Scary Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Book 2 Epub

Scary Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Book 2 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Scary Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Book 2 ✈ Author G.G. Andrew – It was a uestion he had to ask Brendan Forrester loves his girlfriend Nora Like can’t live without her Gomez to her Morticia Addams loves her But when he asks her for he can’t help but notice the It Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish PDF \ was a uestion he had to ask Foolish Crazy PDF Ç Brendan Forrester loves his girlfriend Scary Lovesick Epub / Nora Like can’t live without her Gomez to her Morticia Addams loves her But Lovesick Foolish Crazy PDF/EPUB ¾ when he asks her for he can’t help but notice the look of fear Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Kindle - in her eyes Then a ghost from their past shows up at the horror festival they’re both in and Nora starts to change Soon Brendan is remembering things he’d rather forget–including the voice of a certain girl he thought they’d long since vanuished It was Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Kindle - a chance she couldn’t pass up When Nora Travers is offered a part in a horror one act directed by the daughter of a Hollywood bigwig she knows she can’t miss the chance–even if it means competing against her longtime boyfriend and getting back in touch with the mean girl she swore she’d never be again But the past doesn’t want to stay buried and soon Brendan–her usually smart adoring boyfriend–can’t seem to stop sneaking suspicious looks at her Or spying on her kissing scenes with her new co star It’s making them both wonder do they have what it takes to make it through another Halloween SCARY LOVESICK FOOLISH is the word seuel novella to CRAZY SEXY GHOULISH but either can be read as a standalone story.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 121 pages
  • Scary Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Book 2
  • G.G. Andrew
  • English
  • 02 November 2015

10 thoughts on “Scary Lovesick Foolish Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Book 2

  1. Karen Karen says:

    So fun to revisit these characters They got a solid HFN in Crazy Sexy Ghoulish but you just knew they had stuff to work through and needed to mature a little I loved how Andrew's put Nora and Brendan through the wringer but still managed to convey the love they have even when they weren't always being the nicest to each other Despite some rather big fights between the two I always liked and understood where both were coming from And kudos for allowing both characters to go after their dreams even if that means competing or being apart for a bitI would love to see of them maybe working together on a screenplay that Brendan writes while Nora acts The author's note seems to hint that there will be from this world at least This is a super uick light read You could probably read both books 12 in an afternoonThe first book is a freebie e book

  2. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    The characters were on the verge of breaking up for most of this book and it was pretty angsty so it wasn't uite as fun to read as the first I liked the scene by the lockers a lot I think I'll read the third book in the spirit of Halloween to find out what happens to the super grumpy werewolf

  3. Rachel- Goodbye Borders Rachel- Goodbye Borders says:

    This picks up 2 years after Crazy Sexy Ghoulish Brendan and Nora dating for 2 years are now done with college Brendan is writing and directing his own one act play for their town's Horror Fest Nora gets asked to play the lead in a competing play after their lead drops out Each has insecurities and these play out over the course of the story Bottom line the BIG issue would have been solved if they both came clean and TALKED to the other one This was still enjoyable and both learned and probably won't repeat the same mistake again See the next story is Zack's I think Vin needs one too

  4. Rosemary Hughes Rosemary Hughes says:

    Relationships are difficult at the best of times but when the two people concerned are in a battle to be the best at the same thing then it definitely takes a toll on the emotionsTo understand the importance of the past relationships of the main characters you need to read Crazy Sexy Ghoulish by this author Then parts of why Nora reverting to her 13 year old mean self and why it would affect Brendan so much is obviousI love the interaction between characters in Ms Andrew's stories they are so down to earth and real

  5. Madeline Iva Madeline Iva says:

    This seuel to one of my all time fav romance stories Crazy Sexy Ghoulish surprised me I thought we'd left Nora and Brendan happily ever after so I didn't expect that we would be revisiting them to find out that their relationship was on the rocks However once I got over my surprise Andrews delivered such NA horror loving goodness The Nora tapped into her former mean girl persona for a role the Brendan wanted to throttle herfk her that hits my sweet spot big timeI think the series is getting smexier as it goes along and introducing a whole host of side characters for future shenanigans Can't wait

