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Brigand (Noble Passions #3) [Read] ➵ Brigand (Noble Passions #3) By Sabrina York – Brigand by Sabrina York Book 3 in the Steamy Regency Noble Passions series Kidnapped and held prisoner by a menacing Scottish brigand Violet does her best to persevere and resist his rakish charms Whe Brigand by Sabrina York Book in the Steamy Regency Noble Passions series Kidnapped and held prisoner by a menacing Scottish brigand Violet does her best to persevere and resist his rakish charms When she realizes the brigand is really Ewan the boy who once saved her life who once kissed her and ruined her for all other kisses she is lost Ewan desperately needs the respectability a titled bride can bring him But when his kidnapped betrothed is delivered bound and gagged he discovers it's the wrong woman And not just any woman it's Violet the person he blames for ruining his childhood He keeps her determined to punish her in every sinful way he can devise until the seething passion between them strips away old grudges and leaves him reeling By the time he realizes the depths of his feelings for her she's fled All he can do is follow her and win her back by partaking in the glittering London Season where the harpies are far dangerous than a Scottish brigand This book was originally published in and has been re edited re covered and re published Check out all the stories in the Noble Passions Series Dark Fancy Book Dark Duke Book Brigand Book Defiant Book Folly Book .

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  1. Gaele Gaele says:

    It’s no secret that I love historic romances and Sabrina York has managed to create a wonderful cast of characters all searching for understanding and love even if they aren’t 100% certain they deserve it In Brigand readers will see Violet’s story as she is taken from the garden at her aunt’s home and dragged to Scotland to settle a debt There’s only one problem Violet is not the woman betrothed to the Brigand Ewan “the McCloud” but the two do have a history But Kaitlin’s brother Callum is not to be deterred he owes a debt and delivering a bride to the McCloud is foremost in his mind In Dark Duke we have seen Kaitlin’s response to her horrible brother but Violet’s story has been left until now Violet is a dear excited for her first season and trying desperately to manage her hellion brothers she has developed a great relationship with her aunt and chaperone Hortense even as Hortense isn’t happy after being dragged from the hustle of London back to her sister’s home On the whole Violet is fairly obedient and malleable naïve in many things but dreams of a kiss many years ago has spoiled her every man is unable to rise to the level of her crush on Ewan the stable hand and son of a maid Ewan’s life of crime and struggle began when he had just rescued Violet from certain drowning when the ice gave way Someone caught their tender and gentle kiss and told Violet’s father he was beaten and he and his mother were turned out without reference He holds a particular dislike of society for that and other ills with thoughts of Violet igniting deep emotions that he would rather ignore With the need to provide for his sister just of age to enter the round of debutante activities he decided that Kaitlin would be the perfect entrée for Sophia with the tonne polished and confident she could open doors that his rough edge manners wouldn’t These two are adorable together Ewan has lived with his anger for so long that he is clumsy with her feelings and emotions even though he does always feel horrid afterwards Perhaps horrid is not the right word he is guilty but not so guilty as to not enjoy the time they have When the deal is struck and Violet and Kaitlin both return to London for the season Ewan’s ties to the men in the story are revealed much to the surprise of Violet Brought under the careful tutelage of an old comrade met in France and the often formidable but utterly adorable Aunt Hortense Ewan is polished up and dressed to suit the part of a wealthy gentleman even if he can’t dance Yet dealing with her brothers and their mischievous ways and the jealousy he feels around every man on Violet’s dance card keep him barely civil and restrained Yet his inner animal surfaces and claims her in front of the Archbishop and the tonne much to the delight of this reader This is one of those stories where characters grab you and demand you pay attention the bad boys aren’t really bad the women aren’t utter pushovers and the most formidable character is a set of twin boys who never sit still The chemistry between Violet and Ewan is palpable and there are plenty of moments where their passion scalds the pages emotion and sensation combine to make these stories super fun engaging and not to be missed I’ve purchased all in this series – and you should too

  2. vaneeta naik vaneeta naik says:

    i received a free copy free dis is my voluntary honest review i always enjoy reading Historicalsam hooked onto dem i loved dis book though i ve not read d previous books in dis seriesthis is a steamy stormy story of VIolet Ewani fell in love with both dis charactersViolet is spunky dependable romantic akso humourous whereas Ewan is just Adorablehe has so much lived for Revenge dat his anger clouds his desires love for Violet he is poor man confused miserable ofhis feelings for VioletThese two are adorable togetherThe chemistry between Violet and Ewan is excitingThe story line is good There's lot of action suspense romance to keep u captivated interested i finished dis book in a sitting as d book just gripped my interest i had to finish it without any gap well done Sabrinaa very worthable read i would strongly recommend it

