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Assassin’s Creed® Heresy [PDF / Epub] ☉ Assassin’s Creed® Heresy Author Christie Golden – Simon Hathaway member of the Templar Inner Sanctum brings a cool head and detached manner to his new role as Head of Abstergo Industry’s Historical Research Division But Simon also has an insatiable Simon Hathaway member of the Templar Inner Sanctum brings a cool head and detached manner to his new role as Head of Abstergo Industry’s Historical Research Division But Simon also has an insatiable curiosity and is fascinated by the thought of experiencing history first hand through his ancestor Gabriel Laxart who fought alongside the legendary Joan of Arc When he Assassin’s Creed® PDF/EPUB ² enters the newly designed Animus for its initial project Simon finds himself unprepared for what he discovers How deep the conflict between the Templars and the Assassins goes What Gabriel will do for the woman he both loves and reveres  And the most dangerous truth of all Who is the hereticand who is the true believer .

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  1. ضحى الحداد ضحى الحداد says:

    WOW I did not see that coming at all I expected that I would enjoy this book than the other books because it had a contemporary aspect to it and we are introduced to the Animus which is the core thing in the games but alas it was BORING as hellI was like if Joan shines one time I will kill her myself and Gabrielle as well for good measure the story was dull and empty nothing was really happening and the ending was so stupid I am so disappointed in this because I love the story of Joan of arc but this book kind of ruined her for me

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    Spoilers to the AC series will be discussed It took me a while to read this although that could be attributed to my own personal life and priorities but I will not say that this was a boring or unenjoyable read for me at all Undeniably an adult novel not racy just mature I feel Heresy was taken in a fresh direction that was sorely needed for the AC books and series as a whole and would appeal to fans of the games and history The novel is somewhat of a seuel to the modern story of Syndicate as the protagonist Simon takes the place of Isabellr Ardant who was killed by Shaun Hastings still want to know if Rebecca made it out ok and a preuel to the movie as Alan Rikkin leaves for Madrid in the epilogue and I feel this was a good choice that allowed the author to maintain a link to canon already established but allowed herself some wriggle room to explore this story As you would know by the blurb it follows Simon Hathaway newly inducted into the Templars Inner Sanctum trying to find the Sword of Eden that was in possession of Jeanne D'arc during the Hundred Year War He increasingly sympathises with his ancestor Gabriel Laxert and stumbles upon something left behind before the execution of the Templar Grandmaster Jaues de Molay that could shake the foundations of the Order I studied French all throughout high school and am an avid fan of female historical figures who rise above the odds and do great things; so I know of Jeanne D'arcs story But whether you are a casual history goer or a thorough historian like Simon Jeanne's and Gabriel's story is accessible to anyone provided they are willing to pay attention There's a lot of names there and people can easily be lost track of but the characters of Jeanne and Gabriel's inner circle are likeable and so human there's plenty of incentive to pay attention and follow along We know what happens but you're drawn to the characters that you still want to experience what happened through their eyes I laughed with these characters and I cried with them; this book will hurt you despite seeing what will be coming The world building was immersive I liked the little asides that were made to the reader I'm not absolutely sure how I feel about the ending; but there's no doubt that both Jeanne and Gabriel deserve their life of peace after the service they gave to their country A bit cookie cutter but necessary especially after all the pain and abandonment felt throughout the last third of the book to give some sort of closure and worth to the characters that this was what they had been fighting for; life and hope Simon Victoria and Anaya in the present world are also very likeable and have distinct personalities but don't display just static character traits; they can be serious joking weary curious angry devastated and elated Following the three as they get wind of a conspiracy crowding them and trying to bury their findings is deeply engaging and I also cared what happened to them I liked the insight that this novel provides of the Templar order; it was of Assassins Creed 3 and what Unity wanted to be The conflict between assassins and templars is not black and white; I especially like how some templars appreciate some assassin beliefs and what they've done and Simon himself grows in this regard to seeing shades of grey between the two forces although still sticking to his own beliefs I feel this book was an interesting look through the eyes of the villains and that even the villains disagree with eachother in how the Order should be run and where the uncrossable line should be placed I've always felt that the assassins series is all about how these creeds and maxims are up to your own interpretation and you choose how much they influence or inspire you so I was uite appreciative of this theme I still don't truly know how I feel about this book but it's definitely sticking with me I enjoyed my read for sure and deeply want to know what happens to Simon Victoria and Anaya But this book I feel presses you to uestion your perceptions about the AC world and its applications to the real world in a way that doesn't feel ham fisted or preachy and I feel a book that invites discussion about our real world values and beliefs is a good one

