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Innocent (Frozen Book 1) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Innocent (Frozen Book 1) ⚣ Author Scarlet Blackwell – Gabriel Black is at his remote Alaskan cabin finishing his new novel when a man breaks in and holds him prisoner Ethan is frozen to the bone and carrying a gun his origin a mystery Heat ignites instan Gabriel Black is at his remote Alaskan cabin finishing his new novel when a man breaks in and holds him prisoner Ethan is frozen to the bone and carrying a gun his origin a mystery Heat ignites instantly between Gabriel and Ethan and the lines between captive and captor soon start to blur Ethan is an enigma a man surely on the run maybe a dangerous criminal but Gabriel is drawn to Ethan’s broken spirit and damaged soul What secrets is Ethan keeping and is he as he claims innocent.

About the Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Scarlet writes erotic romanceScarlet would rather stick pins in her eyes than go on Facebook but now sees the necessary evil of it Please join her there for useless writing related ramblings and hot men musings and ease her in gently Bah.

10 thoughts on “Innocent (Frozen Book 1)

  1. Susan65 Susan65 says:

    The Blogger Girls I believe that Scarlet Blackwell is my kryptonite No matter what she writes or how awful the character I tend to really like her stuff This story though actually had me rolling my eyes a bit in a couple places What we have is a writer who is in the middle of nowhere Alaska when a convict with a gun breaks in and takes him captive So far so gooduntil the captive can't seem to keep his little head under control Not sure about you but I would think that with a gun to your head and with no one to hear you scream that sexual attraction would be the last thing on your mind So yeah that part of the story really didn't work too well for meHowever once we get past the initial captive captor confrontation things take a turn I was not expectingand it was that turn that brought me back into the story It was no shock to find out that Ethan considered himself innocent but it was unexpected to find out Gabriel believed him so easily and did everything he could to prove it Of course before you can take the stand of assisting someone in Ethan's case you have to betray them first I understood why he did it and I would have too but knowing what you know about Ethan and how hard it was him made it a difficult pill to swallow I spent a bit of time wondering if prisons are really as bad as they are portrayed in books or on TV but what I do know is that I never want to find outSo for some reason even though I did the whole eye rolling in a couple of places this book intrigued me and I am totally curious as to see where it goes from here For those who are Scarlet Blackwell fans you know a character will be acting badly and you know the British slang will be sprinkled throughout a supposed American book but if you can look past those little details then you will probably like this book tooOverall Impression I really liked it

  2. Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay says:

    A Joyfully Jay review 35 starsIf the captor and captive trope is your style this book is easy going down It’s easy in the sense that given the theme there is almost no on page violence and it was almost effortless getting these guys togetherIt’s a definite in the moment kind of book There is little character development or back story for either Gabriel or Ethan But when Ethan breaks into Gabriel’s cabin there is an intense energy that passes between the guys Sure Gabriel probably should have been afraid instead of becoming aroused and thinking it was a role play fantasy come to life but there is something about Ethan that calls to him There was also something that tells Gabriel that Ethan isn’t as dangerous as he tries to make himself seemThe story starts with the heat and attraction between the men and that continues on through There is dual POV here which adds so much to the story It was clear whose POV we were in but the guys did sound somewhat similar Also their inner dialog at times did not sound natural and was formalI liked the story and liked both guys The main issue was that it was all way too easy Gabriel was in a relationship and it was handled with such incredible ease so much so that I wondered why it was even there at all The trust Gabriel and Ethan have for each other happens uickly and the physical relationship follows right along Then Gabriel plays amateur detective and this area suffered as I then struggled with how easy it all was for himThe book is set in Alaska and both men are American yet many words were spelled British style There were also many British terms used For one example when in a hospital in the US it was mentioned that the patient was on a “trolley” All of this did detract from the setting that the characters were supposed to be inRead Michelle's review in its entirety here

  3. Blackmermaid Blackmermaid says:

    Gabriel is an author who is hoping to work on his new book He's isolated and alone when Ethan an escapee breaks into his home The majority of the story is told from Gabriel's perspective but Ethan's perspective is told intermittently throughout Most of the story takes place in a couple of days which I forgot because a lot happens during this time We eventually learn why Ethan is in prison and after hearing his story Gabriel works to prove Ethan's innocence While I liked the story I thought the ending was a little rushed

  4. Rhowena Rhowena says:

    35The ending really could have been Maybe #2 is a continuation of the MCs hopefully

