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Rough Around the Edges (The Protectors, #2) [KINDLE] ❦ Rough Around the Edges (The Protectors, #2) ➚ Patricia Keelyn – A protector whose touch was as seductive as it was dangerous Alejandro Alex Jamison grew up on the rough side of Miami As a teenager he’d been arrested repeatedly for petty crimes and then at eighte A protector whose touch was as seductive as it was dangerous Alejandro Alex Jamison grew up on the rough side of Miami As a teenager he’d been arrested repeatedly for petty crimes and then Rough Around eBook Ñ at eighteen he was caught breaking into a jewelry store and it seemed his life was set in a downward spiral of ever increasing lawlessness Then a judge offered him a choice military service or jail time He enlisted and it woke him up and changed his life Now he runs a youth center in his old neighborhood where he’s determined to prevent other young people from traveling down the path he almost took Then Dr Kristen Helton walks into his life disrupting his carefully built world He knew the first time he met her that she spelled trouble She was an outsider a rich do gooder he expected to run when things got rough on the mean streets he called home But she was his eual in courage and determination a woman as stubborn as she was beautiful but could he ask her to share a desperate struggle that risked their future even their lives Kristen Helton had defied her wealthy parents only twice in her life once when she went to medical school instead of taking her place in Palm Beach society and then when she’d accepted a position in a free medical clinic in one of Miami’s roughest neighborhoods Then she met Alex Jamison a man from a different world a man she knew her family would never accept Despite all the reasons to keep her distance Kristen is drawn to the haunted hero whose powerful body awakened a hunger too strong to resist as she joins his fight to keep kids out of trouble Could a woman who'd always played by the rules help a renegade battle the odds and win.

10 thoughts on “Rough Around the Edges (The Protectors, #2)

  1. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    TerrificThis another great story in this series She come from the money side of life he grew up in the neighborhood He went into the military after getting into trouble She became a doctor to give back How can two opposites find and fall in love

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    FREE on today 11132017

  3. Ayekah Ayekah says:

    Great read I loved Alex and Kristen It was a uick read great little twists

  4. Pontiki Pontiki says:

    Alejandro Alex is ex army and has opened a youth centre in his old neighbourhood Kristen is the new doctor at the local free clinic They clash but also spark and both try to deny their attraction because she's from a privileged part of society and he's from poverty and instability Their trials are interesting as is the work they do The secret Alex has isn't much of one nor is Kristen's reaction to it That part didn't play true in the book It's also a bit too short but was a good story anyway

  5. Carole Carole says:

    Well the author hit it out of the park with this storyThis is the 2nd book in the protector series All of the bookshave different characters and locationsAs the title suggests the story is about Alejandro Alex a hot ex military guy witha checked past who is trying to turn his life around and escape his pastThe setting is in the inner city of Miami or Little HavanaFor the heroine we have Kristen who is from Palm Beach Society She wants to heal peopleespecially those less fortunate and who really depend on her Kristen is a doctor in the freeclinic in Alex's neighbourhoodOf course Alex assumes that Kristen will be like all the other wealthy do gooders and take offonce they relieve their guiltI found this story so interesting because of the characters and the slow build to their relationshipThere is also some intrigue that keeps you guessingThe whole series has been great so far Book received for an honest review

  6. Mary Stockwell Mary Stockwell says:

    Really goodI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Talk about two different worlds colliding Dr Kristen from a very wealthy and privileged world Alex an ex Army Ranger who grew up in the worst most dangerous neighborhood of Miami It really made a great story There is a good balance of romance intrigue and action

  7. Kim Kim says:

    Kristen is a doctor from a wealthy family with all the right connections who works at a free clinic in a rough Miami neighborhood She is an outsider and the residents don't trust her or her motives for being there Alex is an ex Army Ranger from the poor rough side of Miami who runs a struggling youth center for the neighborhood When opposites attract it is explosive

  8. MJ MJ says:

    She doesn't uite round out her stories fully There's convenient bits and leaps that leave you a little lost at times and then every things wrapped up all pretty It's not bad but not great either You gotta accept that there are bits missing

  9. Teresa Teresa says:

    I struggled getting into this book For some reason neither the story or the characters connected with me The writing seemed a bit juvenile as well It wasn't a bad book just not one I was able to get lost in There was nothing that hooked me to become invested in the story line

  10. SynergyQuest SynergyQuest says:

    35 starsThis is a decent read Noting earth shattering but entertaining and pretty well written If you like wrong side of the tracks sort of stories you'll probably appreciate this

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