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Paa St Jørgen ➵ [Reading] ➷ Paa St Jørgen By Amalie Skram ➪ – På St Jørgen 1985 er en fortsettelse av Amalie Skrams selvbiografiske roman Professor Hieronimus Hovedpersonen malerinnen Else Kant er definert som psykiatrisk pasient Nå blir hun motvillig overfø På St Jørgen er en fortsettelse av Amalie Skrams selvbiografiske roman Professor Hieronimus Hovedpersonen malerinnen Else Kant er definert som psykiatrisk pasient Nå blir Paa St Epub / hun motvillig overført til sinnssykehuset St Jørgen Her kjemper hun tappert for sin egen selvfølelse og overlevelse i opposisjon til det autoritære systemet som gjennomsyrer anstalten Kontakten med medpasientene gir Else styrke og varme men boka etterlater først og fremst intense bilder av hvordan det er å føle seg innesperret og maktesløs.

8 thoughts on “Paa St Jørgen

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    Retitle it Norwegian girl interruptedOK that was a cheap joke They're both personal asylum narratives but unlike Girl Interrupted Under Observation isn't obnoxiously snarky or self aggrandizing And besides Skram isn't insane just nervous and terrified and desperate Now keep in mind it's a naturalist novel everyone is a victim the world generally sucks which I like word up to Balzac and Dreiser but which many people won't

  2. Ida Ida says:


  3. Torunn Galina Nygaard Torunn Galina Nygaard says:

    Hele boken er bygd på en betydelig sterk forundring for hva vil det egentlig si å være sinnssyk?

  4. Sverre Sverre says:

    This volume contains Skram’s two asylum novels ‘Professor Hieronimus’ and ‘St Jørgen’s’ published in the original Norwegian in 1895 They are semi biographical Skram used many of her experiences of her confinement to mental institutions one in Norway the other in Denmark to provide the narrative and dialogues It highlights the male dominated hierarchical nature of mental institutions that existed at that time The superintendent of the establishment made arbitrary decisions about each patient as to the nature of treatment and length of stay His attitude about women’s role in marriage—being subservient to her husband and to male authority—would often overshadow factual and unbiased elements in his diagnosis A diagnosis of insanity could condemn a patient to virtual incarceration for lifeThis is the story of the fictitious artist Else Kant’s experiences Although sane and rational she was confined against her will due to a biased misdiagnosis by a highly educated and respected psychiatrist It provides a startling description of how female mental patients were ‘treated’ and the interactions between nurses and patients as well as patient to patient relationships It is a blunt and stern account of daily events and Mrs Kant’s mental and emotional turmoil as if they had been diarized by her The work has historical interest but makes for myself I found it to be rather depressing and inconseuential reading

  5. Becky Mears Becky Mears says:

    Now you wouldn't think reading about someone's incarceration in a Danish asylum in the late 19th century would be such a riveting readbut it was Based on the authors own experience of being incarcerated against her will I found this a fascinating insight Once again I was horror struck by the view of mental illness at the time and also at the complete powerlessness of the psychiatric patient A terrifying portrayal of the misuse of male power where just being a defiant woman is seen as some sort of illness

  6. Ellen Ellen says:

    Andre bok om Amalie Skrams innleggelse på sanatorium da hun var ung

  7. Jamie Rosen Jamie Rosen says:

    This is an important book A meaningful book And a depressing book especially the first half By the end it's not uite positive but it's something

  8. Kim Kim says:

    Danish Contemp Narrative1890s Danish Mental Institutions Woman artist held unjustly in an insane asylum

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