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William Butler Yeats ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ William Butler Yeats By W.B. Yeats ✐ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk He was the finest modern poet in the English language plus a playwright theatre manager politician and passionate believer in supernatural William Butler Yeats' writing captures all the magic and myst He was the finest modern poet in the English language plus a playwright theatre manager politician and passionate believer in supernatural William Butler Yeats' writing captures all the magic and mystery of his native Ireland and here are some of his finest most mesmerizing verses In The Stolen Child fairies come in the night to entice a boy away forever to where the wave of moonlight glosses the dim grey sands with light Yeats claimed that a Greek folk song inspired The Song of William Butler Kindle - Wandering Aengus the excerpt here follows Aengus on his uest to locate an enchanted girl Visions of a fierce and terrible battle where unknown perishing armies beat about my ears emerge in The Valley of the Black Pig all seen in a dream Matching the beauty of Yeats' written images are a series of exuisite and evocative paintings which range from panoramic natural landscapes to compelling portraits of characters both human and fantastic And as always this acclaimed series features fascinating biographical information introductions to each verse and full annotations that define difficult unfamiliar vocabulary.

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  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    One of the best of the series This is one that includes notes at the head of each selection to get the reader oriented The paintings by Harrington are gorgeous The biography is helpful to understanding the context of the poems too Many of these are famous but now my appreciation of them has grown and many are new to me I will continue to read all in this series that I can findConsider the last lines ofThe Cat and the MoonMinnaloushe creeps through the grassAlone important and wiseAnd lifts to the changing moonHis changing eyes

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    This is one of the than 20 books in the Poetry for Young People series The editor is a scholar of Irish literature Glenn Harrington contributes the paintings which look like oil paintings The introduction is a four page biography of Yeats The rest of the book is comprised of 26 of his poems with commentary and brief glossary for each one One problem I had is that a few of the poems are printed over one of the paintings making it difficult to make out the words But most of the poems are printed against a white backgroundNow having read these poems I find that I am not a great fan of them I liked them well enough but not enough to read them over and over They are very much of Yeats' time and place and perhaps I just don't relate to them all that well They do use a lot of imagery and symbolism and I can understand why Yeats is one of Ireland's greatest poets

  3. Miri Miri says:

    Some really beautiful illustrations I wish they'd chosen a different one for the cover because although this one looks lovely accompanying The Lake Isle of Innisfree on the cover it just looks brown The illustration that accompanies The Sad Shepherd is brighter and colorful and would have made the cover appealing I think And poetry is something that needs to be sold especially to kids

  4. N. Moss N. Moss says:

    Absolutely gorgeous book with the richest most evocative illustrations It is means for children but I appreciated the glossary of terms and the brief biography of Yeats Just glorious

  5. Courtney Mosier Warren Courtney Mosier Warren says:

    A lovely collection

  6. Katie Katie says:

    I read this book for National Poetry Month It is a collection of poems by William Butler Yeats designed for young adult readers The librarian at my school recommended this series of collections when I told her that I wanted to read poetry but was usually not a big fan of it I am sad to say the book did not change my opinion of that – I am still not a fan of reading poetry However I did find myself enjoying a couple of his poems My favorites were The Lake Isle of Innisfree and To A Child Dancing In The Wind I think The Lake Isle of Innisfree won hands down It was the only one I really remember from the collection there were 25 poems totalThere was a brief introduction in the front of the book that I found particularly helpful It gave a wonderful explanation and biography of Yeats and why the majority of his poems revolve around Ireland and the mystic beings of Irish folklore Further each poem has a brief introduction that gives an overview of the poem and the meaning the author was attempting to convey Also there are footnotes for difficult words in the poem well words that are considered difficult for young adult readers I found both of these aspects helpful and enlightening when reading the poems I myself do not like searching for the deep underlining meaning of the poems I like ones that I can easily relate to and are not metaphors for abstract concepts As for Yeats he hit this idea about half the time so it wasn’t too hard for me to finish the collectionMy favorite part of the book by far were the illustrations and artwork done by Glenn Harrington for the book They are impressionist which is my favorite are style and beautifully represent every poem I would have continued in the book just for thoseI would recommend this book or rather the entire Poetry for Young People series to anyone starting to get into poetry for the first time They do a wonderful job of opening up the world of poetry to people unfamiliar with it I am giving it a 3 star rating for attempts to help understand poems and the artworkhttpsbookmouseblogwordpresscom2

  7. Genndy Genndy says:

    An another classic which didn't fully held up to my expectations This book is a collection of translations of his works poetry dramas essays on Croatian I couldn't really like his poetry because it is so exclusive in dealing with all things Irish that you have to know Irish history and folklore to be able to grasp it's meaning without reading a fucking encyclopedia A poet should write universally and not exclusively in order to be great I thing That double counts when you are so famous and respected as he isNow his dramas are something else Them I really liked They are full of folklore in a context so you can understand it right away plots are really engaging your imagination and folcloristic immagery is superb2 of his essays which are presented in here are really forgettableSo big thumbs up for dramatic works but without other Yeats's works I can really live just fine

  8. Rebbi Rebbi says:

    This book is filled with the beautiful words of Yeats and gorgeous illustrations that are worthy of those brilliant words

  9. Dayna Smith Dayna Smith says:

    Another wonderful selection of poems and marvelous illustrations in this fabulous series A must have for all teachers and a must read for all poetry lovers

  10. Theresa Theresa says:

    great collection of art and poetry for young children to get them interested and tell them about the culture and meaning behind the poetry

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