  6. Grace Grace says:

    4 starsI still rooting for my favorite horror geek couple This was a such a terrific continuation of Nora and Brendan’s story I loved the dichotomy of seeing how they’ve matured as a couple but also witness them deal with their own insecurities Everything in the plot fit so perfectly with their shared history and personalities that made this story seamless The title was perfect too I have to admit that I was a little anxious about Nora reverting back to her old mean girl personality and victimizing Brendan That chapter chapter 18 where they argued was both heartbreaking and HOT

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    I 100% adored this follow up to Crazy Sexy Ghoulish one of my favorite books of last year Fun horror movie references same great characters and uirky sense of humor So many stories follow just the courtship and firsts of a couple so it was refreshing to see something a little different two years down the road from when Brendan and Nora first met

  8. Louise H - ⭐ Life in the Book Lane Reviews ⭐ Louise H - ⭐ Life in the Book Lane Reviews ⭐ says:

    Two years on from Crazy Sexy Ghoulish and suddenly Nora gets in a panic over her and Brendon's relationship What ensues is a wonderful and emotion filled tale that despite only being novella length certainly packed a punch I loved this even than Book 1 and generally I come away from novella's feeling they lacked something not this time For me this was perfectThere were funny bits there was angst combined with stupidity that made you want to slap both characters around the back of the head until they saw sense There were sad parts some of which made my heart hurt there was jealously linked back to the head slapping and also a huge lack of communication and there were some startling revelations that made the stupidity and lack of communication parts perfectIt was good to catch up with Nora and Brendan and I really enjoyed this little world that the author has created I'd love for the side characters in this book to get their own stories surely that kiss between Vin and Kurt must go somewhere and both Maddie and I want to see of Ryan all sweaty and with his shirt off Particularly if just like this book they leave you feeling like you are wrapped in a warm hug

  9. Gemma Gemma says:

    I enjoyed visiting these characters again It was also nice that some chapters were written from Brendan’s POV so we got a bit insight into his character

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandScary Lovesick Foolish is a seuel to Crazy Sexy Ghoulish You should probably read that first as this is another chapter in the same characters storyScary Lovesick Foolish is the continuation of Nora and Brendan's story I really enjoyed seeing them fall in love in the first book and enjoyed this extra time spent with them Sure Nora was a bitnormally I wouldn't like reading characters like she is in this story but I liked her and Brendan so much I didn't care She needs to learn to use her words and not act out in not so good ways when she is afraid or worried or anything I understand why she has her issues but poor Brendan I know he can get worried because things seem to be getting rocky and he loves Nora so much so things snowball and everything Oh these two I really like reading their storyNora and Brendan are finally going to be living in the same town They have been dating for two years but first they were in college a few hours apart and then Nora was at a workshop all summer She has finally returned home and Brendan couldn't be happier In fact he wants her to move in to the creepy old house he is renting I love love love how much these characters love everything scary Scary movies and decorations and all of it It is my favorite as well so it is funIn this chapter Nora freaks out a bit when things start getting serious with Brendan I mean moving in with him? What if he leaves? That will just be horrible if she opens herself up further Neither of them have a good example of a loving lasting relationship and so Nora doesn't deal with things changing Even if it would be changes for the good at least right nowThere is also a horror movie festival soon where they both end up competing against each other Nora as an actor in a daughter of a big wig's one act and Brendan as the writer of one With all the tension and not sharing feelings and such they both just focus on the festival and doing their very best Oh and Nora has to be a mean girl in her scene just like she was back in middle school when she was so terrible to Brendan It is scary to him seeing her acting like she used to Can they get past all of the unspoken fear and things from the past that come back to haunt them? Will they make it through this festival and still be a couple?Overall this was a fun uick read I love the horror elements the scary things that both characters love It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to read

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