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Two Days [Download] ✤ Two Days By Iain Ryan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A political operative in search of a Senator's wayward son A vice ridden tropical island This case is way way too muchJohn Dannen is a mysterious and violent man employed by a powerful Senator The Sen A political operative in search of a Senator's wayward son A vice ridden tropical island This case is way way too muchJohn Dannen is a mysterious and violent man employed by a powerful Senator The Senator's son is causing trouble and even worse he's doing it on Tunnel Island a neon hell hole run by gambling conglomerates organized crime and a corrupt police force But the case is simple enough hand deliver a message get out alive On Tunnel Island Dannen uickly finds himself in conflict with a dangerous and weird collection of local residents Out of his depth and desperate he's forced to improvise with bloody and unexpected results Two Days is the preuel to Drainland Book in a new series of noir crime mysteries If you like hardboiled stories gritty crime mysteries and a dash of tropical paradise then you'll love Iain Ryan's fast paced page turner.

About the Author: Iain Ryan

Iain Ryan grew up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane Australia He predominantly writes in the hardboilednoir genre and his work has been previously published by Akashic Books New York Crime Factory Melbourne and Broken River Books Portland His most recent novel 'The Student' is available now via Echo PublishingBonnier.

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  1. Karen Karen says:

    Current readers of TWO DAYS will be greatly relieved to know that DRAINLAND Book 1 was released in early August 2016 because this novella is the preuel and it would be very unfair if we had to wait for the full showIain Ryan does a particularly good job when it comes to noir set in unlikely places He's also particularly good at action scenes a constant level of menace and threat creating good twisty plots and putting it all together with a good sense of time place and some engaging charactersWhat after all could the thriller reader want There's politics corruption vice tropical islands and a hand delivered message from a heavy This particular setting the vice ridden tropical island creates a really interesting sort of a closed room scenario if you've got time to consider those sorts of things what with the anti hero character John Dannen busily trying to survive in a very weird worldEverything in TWO DAYS indicates that DRAINLAND is going to be a hell of a read and it's there ready to go for anybody who gets hooked by this short sharp and particularly engaging preuelhttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi

  2. The Grim Reader The Grim Reader says:

    Late last I came across Australian author Iain Ryan; his debut novel ‘Four Days’ perfectly captured a corrupt ueensland during the 1980s His stripped back style was easy to read and the story was thoroughly engaging In Jim Harris Ryan had created a hard boiled deeply flawed police officer battling his demons I was very impressed with this debut and if you are a fan of crime fiction then I urge you to invest in a copy‘Two Days’ is a short story set some years after events from ‘Four Days’ though you don’t need any knowledge of the previous book to enjoy this It follows John Dannen a fixer of sorts who is employed by a senator to locate his son holed up on the crime utopia Tunnel Island a place where drugs and sex are part of everyday life‘Two Days’ is only a short story but it’s a great way to introduce yourself to Mr Ryan and his characters It is great to see crime fiction set somewhere other than the US and if you are a fan of the genre then I urge you to check it out Recommended reading for fans of crime and noir fiction Good stuff

  3. Ashley Hedden Ashley Hedden says:

    Two Days by Iain Ryan was a great uick read Two Days was about a political operative who is searching for a senator's son John was sent to find the senator's son on Tunel Island which has many weird residents I thought this was a fun and uick book to read I can't wait to read by the author

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