  5. Monique Monique says:

    34 stars

  6. Queue Queue says:

    First of all this is a second edition of a novella titled Captive I was originally upset that the blurb doesn’t mention that but after reading Innocent I see and understand why the author chose to do so Ms Blackwell changed so much in the story that is pretty much brand new Additionally based on reviews of Captive I would say the author read reviews and took care of the biggest complaintThe beginning of the story is pretty much the same Prison escapee Ethan breaks into Gabriel’s cabin and holds him captive There’s a push and pull between the men as they each feel an attraction but are hesitant to act on it Many people would say Gabriel’s attraction to Ethan is classic Stockholm Syndrome and that could be true but I still felt a genuine connection between the two men When they give in to their attraction the results are explosive and entertainingI can’t be sure since it’s been so long since I read Captive but I believe Ethan’s behavior was toned down because I remembered thinking the guy was a total asshat Now I like him and believe his claims of innocence as well as how his feelings for Gabriel are a desperate grasp for normalcyThe second part of the tale is where things change drastically from the original And it is one hundred percent for the better In Captive Gabriel wakes up to find his ordeal with Ethan was nothing but a dream And many readers myself included were not happy It’s a cheat to do that so I’m thrilled that the author fixed itIn this version Ethan is caught and put back in prison but Gabriel can’t forget about him Soon he teams up with someone to prove Ethan’s innocence Catching the real killer isn’t easy and how Gabriel does it dragged me in and I couldn’t put it down until Ethan was freeKudos to the author for being able to see what was wrong in the original and fixing it If you read Captive and didn’t like it I urge you to give Innocent a chance And if you haven’t read the original then you won’t have that bad taste to get over to enjoy itOne of the best books put out by Extasy that I’ve read in a long time I look forward to the seuel whether it involves the same characters or new onesReviewed at Prism Book Alliance

  7. Tammy Tammy says:

    Blog Post Black has been at his cabin in the Alaskan wilds for about two weeks when he’s confronted by an intruder holding a gun on him Gabriel is a writer and spends two months in his cabin to catch up on his writing every year except this year it’s different Gabriel knows when he gets back Jack his boyfriend of four years won’t be there What he doesn’t expect is Jack to ring him to make the break whilst he’s being held captive by Ethan an escaped prisoner Ethan Baker escaped from prison on a hospital visit because he has now attracted the unwanted attention of the major gangs inside Ethan is doing life for the murder of his “not boyfriend” Tom The only problem is Ethan didn’t do it he’s innocent Because Gabriel’s cabin is so close to prison it’s not long before the cops bang on his door looking for Ethan With in a few days Ethan is back in prison Gabriel returns to his home in Portland Oregon where he can’t stop thinking about Ethan and his claims of innocence When Gabriel goes looking on Google he finds a web page freeethanbakercom where there is a petition with over half a million signatures in support of Ethan’s innocence The page has been set up by civil rights activist Bob Tucci after he met with Ethan shortly after he was incarcerated because he could smell a rat in Ethan’s case Gabriel is hooked he meets Bob and has a look through the evidence as a fresh set of eyes While Ethan is having an absolutely horrific time of it back in prison both Gabriel and Bob decide to basically re open Ethan’s case and re interview the suspects and “witnesses” The search for evidence isn’t easy or fast but Gabriel and Bob work their way through everything and find evidence that was overlooked by the police investigating at the time All in all Innocent is a very intense look at someone who has been wrongly imprisoned for a crime that he obviously didn’t commit and how he falls in love with the man he held captive Gabriel is certain he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome until he’s set free by the police and he still wants Ethan and then proceeds to prove his innocence any way he can I definitely recommend this book to all mm romance lovers

  8. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    Scarlet Blackwell doesn’t disappoint with the first book in her Frozen series For a short read Innocent is packed with intense moments a murder mystery horror and a just a little psychology on different levels The isolated Alaska setting also adds to the suspense of this storyThe connection that Gabriel Black makes with Ethan Baker is overwhelming and fast What he finds out about Ethan has Gabriel uestioning the decisions that he makes Ethan is an escaped prisoner who claims he is innocent of a murder but Ethan has even bigger issues to deal withAt first I had mixed feelings about Gabriel Even though you get the feel that he and Ethan are beginning to relate to each other there’s that little bit of doubt in both their minds When the police show up Gabriel does what he can to protect himself from being accused of harboring a criminal The storyline takes a dramatic turn when Gabriel looks into the website freeeethanbakercom where Gabriel comes in contact with Bob Tucci an advocate for the innocent and Gabriel finds himself facing a deranged killerI have to say Ms Blackwell totally surprised me with the path this storyline took I also thought there was a gradual development of both Gabriel and Ethan characters Bob Tucci’s character was very interesting and I could see the potential to create other stories around being an advocate for the innocent There’s a second book already in the works titled Goldilocks As there is no blurb yet for this one I am curious to see what Ms Blackwell createsReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviews

  9. L. Layale L. Layale says:

    We get right into the action for this story Ethan breaks in to Gabriel's place and holds him hostage It is later revealed that Ethan is an escaped felon for the alleged murder of his not boyfriend TomThis story is riddled with sexual tension int he beginning When cops come to find Ethan a second time he is captured and goes back to prison because Gabriel let the cops take himI can't say this was amazing but it was good Ethan is a poor delicate soul after being accused of murder and abused in the prison system Gabriel is an author who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time Lot of stuff doesn't add up like how Ethan escaped or got hold of a gun Why Gabriel didn't end up with charges against him Who the murderer really is as a whole not an isolated character Why he killed Tom The sorry lacked the intrigue and thrall that some stories have I liked Ethan's a broken character but I had so hoped he would have let Garbriel top him Their relationship seems to be artifice than genuine which is probably what keeps me from liking this so much

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    ×returned× I've read several of Blackwell's books but it'd been a whipe and I thought I would give her books another go This story could be fine except for the fact that Scarlet Blackwell just is not a suspensemurder mystery author The book probably would have worked better if that part of the plot hadn't been so rushed and the book were a bit longer

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