  3. Wayne Wayne says:

    5 starsI'm a massive fan of Assassins creed and so I have high expectations every time I read the books or play the games Theres no doubt I'll read them or play them through but not that I'll love them I did really love this book but it did veer away from the normal assassins creed style Not only was it told from a different perspective but also it was written in a very different style For those following at home in terms of timeline this happens just before the events of the movieThe world building was good and fitted in well with the AC world as I know it It portrays the medievalrenaissance world with authenticity and does set the scene really wellIn terms of characters I liked the modern and historical characters I'm not an expert on that time period of Joan of Arc but it seemed to cover what I knew of the history and stories of her life Often either the historical sections overshadow the modern world or vice versa in AC but not in this case I really liked all the modern characters and found they really had a story of their ownThe plot was well paced and had a lot of action Lots of battle scenes as you would expect but also some good character development There wad also some surprises and shocks I alsolove how AC takes actual events and puts a different spin on things You often feel like you are actually there and are being let in on some historical secrets that you never knew happened but which make perfect sense This is what is at the core of AC and what it really is all about for me if you love a good conspiracy theory AC is perfect for youOverall an excellent addition to the ever growing series Some may feel it's a bit too heavily based on history and a bit slow but I loved how it was like looking at something very familiar but through a different lense If your a fan you'd have read it and if not Iprobably wouldn't start here although you could if you wanted toHighly recommended

  4. Morrisa Morrisa says:

    Thank you so so much to the publishers of Ubisoft for reaching out to me and asking me to review this book I am completely surprised by how much I adored this book I apologize for it taking me so long to read and review as I was met with some unexpected set backs in October Anyways to the review of this absolutely thrilling and engaging novel Now if you haven’t heard of the Assassin’s Creed franchise you best be getting on that It’s about a world where people search for artifacts Pieces of Eden from the world before the one of the humans Assassin’s and Templars are both on the search for these though their methods differ greatly and the two sides often come into conflict with each other Much of the time skips back and forth between present day Assassin’s and Templars to their ancestors in which people of both groups use the Animus to go into their genetic memories and find these Pieces of Eden In the video games we usually are almost always on the side of the Assassins Which is why I found it HIGHLY entertaining and so very interesting that most of this novel we get to see into how Templar’s think what their motives are We rarely see that in the video games and I found Heresy brilliantly crafted in that aspect The main character Simon Hathaway is a member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order and throughout the novel he is trying to show a different approach to the research of Pieces of Eden His main focus is Joan of Arc’s sword So throughout the novel we follow Simon going into the genetic memory of an ancestor who is a follower of Joan What I really loved about this story was that it took me right alongside Joan of Arc This happens with the video games; you’re immersed and engaged in this world It’s exactly how I felt with Assassin’s Creed Heresy I was alongside Joan and her friends fighting with her and following her journey I absolutely adore books that are written to make it feel as if you’re thereOverall this plot was extremely thrilling I felt that there was no dry spot at all and the blend of history and fiction was captivating I found myself enjoying the Joan of Arc memories than the present day world that Simon was in but both were eually enjoyable I found the characters themselves likable There’s also a theme within the book of right vs wrong who you should trust etc I loved that about this book and especially with the Templars They’re usually seen as evil or the bad guys but for once I was able to see their point of view of things I was essentially able to see into the “villains” minds and how they think and how maybe the Assassin’s and Templars aren’t as black and white cookie cutter as I expected So this November if you’re looking for an adventurous read that will take you right into the story Assassin’s Creed Heresy is perfect for you If you haven’t yet been introduced to the Assassin’s Creed world I suggest researching a little about the Animus and the TemplarAssassin feud before getting into this novel That is the only negative thing I would have to say about these books; you kind of need to know about Assassin’s Creed before reading Otherwise Heresy is definitely going to be one of my top books of the year Look out for this amazing novel hitting shelves November 15 2016 You don’t want to miss it I know Assassin Creed fans will love this I did not want to put this one down

  5. Sagar Sagar says:

    Definitely the best of all the Assassin's Creed books Heresy deviats from the well versed path and explores new timelines and point of views The writing style is simple yet engaging revealing the right amounts about the plot as the story progresses perhaps a must read for all historical fiction and Assassin's creed followers

