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Quit (Terran Times Second Wave, #36) ❴EPUB❵ ✵ Quit (Terran Times Second Wave, #36) Author Viola Grace – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When Minny’s life changes a career as a recruiter isn’t half as tempting as the new ambassador to EarthMinerva has been acting as Recruiter Norz for years Her mind can split into eight different d When Minny’s life changes a career as a recruiter isn’t half as tempting as the new ambassador to EarthMinerva has been acting as Recruiter Norz for years Her mind can split into eight different directions and propel the bot bodies in areas where the alien might be in dangerWhen her daughter was taken from her too soon she had to split her off time between taking care of herself and monitoring her child growing in the tank In the battle between her and her child she was losing herselfImbolt has been on his way to Terra for some time His genetic match had produced a daughter and five months from now she would be out in the world Unfortunately the woman he had been matched with would not make it if he didn’t take matters into his hands and out of hers.

  • ebook
  • 67 pages
  • Quit (Terran Times Second Wave, #36)
  • Viola Grace
  • English
  • 10 March 2016

8 thoughts on “Quit (Terran Times Second Wave, #36)

  1. Lara Lara says:

    I was so pleased to find this book was out that I stayed up waaay too late and read it It's the last book in the Terran Times Second Wave series While the author states she has some ideas for spin offs they are not in the worksThis book is about Recruiter Norz who we recently learned is not an alien after all It turns out that she's not just human but can project herself into robotic bodies and interact in multiple places at the same time Minerva has recently been impregnated through artificial insemination but due to the alienness of the father the fetus had to be removed and placed in a container to finish maturing Minnie is suffering emotional and psychological distress since she 'gave birth' but cannot hold her baby She has no one as personal backup and the father is send for to help snap her out of her obsessive depression And so he does Minnie initially is unhappy about his tactics but is too physically and emotionally exhausted to respond gives him the ability to force her to take a bit of care for herself She begins to pay attention to what she needs to hear but hasn't listened to and things progress uickly from there Minnie gets a bit of a surprise regarding Earth and I liked thatI'll miss this series so will focus on enjoying the rest of the Citadel series as long as that continues

  2. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    This is a very good ending to a very long seriesThe series is an interesting one in that the enjoyment of the books is a cumulative one Each short story is rather underdeveloped but as the books grow and grow the narrative becomes rich and engrossing The series is an expensive habit though I try to borrow as well as purchase the books because the cost per book length is often not well balanced However I like supporting a writer's livelihood and knowing that the price off the books allows her to write A few books in this long running series feel route and like a money making machine rather than fiction which also makes money This book is not one of those We get a full fleshed love story that explores grief and leaning into each otherThis is a very good way to close out this world of which the author was clearly weary but this book doesn't show it

  3. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    So we're finally done with the Terrans for a while I will miss them but with so many stories coming from this author it's easy to forget the details and reread them over and over again

  4. T. T. says:

    Ok I re read it just in case I liked it better the second time around

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    I'm sad that VG has decided to retire this series it was one of my favouritesThat said I've been very curious about Recruiter Norz and the suitsbots and there were a few hints and at one point VG came out and said Norz was being run by Minerva Hints of Gaia's involvement as wellWhat came as a total surprise was Minny's love interest Would of liked of him in the story though it was obvious he was terrificAnd would of liked of the future Earth Guardians as well Once again we had a really short story and it could of been fleshed outBut I did like the final instalment in this series

  6. Jan Konetski Jan Konetski says:

    I will miss Terran TimesI have all the books and have read many of them several times I love this world built by Ms Grace and will be missing my romantic sci fi infusion every month If you can buy a few of the books Each is a short story some relating to others but all with a happy ever after at the end Think of them like a snack of the most decadent dessert imaginable You will love the satisfaction without the calories

  7. Annie Annie says:

    Great ending to a great seriesLoved uit a great ending to a great series Loved Minny and Imbolt and how their story brought the series full circle I love the open ending hope to see stories of the children of the Terrans those we have met Mala and Isabi's Kira and Tiergar and Amy and Palden and those we have not The Guardians of Earth would make a great Short series or Tales From the Terrain Citadel

  8. Sandra Sandra says:

    Re read 12716

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