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The Earl and the girl from the Abbey Regency Tales #2 [Ebook] ➦ The Earl and the girl from the Abbey Regency Tales #2 ➥ Regina Darcy – FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDMiss Beatrice Stanton has been raised in the abbey by her aunt the Reverend Mother But when she comes of age her heart lies elsewhere She begs to be introduced to polite societ FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDMiss Beatrice and the PDF È Stanton has been raised in the abbey by her aunt the Reverend Mother But when she comes of age her heart lies elsewhere She begs to be introduced to polite society in search of a suitable matrimonial match When she meets the impoverished but charismatic Lord Christopher Davenport the Earl of Kent at a social gathering she is hopeful that she has found The Earl PDF/EPUB ² her match But before he can ask for her hand rumours start circulating that he is a rogue who has fathered a child with a maid Buy it now to find out how it all ends The Earl and the girl from the Abbey is a Clean Regency Historical Romance It is part of the Regency Tales Series Each story can be read as a standalone but if you Earl and the Epub á wish to read about the other stories these are available for just or FREE On Kindle Unlimited Regina Darcy writes clean short regency romance stories that always have a good old fashioned happy ending REGENCY LORDS SERIESBook Mesmerising a Duke Book Bewitching the ViscountBook Winning the Viscount HeartREGENCY TALES SERIESBook An Earl for the desperate brideBook The Earl and the girl from ePUB í Earl and the girl from the Earl and the girl from ePUB í Abbey.

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  1. Pauline Ross Pauline Ross says:

    I keep seeing Regina Darcy’s books popping up in the bestseller lists so eventually I had to try one of them I found it a frustrating read On the one hand the story is an appealing one the main characters are likable and there are fewer historical errors than usual in many modern Regencies On the other hand there were innumerable minor errors mostly punctuation which made me very twitchy and the story was just too short for any real character development judges it to be 61 pages long but the book ends at 76% of that the rest being taken up with chapters of other books That’s barely than short story lengthLet’s get the historical errors out of the way first The younger son of an earl is not a lord not even when he’s the heir presumptive He’s the Honourable Mr Davenport in this case Then there’s the Earl managing to re outfit himself by popping in to see a tailor and coming out fully supplied Nope The making of gentlemen’s clothing was a long drawn out business involving selecting materials measuring and multiple fittings which would have taken weeks to complete But these are minor matters which only pedants like me care about More concerning is the implausibility of the romance He needs to marry an heiress she wants to meet a man she can fall in love with They meet once at a dinner have one conversation and that’s it They’re in love and he immediately sets off to meet Aunty or possibly Auntie depending on which page you’re on the Abbess of the local abbey to ask permission to marry her niece Not that she needs permission being of age and all but still And then we’re into a whole implausible scandal with a villain so obvious it’s impossible to miss A dramatic finale and drumroll that’s it All done and dustedNow it would be possible to build this into a full length novel with some deeper character development I would have liked to see of our abbey raised heroine encountering the peculiarities of Regency society I’d have liked to see some serious rivals for her hand since she’s an heiress so that our hero has to work to win her over I’d have liked at the least a nod towards a slower courtship A paragraph or two describing how he visits and often so that their love develops naturally would have been enoughSo for me this wasn’t a wholly satisfactory story but then I’m a self confessed pedant It’s clear from some passages that the author has a flair for writing Regency With a little time taken to develop the characters and their relationships and a thorough editing pass this would be a good if short read Three stars

  2. Marsha Keeper Bookshelf Marsha Keeper Bookshelf says:

    Reviewed at Romantic HistoricalsThe Earl and The Girl From The Abbey is a uick delightful Regency romp – a whirlwind romance with a touch of scandalBeatrice has no intentions of taking her vows She longs for the outside world to find love marry have children far beyond the abbey walls While she is an heiress with uite a fortune she is also sweet tender and has never had her heart broken She sees the world through the eyes of a child reading a fairy tale but she will soon come to realize the cruelties that live outside of those protective wallsChristopher has returned home from the war at the death of his father It comes as no real surprise that the estate and the coffers are in ruins Perhaps he didn’t anticipate just how badly the home he rarely visited had fallen into disrepair or how many servants had been let go without pay His father and his brother believed in living the high life whether they could afford it or not Now he was saddled with mounting debts with only one solution find an heiress to marry and hope that love comes to them laterBeatrice and Christopher meet at a friend’s dinner party and immediately find themselves liking what they’ve discovered about each other As Christopher sets out to gain permission to court Beatrice from her guardian he soon discovers there is a scandal attached to his name – one he has no part in creatingI enjoy the short uick stories in the Regency Tales series even if they aren’t directly connected I know what I’m getting – a short story One that will entertain me for a brief moment and leave me with a pleasant feeling It’s uite easy to see who is the villain in this story And his “reward” for his actions is uite perfect I liked Christopher and Beatrice They have a spark one that if this were longer would have blossomed with details yes but I got the core of their story And I enjoyed that short visit with a fun coupleI read this title through my Kindle unlimited subscription


    Lovely short readPleasant well written short read which I thoroughly enjoyed The main characters Beatrice and Christopher were delightful and as usual the secondary characters were pleasant as well I would thoroughly recommend this book

  4. Sandra Tomas Sandra Tomas says:

    ❤️This is a wonderful story about good and evil and the loyalty of good friendsGreat story line with a happy ending thank you❤️

  5. Bettye McKee Bettye McKee says:

    Good storyline with strong charactersBeatrice was raised in a convent following her parents' deaths by her aunt the Abbess Rather than allowing Beatrice to take her vows the Abbess wanted her to experience life outside the Abbey; perhaps she would like marriage and a familyAt a dinner party Beatrice meets Christopher Davenport Earl of Kent Christopher has been fighting in the war for ten years and only returned to England when he inherited the title upon his father's deathBut other forces are at work to keep them apartIf I had proofread this book I would have made 20 corrections

  6. Wendy Tavenner Wendy Tavenner says:

    A lovely short storyI love reading good wholesome stories either full length or short Beatrice is the beloved niece of the Abbess at the Abbey She wants to marry and for love She meets Christopher the new Earl of Kent and hopes to marry him Then all at once rumors turn up about the new Earl that he has fathered not one but several illegitimate babies While Christopher is trying to prove his innocence Beatrice goes missing A sweet story with a heart felt ending

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