  6. Rozachcz Rozachcz says:

    I really enjoyed this one It's not a game based book but it introduces a new story with new characters What's worth mentioning is that we finally get to see Templars in action and not as villains but as protagonist The balance between modern days and Animus sessions in my opinion is well balanced Overall a good read A fresh direction for AC novels if you willbtw Being a Templar myself I appreciate such insight into the Order even ;

  7. JJ JJ says:

    Assassin's Creed Heresy is a great way to tie various pieces of lore together and lead fans into the Assassin's Creed movie Unfortunately the pacing is a bit rough and it reaches an unsatisfying conclusionIn many ways Heresy is what media tie ins should be There are references to a wide range of characters and things from the universe Warren Vidic Arno Dorian and Francois Thomas Germain the Shroud of Turin the new Animus that debuts in the movie and the Aerie from the Last Descendants series to name a few But instead of feeling shoehorned in they make Heresy feel like a real piece of the same world that acts and reacts to everything else that fans have experiencedAs is the case with almost everything else Assassin's Creed Heresy basically consists of two components a modern day story about Assassins and Templars hunting for a technological relic Joan of Arc's sword in this case and a story in the past viewed through the Animus here it's Templar Simon Hathaway's ancestor who travelled with Joan of Arc Of the two the modern day story is by far the most interesting It provides a depth of information about Abstergo Industries and the Templar Order that we usually don't get to see and has some twists and turns that made me wish for the historical stuff to end so I could get back to the good part Unfortunately the flip side of that is that Joan of Arc's tale is incredibly one note repeating the same basic structure again and again with barely any interesting characters Simon's experience in the past came off as far less visceral than the experience of the teens in Last Descendants as well I definitely prefer the feeling of reliving memories described there to what we get hereAs good as the modern day story is and as much of the historical story is a bit of a slog they both suffer the same fate a rushed and confusing conclusion with large time jumps and not enough explanation of what's actually going on that wraps everything up in too nice of a bow much too uickly for my liking Despite its faults though I'd still say this one's worth a read for Assassin's Creed fans for the inside look at the Templars and how it ties other parts of the series together It's far from perfect but as far as media tie ins go this one's pretty good

  8. Jessie Ruby Jessie Ruby says:

    SpoilersFirst time reviewing so please bare with me This is the 9th book in the Assassins Creed series that I have read and I loved it just as much as the previous ones Admittedly there were parts that I thought dragged a little but the authors attention to details and vivid descriptions really pulled me into the book and into the animus with Simon What I really liked with this book was that it was from a modern point of view unlike previous where it stayed with the character you would be following while in the animus I loved that you heard Simon and Victoria discussing historical events that the author used these times to fill the historical gaps that just wouldn’t have been possible to put into the book Getting closer to the end I really started to like how courageous Simon became and how uickly he turned things on their head fighting against his own Templar associates to eventually gain the knowledge needed to prove himself right to the inner sanctum What I have to say I loved the most is that the author allowed Simon to revisit the animus and revisit Gabriel this leading to the biggest twist in the book and a bit of creative leeway for the author My heart sung when his maid of Orleans returned to him and revealed all the secrets he had missed All in all I really liked this book and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next one

  9. Stan Stan says:

    This is my first Assassin's Creed book I like it I'm not sure what I was expecting but for some reason I wasn't thinking in terms of historical fiction Though I'm certain it is fiction than historical That said it was a good read that kept the story moving forward even when looking backJoan of Arc is the subject matter Plenty of history though I don't even know whether it is remotely accurate Joan was a religious young lady and was sainted by the Catholic Church Makes me sad to see an atheistic spin put on her storyAnyway a holy warrior and a magic sword Connecting the present and the past Templar Order secrets Hidden agendas Everything wrapped up nicely until you read the epilogue They certainly didn't plan for this to be the final Assassin's Creed novelAnyway I enjoyed it Give it a try you just might like it too Of course it isn't likely you'll pick this up as your first Assassin's Creed read So if you pick it up it is because you know you'll like it Enjoy

  10. Sesshomaru47 Sesshomaru47 says:

    So this was ok overall lore wise It has some interesting points to ponder I have have wonder about the authors idea of what an Brit is In a nutshell it appears to be jolly good session in the annimus chaps I'm a tad peckish now Off to the stupidly named Hard Work cafe to nosh down some scotch eggs and a muffin Matt No one speaks like this Not since the 1950s Also scotch eggs are a meal in themselves They're eggs covered in sausage You wouldn't need a muffin And what kind of a muffin I assumed it was English But what if it was blueberryalso who the heck has used the phrase wool gathering recently? No one

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