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Bitten [Reading] ➬ Bitten ➳ Eden Darry – Dr Gray Davis is looking for a peaceful sun filled holiday on a remote island but then she meets Beau Pickford The attraction is immediate Unfortunately for them Brody Douglas is also on holiday and a Dr Gray Davis is looking for a peaceful sun filled holiday on a remote island but then she meets Beau Pickford The attraction is immediate Unfortunately for them Brody Douglas is also on holiday and a stone carving he found by the river makes him sick—sick enough to kill him But when he awakens he’s not what he was before and Gray and Beau find they have to fight for their lives and a way off the islandCover Artist Natasha SnowEditor Cora Walker.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 70 pages
  • Bitten
  • Eden Darry
  • English
  • 14 October 2015

About the Author: Eden Darry

Eden Darry is a UK based author who has three novels published with Bold Strokes Books Eden writes speculative fiction with a romantic arc and her novels so far have featured a haunted house an apocalypse and zombies To find out follow the ‘Publications’ tab aboveEden has recently moved out of London having lived there her whole life and is enjoying a change of scenery in Kent.

7 thoughts on “Bitten

  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    This is both the first work I've read by this author and the first work I've read put out by NineStar Press which I've known about for a year or but hadn't tried until just nowGray Davis sorry Doctor Gray Davis is a medical doctor who has spent her life working hard to get where she is now a practicing doctor in line she hopes to be made a partner She's except for two relationships way back when has mostly stayed away from relationships and the like instead focusing all of her energy on work A friend whose name doesn't really matter badgers Gray to finally take a break to take a vacation Reluctantly she agrees and heads off to a LGBT themed retreat at an island in the CarribeanBeau Pickford is a player always has been always plans to be ever since well I didn't pick up exactly but there was mention of a love lust towards a neighbor when she Beau was 10 She routinely goes on these lesbian retreats to have some fun She has her eyes set on one specific woman who she pomptly sits next to on the plane heading towards the islandsBrody Douglas is a player the male kind but he is also married and his much younger wife of around 28 and he who is around 53 or something like that are also on this same plane that Gray and Beau are on heading off on an aniversary vacation He's feeling uite poorly though but he needs to go on this tripGray meets and and interacts with Beau when Beau slumps into her on the plane somewhat literally Hitting her with her arm and leg while trying to sit in the tiny plane seat Gray is both instantly attracted to and repulsed by Beau attracted to the woman repulsed by the 'obvious' player vibes coming off of her They talk on the ride to the islandGray meet and interacts with Brody when he stumps hurriedly down the plane aisle and darts into a bathroom She hurried after him she is a doctor after all The plane and this part is important to note is still on the ground they can still boot Brody from the plane And the flight attendent did ask the doctor's oppinion probably against her better judgement she allows the man to continue on the flightAnd so the plane arrives 'everyone' heads off to a hotel except for Brody and Celia the wife who head to a hospital Gray and Brody mingle visit one or two locations mingle ; Brody continues to get worse Gray visits him Later much later screams eruptDid I mention yet that this is a zombie story? No? Well this is a zombie story uite interesting mix of lesbian romancehorrorzombie story I liked it well enough Of note I mentioned the three Brody Gray and Beau because all three have their own point of views expressed in this storyRating 370January 16 2017

  2. Dee Dee says:

    45 starsThis story is told in third person and from both heroines point of views and occasionally the reader is also privy to Brody Douglas’s POV and dilemma something that worked extremely well for me Both leads are likable and for a short story well developed In summary for me this story was a bloody good romp For a shortie I found it far from lacking There’s some gore but nothing overwhelming some spice with the perfect amount of heat and page time The ending was satisfying and hinted at to come Whether that’s the case or not the story works perfectly fine as a standalone This is the third book I’ve read by this author Eden Darry and she’s fast become an author high on my radar Copy generously provided by the publisher NineStar Press upon my reuest

  3. Ana Ana says:

    This book was amazing I just couldn’t put it down It was so full of action I loved itGray is taking some time off work and a remote island it’s the perfect place to get the peaceful environment she is looking for Doesn’t hurt her plans that Beau a beautiful and seductive woman is looking for a summer fling and Grey appeared to be the one she put her eyes on But things began to be a little uncomfortable when Brody’s illness starts put everyone in dangerIt started nice but as I kept reading it was getting better and better I liked workaholic Gray who seemed unable to get herself some rest and how Beau manage to put down that hard cover and have some fun Both characters were really nice I liked Beau better she was charming The story was told from the points of view of Gray Beau and Brody I liked the parts when he intervened it was a little disconnected from Gray and Beau’s story but it was important for the plot which was great Near the half of the book everything stared to be so exciting there was a lot of action and I just wasn’t able to put the book down it was so goodThe relationship between Gray and Beau was nice it was believable and it didn’t feel forced even under the circumstances they lived I really enjoyed reading this book I think it can be enjoy by readers who like action and paranormal storiesI received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review

  4. Elliot Cooper Elliot Cooper says:

    Great take on zombies using some Caribbean mythos which isn't something I've read before so it was fresh to me The ending was also great my favorite style for a romantic horrorAt first I didn't like Beau but she grew on me over time Especially after I got to see things from her POV Gray I didn't connect with at all which I know is on me but it hurt my enjoyment of the story Loved Celia who had a lot of characterization despite being a side character The pacing started off slow and gentle then ramped up and kept going which was great The romantic side was sweet and sexy and perfectly believable I keep expecting over the top declarations of love in short romantic fiction but thankfully that wasn't the case here This was definitely a meet cute against a horrific flesh eating backdrop The beginning of a relationship My main issue was that I didn't get drawn deeply into the characters which is something I prefer as a reader Also most of the peripheral characters felt like cardboard cutouts not people but I don't see that as a deal breaker given the genre and scope of the book This was a light compelling read definitely take a look if you like atypical zombies and romantic horror with a strong HFN

  5. FantasyLiving FantasyLiving says:

    3 HeartsOf course there would be an outbreak of some creepy zombie disease while Dr Gray Davis was having her first holiday in forever Because life sucks like thatLucky for Gray sexy flirty Beau is also on the island so there’s something to look forward toI am always on the fence about zombie themes Sometimes I love them sometimes I hate them I’m a horror fiend but I really didn’t like The Walking Dead On the other hand I did love World War Z I can’t decide why it wasn’t Brad Pitt promise Regardless of my fickle nature regarding “Outbreak” style stories I did like this I liked the supernatural element of the stone carving I liked the sweetness of Beau and Gray together before all hell broke loose I like the description of the Biters and their behaviour how uickly the disease spread and the way I was shown the horror of creepy gnashing teeth and jerky movements The writing was tight and well done The plot didn’t stray For a shorty this was uality Both characters were believable and I liked the way their relationship developed into something with the suggestion of a futureI would recommend this to fellow horror readers who enjoy zombies and lesbian almost romance A copy was provided in exchange for a review

  6. Elizabetta Elizabetta says:

    This was delightfully creepy No rating since I helped work on it

  7. Karen Karen says:

    This was an unusual take on the cops and docs theme in lesfic The build up was slow and the action once it breaks was fast and furious Gray and Beau are likable characters and constructed well enough to have some depth to them At first the book is sweet and silly with the characters teasing and flirting with one another but then it shifts into an action story It's a uick read only 70 pages but packs a lot into it This was the second book by Eden Darry that I've read and I'll be looking for

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