  3. Tina "IRead2Escape" Tina "IRead2Escape" says:

    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5That's it It's official I may not be a lover of historical romance but I am a lover of Sabrina York's historical romances Brigand is the fourth book of the Noble Passions series and I loved it This series is the exact reason that I sometimes force myself out of my comfort zone and read a sub genre that isn't necessarily my cup of tea I can not imagine missing out on this seriesI am over the top in love with Ewan Known for his less than scrupulous business dealings Ewan has been labeled a brigand Sadly this reputation has worked well for him in business but not so well with his sister coming out and needing a proper introduction into society For this he's arranged a marriage between himself and the well connected Kaitlyn It's not going to be a marriage of love but it will give respect to his name and he'll do anything for his sister When Kaitlyn's brother shows up with Violet and not Kaitlyn Ewan can barely control his anger He doesn't abide by kidnapping women or using them for ransom Not only that but the time he spends with the beautiful Violet the he wants things he can not haveViolet is haunted by one sweet kiss she received as a child The beautiful boy of her memory saved her from drowning and then permanently branded her with that kiss So much so that she is not at all looking forward to her coming out season She just doesn't see how any man could ever hold a candle to her Ewan When she's kidnapped by her best friend's brother and taken to Kaitlyn's betrothed to be held until Kaitlyn presents herself Violet is understandably scared and disoriented None of this explains why the McCloud makes her feel things that she never thought she would feel outside of dreams and memories The time she spends with Ewan the she loses her heart Now if only he could see that she means than a position in society I'm not sure what it is about a big strong alpha male that has a slightly bad attitude that perks up my inner Scarlet O'Hara but Ewan is this and He clearly loved Violet and wanted to do what was best for her but he always stayed to true to the dominant man that he is Hot You don't have to read this series in order but it will help you to have some background if you do As you know I have my misgivings when it comes to historical romance They often lack heat or just seem a bit contrived to me Sabrina's historicals are not like this For those of you that are familiar with Sabrina York's contemporary books you know that her books never lack for heat and great dialogue and this is the same for the Noble Passions series You can find this review and others at wwwriverinaromanticscom

  4. Pansy Pansy says:

    Violet is a beautiful strong woman who knows what she wants but lives in a time where she doesn't think she will get it Ewan is a brigand who also knows what he wants and also knows he shouldn't want it What to do? With a little help from friends and a lot of interference from family love wins out I liked the surprise twist toward the end Although we had a very nice HEA I found it a rather abrupt ending It wasn't as tidy as other books in this series I can only hope that those hanging treads are picked up in another book Aunt Hortense? Other than that as usual this was a wonderful read and I do recommend it

  5. Nina Nina says:

    I was reminded of Johanna Lindsey's Prisoner of My Desire when I was reading this Only that this one takes the cake for being even ridiculous These were my reactions as the story progress

  6. Christy Lynn Christy Lynn says:

    I have always loved how Sabrina can tell a story This one is no different LOVE always work out no matter who you think you arehe is the man for herBrigand

  7. Sheryl C. Nash Sheryl C. Nash says:

    Just wished that the ending would have tied things up a bit better

  8. NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews says:

    I sooooo didn't want this story to end Where can I find a Brigand to cart me off to his Scottish keep and have his wicked way with me?? This book is smokin' hawt Highly recommend

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Unfortunately I didn't care for this book as much as I did the first oneViolet Wyeth is kidnapped by Callum MacAllister and given over to Ewan McCloud in order to convince Callum's sister and Ewan's betrothed to come home Little does Violet know that Ewan is actually her childhood friend and first love Of course Ewan recognizes her immediately and decides to make her life a living hell You see years ago Ewan and his mother worked for Violet's father until the day he found out that Ewan had kissed his daughter Then Ewan is beaten and he and his pregnant mother are kicked out His mother is eventually dies and he is left to raise his little sister eventually turning to crime to do so He is now a very rich but awful man and blames everything on Violet However Violet eventually recognizes him by the scar on his chest and they fall in love once again But she is misled about his intentions and the arrival of both Ewan's betrothed and Violet's cousin and brother throws their relationship in disarray for awhile but they do find their way to one another againI wasn't uite comfortable with the level of consent in this book The first sexual interaction between Violet and Ewan is not consensual She's bound and gagged and he fingers her even though she doesn't want it Yes she is aroused by his attentions and she does climax but it wasn't a truly consensual scene I might have been able to overlook that except that Violet is almost raped twice The first time it happens after Ewan gets mad at Violet and forces her to work twice as hard as a maid and isolates her from the other servants One of his men then tries to rape her but is stopped by the other servants but he does try to press his attentions on her again later that night and then later two of his men try to break into her room to rape her but Ewan is there to stop them I don't particularly to read about rape or attempted rape in romance novels honestly in most media I prefer to avoid because I think it's poorly handled but in romance novels a lot of the time attempted rape translates to the hero fixing her trauma with his cock two seconds after the assault happened Rape shouldn't be used to further the leads' sex life imo but also in this case it just seems very hypocritical and gross to say that it's ok for the hero to force his sexual attentions on the heroine because secretly she really wants it but with every other man it's horrible and awful Anyone forcing doing that is gross and while I do read darker erotic works and enjoy them in this case I just didn't like it and it made me uncomfortableAlso didn't uite understand the hero's backstory After being kicked out he apparently becomes a very rich crime lord I guess? But I think I needed backstory for him and I'm not sure I can see anyone in the ton wanting to marry the sister of an infamous criminal no matter how uality his wife is Likewise Ewan publicly kidnapping Violet out of a party isn't going to do anything for his sister's reputation The reveal of his father was also a bit convenient but not that surprisingI will say that the erotic scenes in this book were very good but I just had a lot of problems with how this book unfolded

  10. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This book was another uick and easy read I am thoroughly enjoying this series though each book with a different spin and a whole lot of romance The main characters in this book are Violet and Ewan Violet has spent her whole life measuring all men to the one that she fell in love with a long time ago Now kidnapped and held prisoner in Scotland she meets up with him again but the world has hardened him and he's not the same boy Ewan has spent his whole life suffering because he kissed Violet and he's put all the hate and resentment he's built up onto her But when he meets her again she's the same lovely girl he used to know and he has no idea how he could possibly hate her There are secondary characters but they either have or are going to have books of their own The storyline is different from the other books in the series but it still isn't the most original though it is a very good read I especially liked that we got to see Violet back in London and Ewan going to fight for her 4 stars

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