charge and they all saunter off into the sunset arm in armIf you love Dungeons and Dragons or if you're someone who enjoys causing or experiencing pain this book is for you For me not so much I wonder if his other books get any better?

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